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  1. blower

    No Golf R on VW Website

    VCDS - finally paid the pony for the official version (need latest updates and ongoing updates for such a new car)....plus am sick of temperamental clone cables i been using in the past. I always need VCDS as i do tend to do some funky retrofits on my cars of stuff that's not a factory option (usually things only found on a passat).
  2. blower

    No Golf R on VW Website

    Forgot the performance pack comes with 19's. I do intend to add the upgraded discs and pads to mine at some point, along with the spoiler black strip. I didn't get to actually spec mine, it was a dealer demonstrator so came with nearly everything. Yep the soundaktor didn't last long in mine - i've only had the car a week, 3 days in - coded that out! Sounded ok when going for it, but driving at low throttle it almost sounded like a diesel! Also part disabled the headlight washers (have to hold windscreen wash for 3 seconds now before they activate) - as they just make a mess of the front spraying stuff everywhere. Only thing i've found disappointing on the car is the Dynaudio. Having come from a mk6 GT that has dynaudio, it's just not as good. The speakers are exactly the same but the new amp/processor has an awful crossover setup and kills any depth of bass (seems to cut it off in favour for more punch along with sending way too much mid to the tweeters). Fiddled with settings for ages but can't get it sounding right. I'm in the process of retrofitting the mk6 dynaudio amp/processor so i can get my lovely sound back!
  3. blower

    No Golf R on VW Website

    It's close! - if we don't include the non-tangibles (warranty, insurance etc).......you have me on performance pack and nappa leather, where i have you on akrapovic, lane assist plus?, pan sunroof : 310 DSG Golf R 5 Door Lapiz Blue 19" Pretoria Wheels Akrapovic Exhaust Vienna Leather Dynamic Chassis Control Panoramic Sunroof Dynaudio Discover Pro Nav Lane Assist Plus inc Dynamic Lights, Blind spot, Traffic Jam Assist, Emergency assist etc Electric Memory Driver Seat Keyless Entry Climate Windscreen Reaer view camera 90% Rear Tinted Glass Think we must let the heads decide!
  4. blower

    No Golf R on VW Website

    Aye, i been demanding I challenge you to the highest spec pre-WLTP 7.5.....i'm at £48k list price
  5. blower

    Understanding and using your DSG box.....

    Having owned my R with the 7 speed DSG gearbox for just a week - it is a brilliant box and is so much more responsive than past DSG boxes i have driven (especially the awful 7 speed dry clutch one i'm coming from). However i notice VW really have gone full eco on the shift points for D mode. The gearbox will shift to 6th gear as low as 32mph! - which is way too low and does result in the engine lugging somewhat. A DSG tune has moved much further up my list of mod's!
  6. blower

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Not happy with Dynaudio on my new-ish Mk7.5..... Have messed with settings a lot - but its just not as good a sound as dynaudio in my mk6. Yes it can get louder - but it severely lacks depth of bass (vs my mk6), and way too much of the mid is being sent to the tweeters, making it sound very harsh and i have to turn mid down to -7 just to get it bearable. Bass sound on it may suit some people, as its very tight and punchy - but has no depth whatsoever. Any attempts to add depth result in a harsh punchy bass along with it sounding very disconnected and muddy. The speakers are actually the same on the mk7 as that in the mk6 - it's just the amplifier/processor is internally setup for a very unbalanced sound and of course no sub on the mk6. Which is probably part of the problem - the processor is setup to send more bass to the weak ass sub instead of the door speakers. I have a plan to fix this though as having gone thru schematics i believe i can retro mk6 amplifier/processor into the mk7 with some coding of the MIB and some extra wiring from MIB to amp along with a complete re-pinning of existing dyanudio amp connector. If it works i should have my lovely mk6 dynaudio sound back....and i can throw that weak ass subwoofer into storage (or the bin where it belongs)
  7. Just to follow up on that - i don't see any evidence of it on the vw price list nor on ETKA....but i wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be true.
  8. That was something i joked with the sales guy when i first put my order in back in October...... personally i wouldn't worry much - the chance of a no deal brexit is very low - the most likely outcome from here is an extension of Article 50. In the event of no deal i doubt it will have much initial effect on cars, at worst i expect it will just delay delivery from port to dealer a bit. Although i wouldn't like to be ordering an EU car after that date in such a scenario.....VW can make plenty of delay all on their own without throwing that into the mix! lol That's probably as much as i should dare say on the B word! The most divisive subject known to man, that invokes the most ridiculous of heart felt reaction no matter which camp you are in!
  9. There is a premium being demanded on used cars. Part of the issue is that VW don't really recognise the sort of price you can get with drive-the-deal as the base price, so when they list a 2nd hand car that's near new the discount over a new order via drive-the-deal is not that great, this is particularly the case on a well spec'd car. Whats happening at the moment is they are not budging much on their listed price when you try to haggle - as they know they are in demand and it's a sellers market. I put an order in for what was 41.5k list price, 36k car drive the deal price...and have cancelled it. I've just paid £37k for a Oct 2018 Reg Golf R, but with 9000 miles on the clock (dealer demonstrator which was driven by a guy who did 160 miles round trip 6-7 days a week motorway commute to his dealership, for only 2 months!) Although is has a list price of 48k - which is why even with 9k miles on the clock it commanded such a high price. It was up for £37,550 and i managed to knock em down to £37k. However i had to pay car tax straight away, and its the super tax so that was £450 - and was almost back up to original price. But i did get a lot more stuff for my money over the factory order - and the way i see it i am also paying a premium just to keep the pre-WLTP spec, which doesn't really do much for me now (10ps and a nicer rear view mirror) - but will help me down the road when i want to tune, along with no carbon buildup headache if i intend to keep the car for some time. A small part of me wishes i kept the new order - just to have that brand new car experience, which is something not to be easily dismissed. But this is in immaculate condition, save a few minor stone chips (which i would have put on the new car anyway and just cant be avoided). Plus the Akrapovic exhaust is putting a smile on my face when i gun it lol Although i will need to do a full days detail soon and ceramic coat - the car has gone through the dealers swirl-o-matic cleaning system.
  10. Yep, ya right - have edited for Week 51 in main post. Thx.
  11. blower

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Just put up a new thread with full list of changes:
  12. This is a full list of the changes on the 2019 Golf R vs 2018 Pre-WLTP model Confirmed by VW: Power reduced from 310ps to 300ps. Torque stays the same at 400Nm Frameless rearview mirror dropped, replaced with standard pre-facelift thick bezel mirror Chrome stripe from hazard button removed Reversing parking sensor speaker removed - sound now comes from front speakers regardless Lane Assist with dynamic light assist now standard (build date December 17th 2018 - Week 51 - onwards only) Keyless entry now standard (cannot be de-selected, Week 51 - onwards only) Rear View Camera now standard (Week 51 - onwards only) Deduced from ETKA parts database and confirmed via other sources: Dual particulate filter with pressure differential sensor Dual Injection removed - single direct injection only, no additional port injectors normally found on EU/UK models Exhaust Resonator removed - no factory resonator (probably to improve muted sound due to particulate filters) I'll keep this list updated if any more changes are discovered. Thought it best to put this in a new thread of its own as some people are unsure of all the recently discovered changes.
  13. blower

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Indeed - Unfortunately (for them) Inchcape Swindon will have a Black R with the following spec by March: DSG 5 door, Deep pearl Black, Cadiz 18" Vienna Leather Dynamic Chassis Control Dynaudio Pan sunroof Lane assist Plus Climate Windscreen Rear view Camera
  14. blower

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Works for me - even on a zero state browser.