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  1. JonSW

    Heavy Steering - 7R Estate

    very likely just the hire car thing. I have come back from holidays and sworn something was broken in my car ... You can have different steering weights in different modes so could always check those as well.
  2. My 7.5 wagon has averaged 34.6mpg in 4000 miles since new. I do a lot of motorway mileage, albeit quite a bit to Cornwall where the hills on the A30 are an mpg killer. That's true mpg by the way, although the computer seems not to lie. I also just toddle up the motorway at a speed where I don't need to try to spot unmarked cars or look at every bridge. With all these motorway miles, I don't get many opportunities to really use the performance. Heading gently out through town and onto the motorway from cold sees something in the low 20s and it's quite a while before the average even hits 30. It seems pretty guzzly for a 2.0 but then 155bhp/litre is pretty decent so I guess I can't have my cake and eat it. I expect things to improve as the weather warms up and the engine loosens.
  3. I was kindly given a cartridge of Aquapel. I intend to clean my screen to within an inch of it's life and apply it. It will be my first ever trial of a windscreen treatment.
  4. Well, we all like closure so ... After cleaning the screen with IPA again, as I was convinced there must be some residue, I did what I should have done ages ago and clicked Booth's link to some well priced Bosch blades. Fitted them them just now, sprayed the screen and, guess what, absolutely perfect! Hard to believe that a car bought with 8 miles on the clock had such awful blades, leaving a slightly unwiped area right in the line of sight ..
  5. JonSW

    Ceramic Coatings

    This is also something to consider. The reason I have not coated the R is simply that I am less keen on the 'permanent' nature of it. EG, I have scraped mine down an invisible bush (that's my story). It will easily come out with a DA but, if I had coated this car, I would be waiting for a good weather window to recoat the side. I also would not have enough left in the bottle so would have to shell out another, what was it, £50? As it is, I will just have to prep, DA, IPA wipe and coat with nice fresh wax. I would never try to put anybody off a coating, sealant, or wax. They all have their pluses and minuses. Having tried everything, I have decided I prefer wax, with the various easy to apply sealants following a close second.
  6. JonSW

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    I often wished they had made a GTi estate. However, I was thinking about it yesterday and realised I have been very used to RWD and would have probably been frustrated with front end scrabbling for grip out of junctions, especially in the winter. Thus, I neatly justified my expensive purchase
  7. JonSW

    Ceramic Coatings

    I don't think there is anything to fear in applying consumer grade coatings. Just watch a video like the one I linked above. Once the paint is prepped, it's simply a case of a few drops on the application suede, wipe in cross hatch patterns over an area, let it flash and buff. Every couple of panels, it's good practice to change the suedes in case they are starting to harden. Also, keep changing the sides on the MF buffing cloth and, when all sides are 'used', move onto another side. Takes 2 or 3 cloths to buff a car. After this, all suedes and biffing cloths are CHUCKED IN THE BIN - very important - don't ever use them on paint again. OK to wash the MF cloths in a bucket of APC, cut off the corners for identification and use for, say the engine bay. If doing the job outside (not ideal, but I did with perfect results), it's critical that the car won't get rained or dewed on for approx a day so Accuweather is your friend!
  8. JonSW

    WLTP R Torque

    When the 310 came out, road testers said they couldn't tell it had 10hp more so I'm sure it won't be obvious that it has gone again.
  9. JonSW

    Ceramic Coatings

    I'm with jrw, albeit on it's close competitor, CarPro CQuartz UK 3.0 UK Edition, using CarPro Reset for the washes and Reload for 'top ups' every month or two. I really don't think you can go wrong with CarPro or Gyeon. I used the CarPro stuff on a previous car and was delighted with it. There are some excellent 'how to apply a ceramic coatings' videos on Youtube. Pan's is very good, albeit you can skip the first 3 mins or so if you want:
  10. JonSW

    What do you dislike about your R?

    It's a car that feels hampered by it's redline. Many cars are running out of puff by then and begging for a change up up. Changing up on the R and it seems to say "spoilsport!"
  11. JonSW

    WLTP R Torque

    Off topic but I have to say those WLTP consumption figures do look way more realistic.
  12. JonSW

    Exhaust flaps

    On my 7.5 estate (no flaps), the exhaust does drone if, say, going up a hill at 70mph and a touch over 2000rpm. Foot/ACC down enough to maintain speed, not quite enough to trigger a change down to 6th and it drones away. Outside of that, it seems to just have a bassier note than most cars whilst being a fraction louder - enough to remind me I'm in an R but little enough to be acceptable for family man driving a sensible estate ...
  13. JonSW

    18"s VS 19"S

    The speedo currently over-reads by about 5% so looks like it could cancel out! That said, I wouldn't run a non designed size without looking into it a lot and checking the warranty/insurance implications.
  14. That is some spec blower! Nice one