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  1. So what height under the car does it give you? I would be under car with grinder etc on my back. So would need a good bit to work under
  2. Daughter bringing her car to me next week (golf) mk2 and I’m wanting to work under the car. I have thought about 4 axle stands but not sure. Prob paranoid if it moves a stand could collapse prob not but just a niggle in head. I’m wanting to give the car a good sanding and poss weld underneath it. Then shutz the car. Was thinking jack it up and put on doubled up railway sleepers or jack up and car ramps. What height roughly would I need to be able to comfortably work under it (std mk2 golf gti ) Have enough sleepers to work under if I double them up (200mm) height each.
  3. Pete—c


    Welcome along. Nice colour👍
  4. Yup I only wanted to see if it was as good as the r as I think it looks a really nice shape. And a bit different. More grown up sort of way. But sticking with r
  5. Went and had a test drive on a 65 plate. Nah. Prefer the r. Once you have the virtual dash clocks are so last year lol. But saying that they had a virtual dash s3 in and I think I sort of like it a bit better than golf but couldn’t justify the price hike it was an itch I wanted to scratch but just didn’t feel as quick as golf and when salesman let me push it a bit. It didn’t feel right. Felt a bit woolly but could have been tyres etc as had t been through workshop he said.
  6. Mmmm I quite fancied one. Gonna have a test drive just to see what I think of it. I like the golf but loads of them around here. Lesss3 saloons. I just think they look nice. And a bit more grown up
  7. I really like the s3 saloon has anyone went from r to the saloon ? And what’s it like compared to the golf.
  8. Sweet. I’ll use original but will order a new one Thanks 👍
  9. Ahh so it’s just for a clean look that I need a new hose then. So I could use old one and route along the top. As was planning on fitting tonight when I get home as the r600 got delivered thismorning
  10. Thanks. I take it std pipe not long enough?
  11. Cool. Anyone tried any of ones from eBay ?
  12. Where did you buy short shift kit from? As seen loads on eBay ? Those any good on there? (From eBay)
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