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  1. I always remember downing half a bottle of neat vodka when i was 18, although it didn't stay down for long......since then not been able to touch the stuff or anything with it in, without retching. I used to drink cider too - but now that stuff tastes like battery acid, i'd have to drop an alkaseltzer in it and maybe rennie or 2 before i could drink that. Never been one to hold my drink - i'm fairly pissed with just 4 pints of medium strength lager and not much more will make me chuck the lot up. As a bonus i don't get hangovers, no matter how much i drink - if i've drunk enuf to get a hangover it just comes back out. However i do have a bladder that can hold more than i can drink.
  2. Indicated speed / calculated acceleration is not comparable to anything but itself.
  3. 10bhp more - crap man, i wish i held off now as i coulda had 10bhp more and full vacuum cleaner GPF loveliness. I also am gutted that i have controls that respond on the first press - i envy those with the new multipress random function controls. That's the thing i hate about my mk7.5 - i press demist and it gives me the demister, i turn a dial to a temperature and it just does it....where's the fun in that! - i want to stab multiple times at a piece of solid plastic and wait to see just what function i get - its exciting as you never know just what's gonna happen (if anything). Then there's my boring front end that looks like a car - i want the full on munter look with winged eyelash headlights and a grill with holes big enough for squirrels, hedgehogs or general rodents to get stuck in, along with a whole tree's worth of leaves to keep the radiator and intercooler nice and warm.
  4. I hate sitting behind diesels which are on their re-gen....it absolutely frigging stinks! So do most VAG range cars which have had their DPF removed - as most of them have a combined DPF & CAT so they stink like hell with the entire core having been cut out.
  5. Sounds like an old lorry, or nackered school bus. Reminds me of my school journeys in this, it had a similar sound when going up hill:
  6. Just for reference for anyone who stumbles across this thread. Dealership VW/Audi tech's, and so called master tech's only have 6 things they can do with a DSG gearbox (any model, any year): -Firmware update (if computer says so) -Clutch Adaptation -Oil service (if near servicing or overdue) -New Clutch Pack -New Mechatronics -New Gearbox They have no training, manuals or any information to fix / replace any sub components outside of replacing a clutch pack or mechatronics. When it comes to DSG, they have almost no diagnosis skills other than what the TCU flags as a fault - which is usually nothing. They will try the above in the that order - sometimes doing a mechatronics first before a clutch pack, but usually its clutch pack and if that don't fix it then mechatronics and if that don't fix it then new gearbox. And that is it - if you go to them with any DSG issue the above list of 'fixes' will be run through, regardless of fault.
  7. Not sure if you're aware - LLLparts is not a UK company, it's Lithuanian and they hold no UK stock - they use a shell UK company that has nothing run thru it, to make themselves look like they UK with their fake London address. Your order will be shipped from Lithuania and can take a bit of time - it can be a week but sometimes 2-3 weeks. Dunno if you have ordered yet but price from VW dealership is £104.95 inc VAT.
  8. I always wondered what the dealership did during the PDI check on new cars. By the way i've reported that youtube video under the category 'Harmful or dangerous acts'
  9. I wonder how much they charge to top up the blinker fluid.
  10. The carwow 1/4 mile times include reaction time (both driver and gearbox engagement time) afaik.....they certainly are slower times than you would see with a dragy. You don't see any 'specialist' timing gear on their 1/4 mile runs....so dunno what they using, probably stop watches As above, i got 12.5 with a dragy, on a stock late 2018 pre-wltp DSG R - with no weight reduction.
  11. Money no object, i.e. you want the best performing - then get wagner. [email protected] will second that i expect. Wagner vs IE - i have yet to see a proper direct comparison between the 2, and i expect the IE will have better IAT's....however IAT's are only half the story. IE is a bar and plate style, wagner is tube and fin. Traditionally you would want a plate design for max surface area contact and hence lower exiting temps, but pressure drop and flow are also just as important. Wagner has lower pressure drop than the IE for sure, it will flow better - there will be less turbo lag. The IE is also a lot heavier at 13kg vs 8kg of the wagner.
  12. blower

    S3 Launched

    Each to their own.....i've never liked 3 (2 door) hatchbacks, as to me it just screams cheap. Reminds me of 1980's / 90's cheap cars, they always had the sliding seat to get in and out of the back and it was a sign of a really cheap crap car back then. As a kid ya knew which of ya friends families were doing well - they were the ones who could afford rear doors To this day if i see a 3 door hatchback, i immediately think 'budget model', as do the passengers who have to literally climb in.
  13. Assuming UK and young driver - they gonna struggle to find any insurer who would cover them for a Golf R being their first car, regardless of cost.
  14. The day you think 'the front is not that bad, it's growing on me'.......is the day you think this is not 'that bad' 'But but, maybe the R version will look better'......here's the R version:
  15. The last time i 'played' MS flight sim, it came on floppy disks and the world was mainly green/blue with next to no buildings in it.
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