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  1. Is it an arm, or is it a leg - let the debate begin!.... Actually, it's just a leg
  2. Unfortunately not, if i had drawn it - it would look more like this.....
  3. <- Thats what i saw....with a squint
  4. I really like the look of the cadiz, and nothing screams Golf R more than those (although that might be a good or bad thing)... However having had diamond cut alloys on my last golf - never again, they're nice for the 2-3 years from new but they soon start to worm and end up looking a mess and need expensive refurbing which also removes a load of material from the surface.
  5. I blame porn....screens, yes that's it, it's those screens - they're to blame.
  6. On a desktop PC it came up tiny.....but yeah my eyesight gone to 🐒 since i turned 40.
  7. Had to zoom in on that to see what it was.....thought it was a dog dragging its arse across the ground - which woulda worked too
  8. Holy dust batman! - don't let the detail police see that.
  9. Makes you wonder what special powers the 'guy' had.....maybe he lifted the car off the ramp.
  10. Aye.....to ensure you get the worst ride possible, fit bridgestones to your crapstones
  11. Just to add to this list of wonderful possibilities.... 18" range: Bitchfields Tittty-Ho's Shittertons Crapstones 19" range: Penistones Crackpots Twatt's Slaggyfords They could also do a 15" model named - Ugley
  12. I'd avoid the 18" Cockermouth's
  13. Bagless is a con - ya just get a bunch of filters that block up instead that ya have to wash and clean and dry. Get a Henry - sucks like no other, well built and solid. Brilliant on tools so ideal for the car, and you only have to change the bag once a year or even longer if ya don't use it more than a couple of times a week. Plus you can suck up pretty much anything with it - i've used em whilst renovating a house, sucking up rubble and all sorts of crap and it just keeps on going.
  14. Just took it for a quick spin - tbh it was shifting smoothly between 2nd and 3rd.....low or mid throttle at 3.5k upward in manual mode. Shifted smooth at lower and higher rpm's as well. When it was stone cold it did give a slight abrupt shift on my first couple of attempts to get it to do it. I can see what you mean by knock - where its basically slamming in the clutch quite fast, but it was very slightly and just felt like a quick shift to me. Once warmed up, then there was nothing perceivable as a knock/notch/jerk. This is different to the lazy then abrupt jerky shift i get when in D mode - it doesn't always do it, appears random and mainly when i'm moving off from a stop at lights / roundabout. I couldn't actually get it to do that in D mode just now - but i know come tomorrow when i'm on my run to the post depot it will probably do it a couple of times. I'll try manual mode more over the next few days - see if i can catch it out. You know what it's like - when you are trying to make it do something, it knows you're watching and will behave itself!
  15. My 1st to 2nd was like this and was actually worse before the update - now i can feel (and hear it in the engine sound) it slipping the clutch far more on the 1st to 2nd. I think the 2nd to 3rd problem was always there but now the 1st to 2nd has been fixed i'm noticing the 2nd to 3rd issue more. I'll try it in manual anyway and let you know.
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