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  1. Collinite 845. Bottle in warm water for about 10 mins before use. As easy to use as a typical spray sealant and lasts 6 months.
  2. It's CarPro Inside. It's all I use. Great for plastics, leather, cloth, you name it. Dilutes 5:1 so a bottle will last you forever - just remember to get a spare spray bottle for diluting it in. A small leather brush also handy for leather seats, steering wheel etc. In fact, I also use the brush on cloth seats if something has stained them.
  3. Thanks - I'm going to link her to your post! Cheers! Yes, she is. It's immaculate outside & in, having been mainly one owner and low mileage. It's certainly not typical of a 12 year old Polo.
  4. My daughter recently bought her first car - a 2008 Polo 1.2 Match. On acquisition, I subjected it to a very thorough internal clean, partly due Covid but mainly I wanted it to be nice for her. Took the shine off the steering wheel leather and generally went to town with CarPro Inside. The car is in stunning condition any way and looks pretty well new inside. This morning, I found a gap in the showers to give it a clean before she heads off. It was so liberating to not have to worry about swirl marks! I wanted to clean off whatever shiny stuff the dealer had used so method was: One bucket wash with Chemical Guys Clean Slate - a strip wash. Used some safe wash techniques like spraying out mitt between panels. I was going to quickly hand polish the bonnet and roof for better sealant adhesion but water behaviour was flat as a pancake after the strip wash! Wheels protected with CarPro H2Go (like Wetcoat) Entire car protected with Turtle Wax Hydrophobic Sealant Wax (or Seal n Shine if you prefer). Tyres done with Carpro Pearl at 1:1 This is the second car I have used 'Seal n Shine' on and I am deeply impressed. It's so easy to apply as long as you are sparing. The final finish is incredibly glossy, almost frictionless and we all know how long it will last from tests on Youtube! It can be applied on a wet car or in direct sunshine. This was handy as the sun came out part way through and some light drizzle started at the end!! As it's a first application I used an MF application pad, spraying onto the pad and applying in cross hatch patterns for good coverage. For subsequent coats it will be the 2 MF cloth method. This product has made me question a lot of what I have on the shelf TBH. The first car I treated with it came out superbly and it really managed to bring out gloss and depth to the Polo, even thought it's not the easiest colour for that. She says she would rather it was Lapiz but I explained you need more than 59bhp to carry off a that sort of colour 😁
  5. I still like the good ol' Screwfix Titan. Bagged or bagless, up to you. £40 or so.
  6. JonSW

    Pad cleaning

    That's the same one I use.
  7. I agree - you can be ultra scientific or just play around, which is what I did. Forensic Detailing on Youtube recently did a video on the scientific method. I just played around and found that about 12 squirts (each 5ml so = 60ml) into my lance then fill to about a third with water gives a foam that's just thick enough to give me time to do the emblems/grills etc. with a brush and runs the lance out after 1 car.
  8. JonSW

    Pad cleaning

    I also use a small pad brush between panels then wash/dry the pad thoroughly after use
  9. JonSW

    Worx Cube Vac

    I threw my cheap (Draper IIRC) portable one away as it was useless and spent £35 on a Screwfix Titan (full retail £45 IIRC). It's very powerful and can be used with/without a bag. Can hoover wet or dry. Extremely handy for doing the car or any other filthy job. We now have two. One is abused to death vacuuming up stuff like plaster dust and other crap. The second is used for my car. Assuming you have a handy mains socket to plug it in, it's highly recommended. Basically a cheap Henry clone.
  10. Me too. Some of the most effective products out there at very reasonable prices. Also, for many on here, nice to know it's British.
  11. Gloves only. I work outside. I hold my breath before spraying wheel cleaners etc. and move away whilst they work. I soak all cloths in a bucket with water and cheap washing liquid. A day later, I squeeze them out and wash in the washing machine. The soak gets rid of almost anything = clean smelling washing machine = not being killed by my wife! I discard application and removal cloths from ceramic coatings. If I use Moonlight again (light ceramic), I'll soak the removal cloths straight away in an APC mix then downgrade them for interiors etc.
  12. Not waxing at the moment, albeit I hope there may be some 915 left under many layers of BSD that I used as a topper. Anyway, out of BH DSW, Colly 845 and 915, my clear favourite is 845. Soak bottle in warm water and go to work. Shiny, easy application and long lasting. Second favourite is 915. Just takes a bit more care in application (be very sparing with the product) but looks great and lasts a long time again. I don't like the tin that can rust inside with age. I had to carefully trim the block of wax in mine and put into a tupperware tub. BH DSW is very good but stains trim so easily that application becomes an act of real care. I haven't used any other waxes that I can remember anything about.
  13. Nice 1! Interesting product mix. I have been mixing BSD 1:1 with water. Alternatively, I use it neat on a wet car.
  14. Ooo, I sparked off much debate! You'll all be relieved to know I use a car specific nozzle for my PW. It's still powerful but will not remove skin (ask how I know ....) or paint. I live in a fairly urban area but it's reasonabley quiet. I shall wash my wife's car on a day when it's all cloudy and unpleasant ... then I can BRRRRRR .... BRRRRRR .... BRRRRRR .... to my heart's content 😁 One day, I might upgrade my PW anyway. I'd like one of those twizzly attachments that prevents hose kinks, a reel for the hose (my 10m aftermarket one has to be taken off and stored separately) and a small, variable spray hand trigger, rather than the long wand I have at present.
  15. Probably more than a decent budget DA, necessary pads and polish! I don't see new as a realistic option as they will swirl up if you just look at them funny ...
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