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  1. Indeed, if you didn't get at least 10% off the list price, including all options, then you overpaid - simple as that. I've said it before, the smartest way to buy new (if you have the money/credit rating) is to use drivethedeal or orangewheels. Take out the PCP, and then immediately pay it off with either cash or a personal loan - so you also pocket the £1500 deposit contribution. With that system on an R you are effectively getting as much as 15% off (on a high option model)
  2. That sites vin checker hasnt worked for a couple of months 😕
  3. Does it have a chrome strip on the lights hazard button? If yes then it's not wltp....if no then its wtlp and will have gpf filters.
  4. DSG fart's have been coded out on the 7.5 WLTP - i don't think any exhaust, without a remap, will bring them back.
  5. Seems to be a lot worse on the mk7 - i think the mk6 had a bit of a slope to it, where as the mk7 it's pretty much flat so all the dirt pools there when it rains.
  6. Yeah they will clean up nicely - but the original owner should be dragged thru a coal field for letting their £3000 titanium exhaust get that dirty.
  7. How could someone let the tips get that dirty! - the akro tips take very little effort to clean! (hey don't tarnish and the soot doesn't stick as easily like they do on the chrome tips)
  8. Just an update to this...I have pretty much confirmed the noise is from the alternator and it only affects models with Valeo alternators (primarily 180A) Jeff R kindly provided me with 3 registrations of cars - 2 that he said whined, 1 that didn't Of the 2 that didn't whine i have confirmed they were fitted with 140Amp Bosch alternators. The noise occurs when the alternator is under heavy load and outputting at the higher 14.4v level to rapidly charge the battery. To clarify - this is a whining noise that can be heard at low speeds (particularly when driving round a housing estate and the noise reflecting off walls nearby). The noise changes with rpm, can be heard when reving at idle/parked. It lasts for a while - usually until oil temperature hits 50c but sometimes less - depending on state of charge of the battery. If you find stop/start is activating from cold, then it will tend not to whine as it won't be trying to rapidly charge the battery. This whine is not to be confused with the 'cow moo' sound you get for a second when starting an older Golf R (pre-facelift, usually 2014/2015 models). Also its not the gear noise some people have complained of on the 6 speed DSG - as the gear noise would not be heard in neutral/park.
  9. In my last car (Golf mk6 GT) with DCC - there was not much difference between comfort and normal. In the R with DCC there is a big difference - comfort is far less jarring. I permanently leave mine in comfort, even when driving very hard - it automatically firms up when needed, i.e. cornering. It completely removes any pogo stick effect - although 'race' mode on DCC is extreme pogo stick. DCC only has an effect on the large undulations or big bumps on a road - it does nothing for small bumps or road surface harshness, that's all down to the tyres. Switching from the factory Conti 5p's to Michelin PS4S on my 19's had a dramatic effect on the 'smoothness' - removing the harshness and the constant feeling of the small bumps. It all depends on what you are used to, if you are coming from a mildly sporty car or something that was not sporty at all - then you may find the ride too jarring and i would definitely spec DCC. If you go for 19's then the best thing you can do is get rid of the factory rubber and put on, at great expense, PS4S tyres as you gain comfort, quietness and way more grip.
  10. Petrol wars!!!........has anyone tasted them? - i bet they all taste different.
  11. Main reason i wanted a sunroof was to bring extra light into a very dark cabin (black headliner makes for a very dark interior)
  12. Except Shell is 99 RON...V-Power is not used by anyone else other than Shell. Tesco momentum - 99 RON is only used by Tesco. It differs from V-power being higher ethanol content and less/different detergents. Sainsburys 97 RON is also unique afaik.....it differs from Esso Supreme+ of which might be the same as Texaco. Base petrol is pretty much all the same 95 RON Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys etc. The premiums however are different - my old 1.4TSI twincharger was very fussy, it idled and ran best on sainsburys 97, 2nd was shell v-power, 3rd Tesco Momentum and it ran like a bag of spanners on Esso Super.
  13. Little bit faster with map 6 - still tweaking it:
  14. I have no idea why you bought a Golf R.....seems you need a different car, with full practicality and appropriate styling....suggest this: .
  15. I've also noticed how thin the body panels are, coming from a mk6. Have pointed it out on here b4, especially round the headlights as you say - it's thin as paper and flexes a lot. Doors also ding very easily. I'm pretty sure nearly all the weight savings on MQB have just come from thinning metal out everywhere.
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