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    ceramic coating

    Usually, it's contaminated with some iron from the factory. Mine had a few purple streaks running down when treated with IronX. I would always perform a strip wash, iron fallout removal, clay and light polish with DA before putting on the coating.
  2. JonSW

    ceramic coating

    I used CarPro CQuartz 3.0 UK edition on my previous car. very easy - the first time I have ever applied one. Did it in my driveway as I had no choice. Not in direct sunshine though! There are only 3 hints from me: 1) Look for a weather window where the car can have time to cure fully, or leave in a garage if available 2) Preparation is key - if there are swirls etc. before application, they are just sealed in! 3) Use a few suede applicators during the process and 2 or 3 microfibers to buff. All must be discared afterwards as glass shards will form in them! Alternative is a bucket of APC & water; thoroughly wash then snip off a corner as a reminder and use them for exhaust pipes etc. This video will give you a good idea of the whole process:
  3. I'm not actually putting my plate up here but I will say I was delighted to get a 5 character plate with what I wanted for £165 last year. I reckon any combo that hits only 5 characters would be worth more than that ..
  4. This. I have no flaps (estate) and there is just a gentle bassy note from the back of the car. If I go up a hill in 7th at 70mph (eg on the A30 in Cornwall), the further my foot goes down (well, the car's foot as I will have ACC on), the more droney it becomes.
  5. I believe this was Dave's 350Z just before he sold it. As you can see, the Sainsbury's 97 was fine in it, despite what Nissan claimed 😉🤣
  6. The only difference between the two modes (I think) is the coasting in Eco. I'm not convinced it's much of an economy boost so I leave the box in normal. In fact, I run individual with everything normal and engine sound to eco. I'll fetch me coat ...
  7. That does sound like a cracking deal. I am so mean, I am still using the Potenzs that came on the car but, if I changed, I would probably buy the Goodyear Asym 3's. The reason is that they are quoted at 67db and my experience with Goodyears has always been positive in this respect. I do a lot of long motorway trips and would love less tyre noise. £355 for a set of 4 though Black Circles atm. No Fire tablet though 😉
  8. My screen was just hit with splashes from bonnet and roof. When it rained ... OMG! I often thought that maybe fully treating the windscreen would be a way of avoiding this and now you have confirmed it. For sure, this is an easy peasy way to shine and protect a car.
  9. Sometimes the product that needs removing can be removed easiest by the same product. Not sure if it will work here but you could try a test patch. Definitely Wetcoat or Carpro Hydro2 Lite for a a long lasting rinse off coat. The only issue with them is that if it spatters on the windscreen, you get a shock when you come to use your wipers and end up claying your screen to get it off (ask me how I know ...). The two methods to avoid this are a) treat the screen as well (!) or b) apply in certain areas with a wet MF cloth and buff - there are various examples on Youtube. I can't be bothered messing around to keep it off the screen so use more conventional products and save my Hydro2 for the wheels, where it is a godsend.
  10. Like Dave, I don't have easy access to the 98/99 so use my local Sainsbury's 97. Whenever I get the chance of some Tesco or V Power I buy some to try to hit an average of 98 but I probably don't quite make it. I can't see that it really matters as the car has probably changed it's timing and now I am down a horsepower or whatever. It goes like a scalded cat and averages me nearly 35mpg (from my brim to brim sad person spreadsheet). I do a load of long trips mind.
  11. So pleased to see a resolution to this. Looking forward to the end result. I am the one who suggested the ceramic and will be very interested to see what you think as you live with the coating. Spritz a bit of Reload, or similar, on now and again and I reckon you'll love it!
  12. I hope that pun was intended as it's really good 🤣
  13. Yesterday, I discovered that Google Maps on Carplay is very good! I usually use TomTom Go because the traffic is streets ahead of anything else I've tried. However, it's still in beta for Carplay so my iphone has to sit edged in the front face of the phone compartment and is annoying, albeit not too bad as I usually want the traffic only, not the nav. Yesterday, in an unfamiliar town, I wanted to get to somewhere that I had the postcode for and thought I'd give Google Maps a try. It was really good with exceptionally clear presentation. Between now and TomTom hitting Carplay, I'll use it more. Not sure why I never tried it in the 6 months I have had the car!
  14. Well, the black headlight paint on the green one fooled me for a second and I thought the front looked better. Then I realised the sad truth ... that I still don't like it. Still, I like my 7.5 and it's only 6 months old so no need for me to think about it for a while. I'm unlikely to buy anything bigger than a 7.5 Golf estate though, so the 8 is out, even if I grew to like the styling.
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