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  1. I subscribe TomTom purely for the least laggy and most accurate traffic I have ever used, along with re-routing that works well as local roads etc. choke up. Otherwise, for nav, they are all excellent, with Google Maps being my favourite. I think the Golf is about 4mph out at 80mph. That's what TomTom says anyway. In Germany ...
  2. Yes, I have been waiting forever for it! I am a bit sad they have had to tow the Apple Line so it looks like the other map programs interface wise. It doesn't seem to indicate how much traffic delay I have, like the phone and, similarly, doesn't show my GPS speed, just colour codes how likely I am to receive a NIP! I am so sad at liking to see my traffic delay that I usually prop the phone up in the cubby, just for the red number!
  3. I bought a pre-reg so din't get to choose options. If I had been ticking boxes, the most important (to me) would have been Dynaudio. Instead I have fitted the Helix and spent a while setting it up. Now, I can enjoy music. Don't miss Dynaudio if you like music in the car. If I had been ticking, I would have gone non-DCC and 18's to keep cost down. This is what I have (my car is base + Lapiz) and I find it perfectly OK as a family car. If I had 19s, I'd want DCC. Otherwise, there isn't much would have ticked on my 18MY. I feel they come well equipped as standard TBH. I would have like the clever headlights that cut out bits of beam automatically. As said above, go with a 7.5 if you know you want CarPlay/Android auto. For me it was a must and TomTom/Google Maps/hell, even Apple Maps are all better than the car's own nav.
  4. I like CarPro Hydro2 (like Wetcoat). Clean wheels, spray into barrels and onto face, PW off for a number of week protection
  5. I'm in my 50s and have the estate because I truly need, and regularly use the large load bay. It's in Individual mode with everything normal except engine noise which is set to eco (i.e. off). I bumble up and down the M5 getting high 30's (40 today) and simply enjoy having a pleasant car to drive. Could be a 320d and I'd be as happy. That's nearly all my driving which is why my life average is over 35mpg. Then, now and again a little opportunity arises ... a bendy lane, an overtake, a tunnel, or just some nice quiet roads. Then I can move the DSG lever to manual and have some fun. This is why I like a car like this. Perfectly normal for real world (boring) driving but, no opportunity for fun needs to go to waste. So, yes, buy one!
  6. JonSW

    Car drying

    I use a leaf blower to dry all the handles/badges/mirrors etc. I am always aware it's unfiltered though. My plan is to buy a powerful pet dryer as the air is warmed and filtered.
  7. Family estate with a wild side! (substitute 'hatchback' as appropriate)
  8. I settled on City (no + or -) and that works great for me. It takes away the dead spot and makes it a bit more sensitive to kick down but is overall perfectly civilised.
  9. The manual shifter is, sadly the wrong way round. I have driven BMWs for 10+ years with push forward to change down - same as you will see on any in-cockpit car racing videos. For years before that, I played racing games on a single shifter wheel and had that set up the same way. It's totally instinctive for me and no way I can reverse that in my ageing brain so I pretend the feature doesn't exist and just use the paddles! It's a pity as I rather like using the gearstick shifter but I knew going into the purchase that it was wrong so no big deal. I think it's so silly that different manufacturers use different ways round. I believe some Mercs have a left-right semi-manual gate to add to the fun!
  10. JonSW

    Detailing bargains

    Not tried it but Jon (not me) tried the all three of the new Autoglym Polar products
  11. That champagne colour from the 90s is perfect - it's metallic road dirt! It's also a bit insipid as a car colour so ...
  12. 😃. And, to be clear, all 4 are connected on the 7.5. The joy, I have 4 pipes to have to keep clean!
  13. Not quite true Dave. On the Mk 7 estate, only 2 of the tips are connected up. Everything else correct. Given the lack of valving, I think mine is noisy enough already and propose to change nothing. I'd sort of like black tips but CBA to do anything as they are welded on.
  14. I think that was a thread I started! And, the answer is, yes, they are a load of ****. The Bosch replacements are great.
  15. Well, I've done pedal box, Helix and a boot mat (with carpet insert!) and, to be honest, that's it. The goal was the Golf R estate itself but no real goals beyond that. I wanted a fast family car that was relatively affordable to buy and run, with CarPlay and a spare wheel. There are a few times where it has had a fun pasting but mostly it can be seen trundling up and down the M5 ... We are all different in our requirements!
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