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  1. There are many easy products that fulfil the criteria of a month or two. The Meguiars product I talked about easily does that. Turtle Wax Hybrid Hydrophobic Sealant Wax (Seal 'n' Shine outside the UK) is another easy peasy product that should give 3-6 months. I think the Meguiars looks better on the car but that may be placebo because it costs twice as much! Either will keep you happy. I will also echo what Rebecca said about Autoglym SRP. It's correcting, filling and protecting all in one. It's decent at the first two but the protection is not very long lasting. They make a dedica
  2. Certainly very much ETTO. The point made a few posts back about an R (or many other halo models) depreciating slower than a cooking model is certainly very valid. When I was looking at 1.5TSi A3s/Golfs etc. as a replacement, I found I could get a brand new Scala 1.5 TSi for £17K or so. Not perhaps quite the ideal car (it's boring, even next to the staid alternatives!) but £17K new ... A quick play with online values showed it would drop over half that in 3 years. That's a lot of money to lose for something that is nothing more than a functional A to B hatchback! For me, a decent no
  3. Interesting discussion. Also makes me very glad I managed to sell at the peak (I also highly regard Motorway for selling). Usually I get this sort of thing totally wrong! I loved my R but my circumstances (mostly motorway driving) meant I didn't have that many opportunities to use it hard. I think sometimes I did it just because I could and not because I wanted to. So, now I have my Mum's 2005 Audi A3 SE 2.0 TDi DSG packing all of 138bhp but almost as much torque as the R. I'm over a month into owning it now and am so happy. I can park it anywhere and not worry (I actua
  4. Um, oops, yes! You don't need to watch it all but the first few mins show what I mean by the off label application. It takes a bit longer but not very long because you are buffing instantly after application. Just don't let it dry on. If you do, just apply more over the top and you'll be OK. It's the one thing I put on the Golf that made it look as deep as after putting on a wax.
  5. Personally, I like the convenience and longevity of SiO2 based products. My current favourite is Meguiars Hybrid Ceramic Wax. It gives a very deep wet look that reminds me of wax but has been shown in real world tests to be capable of up to a year so easily does a few months, after which you would be re-applying anyway. However, note that I am applying in an off label way. I don't spray and rinse with it. If it appeals (and at about £18 from Amazon or Halfords, it really should!) then watch this video for the first few minutes to see the best way to apply. If you just use this method once ever
  6. Well, I see it's still for sale but now down in price. After negotiation and the cost of the 3 year service and MOT, it will probably make them a grand or so, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. The £28K they asked for the first week or so seemed somewhat optimistic ...
  7. If Rebecca's suggestions get you arrested, or at least told off by the RSPCA, you can try the free solution of moving the car a half wheel revolution. I often do that. Protection for me is Hydr02 Lite which needs no space to activate so only one move required. At least, that's what I used to do. I'm not sure the barrels have ever been cleaned on my old A3 so I think I'll keep well clear of the lifting wheel paint 🙄. Unfortunately, the same is also true of my Elise where every prod of a wheel brush is accompanied by a piece of paint. Guess they will have to be refurbed.
  8. Same with my basic Nilfisk C110.3. I added a stubby gun and 10m anti-kink hose (together cost more than the pw!!). The only thing I wish it had is a hose reel. Very impressed with build quality. If it dies, I'll just buy a bigger Nilfisk with, ofc, a hose reel!
  9. My first service was done by a local independent using VAG parts. I trusted them more than a main dealer to use the correct oil etc. and they charge £55/hr labour ... When I recently sold the car to Motorway, they were not at all bothered that it was not a main agent stamp. They said the time when that was cared about is well past. Had I kept it, I would have sent it to a main dealer for the 3 year service, if only because it would have been handy if they had discovered any last minute warranty work
  10. I squirted something similar to S'n'S on mine, not long after buying the car. They seemed to lose a bit of the 'satin-ness' and were a bit shinier. Ditto the roof bars. Initially, I was a bit perturbed but then decided it really didn't matter as it was really not obvious. Bars and mirrors from then on got treated with whatever sealant was in favour with me at the time (now Megs HCW but I still like S'n'S, I just don't mix them on the same car).
  11. Not wanting to be a party pooper but do these pads have insurance implications? Many moons ago, on a VX220, I switched from Mintex 2205 (road legal and great) to the 2206 (not road legal and even greater. Perfect even from stone cold). I wasn't aware till some time after that the 2206 was not for road use ... I'll leave it to your imagination whether I went back to 2205 or not 😉
  12. Jeepers. I hope whoever buys my old one gets this done. I just relied on the service schedule so it was traded in near 3 years old, 28K miles, 3 year service due next month and the Haldex never touched. Car never launched and mainly lightly driven.
  13. Beading causes dust spots after rain on a car with just a little dust. Sheeting keeps the car looking better. However, we all like to see nice beads so the bulk of the products are designed to bead ...
  14. No. I really liked the car but what I needed was a 'beater'. A not perfect car that can pound motorways and carry all sorts of stuff whilst being parked anywhere. This 2005 A3 Sportback does exactly that. Relaxing, quick enough, decent stereo and can be parked without a backwards glance. Now my Elise feels special again!
  15. I don't live there and the car is sold so, sorry but no. The Helix is great for what it is. I don't regret buying it but I know a 3rd party amp and speakers setup would have sounded better (and cost more!). I'd start with the Alpine first and try that. You may want some upgraded speakers to finish the package. I've just put a 50W per channel Pioneer in the old Audi A3 I'm using and am very impressed how it sounds (old Audi = better quality speakers than we get nowadays!)
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