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  1. Oh I will leave a lovely one for them with plenty of kisses 不不不不不
  2. Rite update. The garage is called Brownroyd motors in Heywood Manchester and the reg of the car is SB15 TTK andbits in white ( SB15TTK ) the car is now in there garage and no doubt be back up for sale soon.
  3. I have just gone from the bar to the S3 and I am a Audi man myself I think its like night and day with them the Audi is far more refined car
  4. No it was not a main deealer but they do sell a lot of high end cars too once my money is back in my hand I think I will name them and put the reg of the car up incase anyone puts it in to google.
  5. So I have had my R for 6 weeks now and its going back a while a ago I put a thread up about a vibration well its turnned out its the transfer box so decided I dont want the car as the garage wont fix it and have made some serious threats to myself over it. So I went back to my finance company to reject the car and they have forced the garage to take it back if people want to know who it was I will post it as they do sell a lot of R Golfs and would not want anyone get that treatment I have had. So I have turnned back to the rival and bought a blue S3 now. Thanks for all your advice and help in my short stay.
  6. Looks nice what products have you used
  7. I have just had the rear wheels done and one was 30g out
  8. No there oem alloys the 18 ones.
  9. Not tried that to be fair Ill do that on my way home tonite. Yer its not got the best tyres on it its on my list to change them.
  10. I have been getting a vibration from about 50mph and it gets worse upto about 85mph I am thinking its wheel balance but the steering wheel has no vibration in it so I have not got a clue.
  11. Ok thanks Ill have a look.
  12. What do they do as I see a lot of them been done.
  13. This happened to me in my S3 and I had to put a bit of tape on the car to identify it for speed cameras etc
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