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  1. If you have shitty black exhaust tips or some other minging job that will take an age, don't try to do it the same day you detail the car as you will, inevitably, not have the time or the energy! Example: A month ago, I went out one day to do the exhaust tips with wire wool, metal polish etc (took an hour so I popped my last drops of ceramic coat on them at the end!), another day I clayed the windscreen then applied 2 coats of H2Go and on a third day, I did the full wash and LSP routine without being distracted by the other two jobs.
  2. My wife said "Just be more like Cogito and worry about it less". Well, not those exact words, obviously, but you get the drift. However, I've only had 2 new cars in my life; this was one of them and I really wanted to keep it nice. It felt like a losing battle when my parking spot is under a magnolia tree (ikr, I thought they were shrubs as well!) and the car was needed for all sorts of duties. I don't miss it as I don't think I ever really needed it. On the flipside, I wanted one since the day they were announced and I have scratched the itch! I have neglected my Lotus somewhat si
  3. Sounds a great idea to me. As the Motorway man and I went through the photos I was like "Don't worry about that rusty dust. I'd just cleaned the car then drove it to the spot for photos and that's off the discs" Usually I'm on the motorway so it blows off but it was horrible to see it sitting there after a short trip.
  4. Earlier this morning I said goodbye to the R wagon: I bought this as an 8 mile pre-reg in Sep 2018. Lease spec plus Lapiz. It was just one in a run of family estate cars. I bought it for two reasons. 1) I'd always wanted one since I saw in EVO (in 2015 IIRC) that the R was coming out as an estate; and 2) there is no GTi estate (how convenient 😂). We are all aware of the positives of this car. I was more than happy with the acceleration rarely using it to the red line, never launching it (nope, not once) . Felt no need for power upgrades. I loved the 4WD for
  5. 28K Charles. Now collected. I'll do a little write up soon. I managed a brief 4K-6K burst in the lanes on the way to the collection. I normally rev it less than that so it was nice to feel the full available pull and noise one more time! Bye ... 😪
  6. Well, the dealer has paid for the car even though they don't have it yet! This may be unusual, I don't know. Tomorrow I drive it to my Dad's where I am leaving it for collection and picking up the Golf's replacement (more on that later but no need to get excited ...). I haven't driven it since the valuation photos, even though they give some fair use extra mileage. Don't like to tempt fate.
  7. No problem. You need to pull out the back seat base (remove isofix covers and plastic housings which wiggle round the metal bit the lift up front and pull out). The plastic trim can then be removed. You probably have done these last time. Fold the seat backs down and you will see some carpet trim on top of the plastic 'beam' that forms the front of the lowest part of the boot. You can pull sharply on the bit the carpet is stuck to to remove the poppers. Underneath is the plastic beam which comes out with 3 torx screws. You want to route the cable past the double seat belt clasps as
  8. All sorts but you can't go wrong with a bottle of this. Apply sparingly with applicator or MF cloth and buff. Gives a good 6 months protection and plenty of gloss for very little money. https://www.halfords.com/motoring/car-cleaning/car-wax/turtle-wax-hybrid-hydrophobic-sealant-wax-500ml-351462.html If you want something SiO2 based then this stuff is lovely but best applied differently to the label: Shake well, apply small amount to a damp/slightly wet applicator, massage in and immediately buff before it dries. Looks and feels fantastic! https://www.halford
  9. It's possible to go under the back seat and out of the centre if you want to not have the cable running across that side recess. I took mine out recently and took a few pics in case they were useful to whoever I sell to. Let me know if interested and I'll post them here. My only issue is the volume changes a bit too much click to click. I only played music from Spotify so simply set a flat EQ that was lower down than the usual line (in Spotify settings). This gave me enough granularity in the settings.
  10. OK, I have my offer! Not as high as they were hoping but, from my point of view it is still very good - £24.5K. I had a few marks on the one back door carbon trim and one boot side that are beyond fair wear and tear (nasty stuff damaged it on the way to the tip, despite a tarp etc.) or maybe it would have been a bit higher. Flipside for it's next owner; it's mostly been driven very lightly (lifetime average 35.5mpg) and has never been launched! I paid circa £29.5K in Sep 18 for an Aug 18 pre-reg. £5K lost in 2.75 years = £151 a month. This is cheaper than those insane £190 a month
  11. HydrO2 Lite is what I always use on the wheels. Clean, spray, power wash and instantly beading wheels. How awesome! On the bodywork (not what you asked about), it works but can cause streaks and, when it runs down the windscreen causes a right mess in rain when the wipers go on. Can be avoided by applying by a wet MF and immediately buffing.
  12. Yesterday, I detailed the golf between 9am and 11am in direct sunlight. It was a horrid experience but I needed photos to sell it through Motorway. 1) Wheels with Meg's Wheel Brightener, mitt, brushes etc. and APC scrubbed into tyres 2) Pre-wash with BH Auto-Foam. Could barely leave it long enough to get round with detailing brush. 3) Wash with CarPro Reset. I was constantly spraying the car to keep it wet to avoid watermarks but, in the end, went for an approach where I washed and dried panels in small sections. this worked out best. 4) Quick coat of CarPro Reload.
  13. Tomorrow I shall be detailing the Golf and it will go onto Motorway. Let's see what the real offers come out as ...
  14. I agree Charles and think the price blip is probably just temporary. My wife said "Are you silly getting rid of an appreciating asset?" Me "next year it will return to it's true price!
  15. I don't know why the values are so high but I'm sure you are on the right lines Charles. Mine is great apart from a 1cm dent on the D pillar (how it got there I don't know). They said to leave it as dealers only knock about £50 off for something like that so no point in me calling the PDR man. Even better, they will collect from my relative's house so I will be able to swap cars without taking a covid-infested train! If I get even close to that money, it will be better value than those crazy £190 a month lease deals from 2016ish. (I paid £29.5K for it as an 8 mile pre-
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