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  1. If you ever see a Manual 3 door Golf R on Bridgestone tyres, quietly (eco mode) pulling up to an Asda petrol pump......then you'll need to perform a citizen's arrest.
  2. Looks like you slot a wheelie bin in the front bumper arms and they lift up to empty it thru the roof. I also like the irony of having MAN written above the girly winged eyelash headlights
  3. Well that will be a surprise! - Audi S3 slower than a Golf R....so maybe the 326bhp is back on the table, that is the engine that is in the new Arteon.
  4. New golf R Mk8 is expected to have 306bhp - 310ps....i.e. same as outgoing pre WLTP Mk 7.5 The new Audi S3 specs have been officially released and they are at 306bhp/310ps - no way is the R going to be above that and it will almost certainly be the same as. It also falls in line with the recent GTI mk8 reviews which show it having the exact same power as the outgoing performance version. Goes to show that the engine will be almost completely identical, and the most they could do is give you back the 10bhp they took away when they added the particulate filter. Most of the Mk8 development money has been spent on broken touch controls and a garish dash....any remaining money has been spent on the melted marshmallow BMVW ID3 If a plus version does come along - it will probably be that 326bhp figure.
  5. You can't get shitter than a Kwik shit fitter. They're the boys to trust.........to scratch the F outta ya alloys. No way am i letting Gary, Barry & Larry loose on my alloys:
  6. Ironically the best time period to remove the particulate filters is within the 3 years before you need to have an MOT - which is also the time you don't want to remove it if you want to keep your warranty. All MOT test stations, under regulation changes that came into effect last year, specifically look for any tampering of the particulate filter, any signs it has been messed with (cut open, removed etc) - and it's an immediate fail. There are still dodgy MOT stations around who will turn a blind eye - ya know the sort when you buy a used car that has nearly everything falling off it and has a stopping distance of 1 mile - but yet has just passed an MOT with no problems! Regardless of when you remove it, you could get pulled on a random emmisions test and they will fine the hell out of you if caught. This is highly unlikely on a sub 3 year old car...but as time goes on, with the eco warriors turning paint into water and cars into eco box milk floats - this is only going to get worse.
  7. Mein Führer.....Das golf 8.....ist scheisse *Trembling removal of glasses*
  8. Yes Thomas - this new generation is just bollocks. -Slower than previous generation (0-60 etc) -Tacky fog lights that look like they came straight from halfords. -Huge honeycomb section lower grill which shows too much ugly stuff (like intercooler, oem piping etc) -Capacitive touch control steering wheel - which is just bollocks. -Laggy infotainment, bad UI, ugly -and the usual Mk8 ugly front end, broken touch controls, cost cutting stick bonnet strut, no glovebox lining etc Don't expect the R to be any better. Nice seats tho...
  9. Worse case you take the bastards to court - or should i say go through the procedure of filing in the small claims court and watch them back out and replace the gearbox for free.... You have them on 2 grounds - one you were unable to get the car looked at during lockdown as they were closed (claim it hasn't felt right for a while and you wanted to have it looked at, but they were not open) Secondly, regardless of warranty - know your SAD FART rights: Satisfactory Quality As Described Fit for purpose And last a Reasonable length of Time The 'Reasonable length of time' part is where your gearbox failure would fall under. On high value purchases, such as a car, the critical parts are expected to last a reasonable length of time, and as past court cases have set precedent - a reasonable length of time for a car is 6 years....and with your low mileage this is even more the case. Consumer Rights Act 2015 (replaces sales of goods act, but offers even more consumer protection) is the relevent law your claim would fall under. Making a claim in the small claims court is relatively easy, and not as scary as you think - for starters they can't claim their costs against you if you lose....legal costs are simply not claimable in the small claims court, as well its for 'small' claims. I have in the past started proceedings against VW when they told me to go piss off when i tried to make a claim after my mechatronics failed on my crappy DQ200 gearbox......they folded straight away on the LBA, repaired my gearbox for free and were very apologetic. So don't settle for these assholes giving you the brush off - threaten, and then act on your threat - a well worded LBA (letter before action), followed by a claim if necessary and they will just roll over as they know they will probably lose if it went to court and in addition they don't want any more bad publicity than they already have.
  10. blower

    Seat Belts

    We are very precious about our R's......plus i know even a harsh look can scratch my lapiz blue 'paint'.
  11. blower

    Seat Belts

    I feel your pain!.....another thing i have banned on any female passangers are things like bangles, the ultimate door trim scratchers! I dunno what it is but some ladies like to walk around with a pile of metal hanging off them, clinking and clanging as they move - if i hear that noise approaching my car - then its off with the metal adornments or you're walking! My mother was one for that, but she knows better now....hmm maybe i should get one of those hand metal detectors they have at the airports, to do a quick sweep of my passengers before they get in - or maybe that's a step too far
  12. blower

    Seat Belts

    Yes i have a strict policy on the boot too - you get passengers clawing at the handle trying to open it as they are too cack handed to operate the flip badge handle. Then you get the dragging their crap along the dirt shelf, grinding in lovely scratches.......and having watch them frustrated with their inability to open the boot, they will then slam it to a degree ya think the glass will shatter. The worst and i mean absolute worst passengers to ever let in your car are people who don't drive and use nothing but public transport......they will smash your doors into a wall or car if you dont park half a mile away from it. They'll jam seatbelts in doors and will try to slam the door on the them. They'll mark up your interior trim and just generally be a complete hazard to anything with a gloss finish. You also have to check their feet as usually they will somehow have picked up a load of mud and chewing gum. They have no respect for your car, as they don't drive and never owned a car, let alone a nice one. They are used to kicking, slamming and smashing their way on and off public transport. My brothers, when they come down for a weekend, have to have a firm briefing before entering my vehicle as they fall into the above category. It had gotten to the point i was opening and closing their door like a bloody chauffeur.
  13. lol - must be nice to have a body that is content with one slow responding average temperature all year round and is happy to wait an age for a cabin to warm up or cool down. If it's very cold i set my temperature a bit higher, sometimes a lot higher to warm me fast, then turn it down once I am up to temperature (not the poorly placed, somewhat ineffective cabin air temperture sensor). If it's hot i'll turn it down,....then turn it back up when i feel like it. Once i am comfortable i let climate control do its thing, but not till then. I also like to quickly adjust it blowing all forwards or general circulation (again to warm or cool me faster) My general temp setting is 20c....but if i just leave it on that it can take too long to get to a comfortable temperature so i have to accelerate the process by shifting it a lot from that temp, as i may be freezing cold and would like really hot air (not luke warm) to warm me up and vice versa. I'd say on most trips i am adjusting temperature....first when i get in, and then on the move once my body is comfortable - and then again if sun comes out etc. Plus living in wales the environment is not constant, its raining, its dry, its hot, its cold - all in the space of one journey, faciliating the need to make adjustments as climate control may not respond fast enuf for my liking. And voice control is utter crap - i can flick a dial in a fraction of a second....voice control, assuming it understands you can take 20 seconds or more, with waiting for acknowledgement between summoning command 'Hey VW', and barking your command like some halfwit talking to themself, waiting for it to think for an age and then for it to do what you want and it reiterating what you just asked it to do. It's too much of a faff and unreliable when all you need is a f*ckin dial!
  14. That nose, that nose!! - it's so bad!
  15. Thinking about it though, i don't think the undertray is the lowest point on the car anyway, even with the alltrack...i dunno now - guess i'm gonna have to go out and roll round on the tarmac. @DustyBones Get that candle lit dinner table ready
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