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  1. The post above is also what I'd try. The slight sanding effect of the eraser will either remove the mark or, if it's happened due too much heat on that area for some reason, should, literally, take the shine off it.
  2. I usually use 'it' for everything and never name cars etc. The exception was when I named my favourite FPV quad 'Ripper' (first person view flying). I promptly got it stuck in the top of an eff off massive oak tree. I was like, I knew I shouldn't have given it a name! A month later it blew down in an evil gale and still lives ... anyway, it's bad enough if something happens to your car etc. but so much worse if it's named or has a gender πŸ˜‰
  3. I quite liked Invisible Glass. I replaced it with Angelwax Clarity. It smells like fetid cow piss. I love Angelwax as a company but this stuff is a miss for me. Can't say it even works that well. For interior glass, just try your IPA+water panel wipe and a normal short nap microfibre (not the terry glass type). Works better than anything else I have tried. Never end up with unwelcome streaks that you only notice when the sun hits. My panel wipe is 3:7 but I understand that that 2:8 or even weaker is still fine.
  4. I found some Gumifpledge on the wipers helped a lot with judder. Most of my driving is motorway so I always put up with the odd judder in town for the huge extra safety margin when the heavens opened. I haven't put it on my A3 yet but will do so sometime next month.
  5. When my current tyres on the A3 die, I intend to get CC2. My A3 came with 7mm tread winter tyres (Michelin Alpin) and I was going to change immediately but they felt good. So I tried simulated emergency stops on a very hot summer day and they remained good! I looked them up and they score over 90% in dry and wet tests as well as being good in snow. TBH, it's like I already have all season tyres fitted ... This is in stark contrast to a 3 series many years ago when I ran Hankook iCept winter tyres. One March evening, I had to go out and there was no chance to change to the summers.
  6. I keep it simple - APC (I use Greenstar at 1:10 but you could use Surfex HD etc.) plus a tyre brush. Scrub till it goes a bit brown and rinse. In theory, you repeat till there is no brown in the foam ... I then use CarPro Perl at 1:1, apply with a bit of sponge and give a quick buff a minute or two later. I've stopped doing it now because I have an older car and also because the tyre brush disappeared in June after I washed the Golf to take pictures to sell it. I just know the second I order a new brush, the old one will appear ...
  7. I had a new exhaust put on the Elise. There was no hiding that from the minute I first started it up on the drive πŸ˜‚. It's immaturely loud and gives real pops and bangs at low revs trailing throttle if you time it just right. I rarely act my (advanced) age πŸ˜‚
  8. Maybe I should have waited longer to sell (sold via Motorway for Β£24.5K in late June) but it was the right moment for me as it happens. Can't quibble with a free replacement ... I lost Β£5K in 2.75 years or Β£150 a month. More than some posts I read here recently but still phenomenally good IMHO. Half what I expected. Targa Florio had it up for Β£27,995 initially. It dropped to Β£25,995 after a month and sold early August. I suspect they had to 3 year service and MOT it so they probably made a grand or so which seems fair enough to me. I can believe everything I
  9. My E39 540i was de-badged and, being SE trim, was a real Q car. My F11 520d was also de-badged. Not a Q car but easier to clean. The decimal point fell off "2.0 TDi" on my A3 yesterday whilst cleaning. I suspect I will de-badge it, albeit I don't know if it will be hard to hide on 16 year old paint. Anyway, point is de-badging isn't just to hide the fast or slow aspects of the car, that depends on the person I guess but it's always easier to clean! I would have de-badged my R or stuck on GTD ones but I felt the Lapiz and 4 chrome bazookas was a bit of a giveaway.!
  10. A few pages back, I posted where I lightly polished and Moonlight coated my new-to-me 16+ year old Audi A3 20 TDi (the decimal point fell off today as I detailed it πŸ˜‚). Today, I wanted to get some Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax on, to look after the Moonlight base layer as long as possible, whilst giving all the protection possible to this ailing paintwork. Goal: 1 hour plus equipment unpack/pack. Fail - took 50% longer ... 1) Wheels mainly just with soapy water. My stupid Gyeon wheel brush does not fit between disks and wheels. WTF? It fitted with my Golf R ..
  11. My dad said the same! I think you are both correct. I've had to be concerned for her! Edit: She did cook me a very nice cake for doing it though πŸ˜‹
  12. A year or so back, you'll find a post with a nice pic of my daughter's 2008 Polo which she'd just bought. I'd given it a clean and topped with TW hydrophobic Wax (Seal 'n' Shine). Since then, I'm sorry to report it has been parked under trees in her road and has not been cleaned. The sap has enabled much other muck to stick and has also burnt the clearcoat, just like bird poo can. I was a bit shocked so dragged a selection of detailing gear down to Cornwall to try and sort it. Before: 1) Wheels with Meguiar's Wheel Brightener, soap, water and br
  13. JonSW


    Very pert! πŸ˜‰
  14. Also consider TAC Systems Moonlight. Very similar product to Can Coat. It comes in a bottle with extra pump sprayers. You can ignore the sprayers, which will simply block up - just apply from bottle to applicator. Method is to apply a few drops to MF applicator, rub into panel ending with criss-cross patterns to spread it evenly with no high spots, leave 3 minutes then buff off. You can get a method going where you apply to something else for the 3 mins then go back and buff. Buffing is, of course, very draggy and best done with a low GSM cloth. At the end, you'd be best to discard
  15. Thanks both. Yeah, I thought about it after and decided Korrosol should have preceded the clay!! The transformation has frankly been amazing for what was only a Saturday afternoon. I am learning to embrace the swirls πŸ˜€ . Im impressed with Moonlight which I haven’t used for a very long time. Applied thin criss cross, wait about 3 mins and buff. Not a very easy buff in fairness but to be expected. I would coat a door, then another door, then go back and buff the first one and so on. Gets the timing about right. I’m so glad to have an LSP on there!
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