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  1. 1992 K reg Saab 900 (sadly not a turbo like the below image )
  2. Out of interest which of the bundles do people tend to download?
  3. Any recommendations for the East mids (Nottingham ideally) area at all? Thinking about getting a ceramic coating and first detail done soon.
  4. Mine just keeps asking "So what mods are you going to buy because of this forum?" 🤣
  5. The four wheel drifting 👌
  6. adzmofo

    Hello! New MK7R member

    Welcome aboard. Nice motor. Was after one in black before I found my white one
  7. +1 for these. We bought a bulk load of them at work.
  8. Ah that's a shame. Surely a more secure device should get you a better deal. But hey when were insurance companies about that? 😮
  9. Hahaha. Glad i came back to this after you've clarified that :). The sprayers might as well be turned off to be honest!
  10. Nice video. Makes me want to go out driving more
  11. The front windscreen washer sprayers. They're so pathetic
  12. Just out of interest did installing this save you any money on your insurance at all?
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