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  1. Realising that my long lost tyre brush would never reappear and that my Gyeon wheel brush simply can't reach all the barrel 'twixt disc and wheel, I put in an order at In2Detailing and added some replacements for products that are running low: 1) EZ large wheel brush. I haven't tried it yet but it pushes easily between the calliper and barrel on both my wife's car and my Audi. My wife says it's deeply worrying how much this fact delighted me! 2) In2Detailing tyre brush - feels well up to the job and worth the £3.15 (after using the Forensics code) 3) More BH Auto Wash. It
  2. I gave my old A3 a much needed wash after the Saharan dust of a few weeks ago. The beauty of an old car with purposely retained swirls: 1) Wheels with Meg's Wheel Brightener and soapy water then H2Go Lite for a bit of shine and protection. 2) One bucket wash with a noodle mitt and Clean Slate shampoo. Vague nod to correct detailing by spraying mitt clean with jet between dunks. 3) Towel dry 4) Base layer of Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax. Not sure when it last had a proper base layer. I think the last spray and rinse application was 2 or 3 months ago ... Having watched
  3. I love Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic wax. First application with a damp MF applicator and immediate buff before the water haze dries. After than, it's a spray and rinse so uber quick. To save wasting product, I apply with a wet wash mitt onto a wet, clean car. I go over the whole car, including all windows apart from the screen and pressure wash off. Takes, what, 5 mins? I then spend another minute with a clay mitt on the windscreen as that's the one place I don't want it. Cleans off any other contamination at the same time so no scratchy sounding wipers! It's one of the very few products where I ca
  4. CarPro Reset or one you didn't ask about, Bilt Hamber Autowash, are the only two shampoos I'll use. Both have excellent cleaning power and don't leave anything behind. As mentioned higher up, there is something about Reset being the most ideal for a coated car but, seriously, buy either.
  5. Thanks Rebecca. One day, I will have to work it out! However, next priority is a bonnet and rear bumper respray. The clearcoat lifted in one place so I touched it up and protected the car. However, after driving in heavy rain, a number of areas peeled straight off! The PW this time has only enlarged them further. It's because it spent years being parked where the sun either beat on the bonnet or back bumper and the only LSP was what the hand car wash put on. It even did a few years without being washed I think. Still, not many 17 year old A3s out there with a genuine 35K mileage!!
  6. I'll keep this brief as the tyres are not on an R but I remember the CC's are regularly discussed here. My Audi came to me on Michelin Alpin winter tyres which gripped great in all temperatures but became covered with cracks after the warm summer! I changed to CC2's in their 91W form (they do slower speed ratings but for some reason Audi specify W for the 2.0 TDi ...). I'm very pleased with them. Road noise went down a fair bit, ride comfort has noticeably improved (although do note the previous tyres were over 10 years old so may have hardened) and they grip very well in wet, dry,
  7. Back in late summer, my old Audi was treated to a hand polish to remove the oxidisation (it was my mum's old car and had been stored outside in all weathers for may years), a coat of TAC Moonlight and, a week or two later, a foundation layer of Meguiars HCW. Like any hydrophobic car, it managed to stay clean for a long time but the last few months of mainly motorway driving made it ming beyond belief! Just getting in or out without getting dirty was a challenge. Add the extra wheel filth from new tyres fitting and we had a hard starting point! I only had an hour and a half or so before rain wa
  8. Rebecca, How do you apply your Wetcoat? Just a spray and PW rinse? Do you do anything to stop it getting on the windows?
  9. I was fed up of my new AeroTwin wiper blades sounding like they were running over grit on my 2005 A3. Between the showers, I spent a few minutes with hot soapy water and an old bar of Bilt Hamber's hardest clay, which I retain just for glass. Now my wipers sound like they should, i.e. no sound! Flushed with success, I repeated the job on my daughter's 2008 Polo which now is equally silent on the wipe cycle! Not exactly detailing I guess but none of our cars will be washed till the Spring so it's the only thing I have for this thread!
  10. When clean, it should look matt. not shiny. I'm thinking the pressure of the folded cloth may actually have cleaned those bits better. In which case, a more thorough clean of the wheel may be all you need. I usually keep going till it's all matt then add a leather conditioner/barrier cream like the Autofinesse one - which adds back a bit of sheen whilst promising not to. Before rushing in, just try on a small area between the scuffs to see if further cleaning will help. If not, nothing lost as you will be looking for a more advanced leather refurbishing product anyway.
  11. APC can also take the place of something dedicated. For example, squirt a 1:10 mix of APC onto your tyres, scrub and brown residue will come off, just like with a dedicated tyre cleaner. Use a more dilute ratio to help clean interiors, just like a dedicated interior cleaner. Etc. I do use it for tyres but I use CarPro Inside for, um, inside the car. It was jolly expensive and I'm sure dilute APC would have done!
  12. JonSW


    BH Auto Wash or CarPro Reset are my two 'go to' shampoos. Just pure shampoos so no chance of leaving behind some 'gloss' which won't last and may stop your choice of LSP from properly bonding.
  13. When my current tyres on the A3 die, I intend to get CC2. My A3 came with 7mm tread winter tyres (Michelin Alpin) and I was going to change immediately but they felt good. So I tried simulated emergency stops on a very hot summer day and they remained good! I looked them up and they score over 90% in dry and wet tests as well as being good in snow. TBH, it's like I already have all season tyres fitted ... This is in stark contrast to a 3 series many years ago when I ran Hankook iCept winter tyres. One March evening, I had to go out and there was no chance to change to the summers.
  14. Thinking of getting a Mk8 Golf. This would be non-R as I am looking for something more ordinary this time round. The only thing that puts me off are all the reviews putting down the lack of buttons and the 'feel' of haptic steering wheel controls. To those who have had a Mk8 for a month or more, have you got used to them? Still annoying or OK now? I mainly use CarPlay so my nav, music etc. is all taken care of by a quick screen press or Siri. I also don't change the climate controls much once set.
  15. My car recently told me I need a new fob battery. Not surprising as I only use one fob and have done nearly 18,000 miles. Popped the cover, stuck in a new CR2025 and went outside - nothing! Followed the handbook re-sync procedure (p70) of remove plastic door handle cap, push unlock, unlock with key. However, nothing. I've popped the battery in carefully a couple of times. It measures a bit over 3.3V, which is full, vs the one I removed, which was still working at 3.01V. Ideas?
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