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  1. Mk8 Golf R won't even make it to 350bhp - it's a slightly tweaked version of the mk7 ea888 engine. Power ~330bhp, 400Nm torque. mHEV to yet be confirmed on the GTI / R. Any dream of 400bhp (which is the silly figure I heard before the mk7 release) is, well, just a dream. VW don't do hot rods, pushing 4 pot's to the limit with a big laggy turbo.....remember the reason why we bought an R - an all round performance hatch that's as much a daily as it is a hot hatch. They will be conservative in the performance bump - just like they always have been.
  2. Awful engine - it's basically 4 kettles tied together, after a certain number of miles it will start boiling your coolant and turn into a steam engine. Gasket scrubbing is the primary mode of failure.
  3. blower

    WLTP Car?

    That will certainly be pre WLTP - basically if your registration date is pre 2019, it will not be an WLTP model..... It will be the full fat, unfettered, raw, delightfully dirty, non particulate filter model - with all the exhaust raunchyness and noticeably higher top end power...and if that is not enough for you, ya also get a nicer frameless rear view mirror
  4. Never have unprotected sex on the back seat, as this is what might happen 9 months later. Think once, think twice....think condom! Did i get the advert message right?
  5. Need to get it scanned for error codes.
  6. I love when you say multiple - all it took was 2 and the whole thing fell on its ass.
  7. Full remap is required - it can not be coded out.
  8. It actually has a higher torque rating - just VW have set the software to play it more safe. Remapping the box is the only way to get round the issue - it can actually handle more power than the older 6 speed, once remapped with increased clutch pressure. Yeah they are working on a fix for LC - you can currently set a 'max boost' for 1st, this is not an additive limit so i don't know how it works when used in conjunction with additive values rather than absolute boost pressures (which i advise against using as they don't take account of IAT's and the ecu adjusting boost pressure request to compensate, i.e. difference btwn summer and winter) I've been meaning to experiment with the 1st gear boost limiter. Map 4 btw has a pants top end (to fix the LC issue)
  9. The issues with a high boost map 6 is that on launch control the gearbox torque limiters will kick in in first gear and you get throttle body closures - this results in a drop in power and some odd ultra long dsg fart. There are other problems outside of launch control, mainly around 5000rpm in 3rd and sometimes 4th - which again will result in throttle body closures and DSG farts b4 you even get to a gear change. This only occurs on full throttle. I have customised my map 6 to remove the problems when not using launch - by limiting my boost additive to just 4.5 at 5000rpm - this pretty much stops the throttle body closures although occasionally i will get a little dsg fart blip. To fix launch control you have to scale down the boost additive values all the way to 7000rpm - which hurts the performance gain when not using launch control.
  10. Primarily seat and cabin = problem on one or more rear wheels.
  11. There is a TPI for this.....as such it is a pre-existing condition and legally they should repair it - certainly under Daswelt, also arguably on any car under 5 years old (from first registration date). Technical product information Transaction No.: 2052424/3 Running gear: clicking/clacking noise (once) from front end when steering/maneuvering Release date: 01-Apr-2019 Customer statement / workshop findings Only aluminium wheel bearing housings are affected. Customer statement: • Clear clicking/clacking noises from left or right front end when steering in stationary. or • Clear clicking/clacking noises from left or right front end when maneuvering/parking. Workshop findings: • The customer statement can be reproduced. The noises can be clearly assigned to the wheel bearing/wheel bearing housing. For the clear assignment of the noises/complaint use the attached audio/video file. Technical background Movements between wheel bearing and wheel bearing housing. Production change — Measure Clean surface between wheel bearing and wheel bearing housing and cover with assembly paste Only aluminium wheel bearing housings are affected. • Always perform the following measure on both sides (left/right) to avoid repeat repairs. • Remove the wheel bearing according to the repair manual. • Thoroughly clean the surfaces on the wheel bearing (illustration 1, in blue). Then thoroughly clean the opposite surfaces on the wheel bearing housing (without illustration). • Lightly brush the surfaces on the wheel bearing (illustration 1, in blue) with assembly paste (part number G 052 109 A2). • Per side about 6 g assembly paste (1/20 of the content) are needed. • Do not brush any assembly paste on the area around the thread (illustration 1, in red).
  12. Had them on my last golf, quietest most comfortable tyre ever. Few minor drawbacks tho..... No steering feel whatsoever. Knife edge failure of grip causing snap oversteer. Lifespan of a formula 1 ultra soft....ie they done in a little as 5000 miles. They are incredibly quiet tho, but that's because they made out of butter.
  13. Alignment never fixes vibration (unless the wheels look like a clown car).
  14. In the summer, for me, there is no fresh air - it's all been poisoned and laced with toxins that means i must use aircon or i wont be able to see or breathe. (hay fever)
  15. I took out a loan - a personal loan @ 3%, unsecured, not on the vehicle. I own the vehicle, can do whatever i want to it. This is different to any loan secured against the vehicle (they own until more than 50% paid) and even more different to PCP which is more than just secured against the vehicle - until it's paid they completely own it, and you have the option to buy it at the end of the PCP deal. Lease of course is just pure rent. A mortgage is different to the usual type of 'loan' but does have stipulations (like having to have buildings insurance and unable to sublet or perform a change of use etc), but otherwise you are allowed to do what you want with it. Point is, with PCP in particular and certainly with lease, you have to be careful what you do as technically ya in breach of your agreement with modifications.
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