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  1. I don't want to broadcast exactly where i'm running from....not the best of idea's on a public forum :D. It is in south wales, that's all i'm saying - bit far from Glasgow! As previously stated though on another thread, its as safe as can be - the 1 mile section i use has no houses, junctions, traffic lights nor pavement and is completely straight, over a mile long, so perfect visibility and is empty at night and hardly used during the day - it's a dual carriageway that was built a few years ago as a bypass, but in typical council planning it ended up being useless and is totally underutilised. I saw just 1 car on it that night, on the other side. I try to be discrete as possible but that's bloody hard when launching with an Akropovic which goes into 'wake the world' up mode with launch control!
  2. blower

    Potential mk7 owner

    Yep plenty of us older guys on here. I'm 41 and now, completely by accident mind you, hang out in Tesco car parks with the 'youth's'. I got some new clothes last week so i fit right in:
  3. I expect it will be on par. I do intend to take it to surrey rolling road at some point - a very popular dyno so will be able to do some good comparisons with other Golf R's and other car's in general. I think i will be getting a JB4 soon, possibly next month - then it will be another round of tests
  4. To follow up on this - unfortunately the option that was there with VCDS on Mk6 version of these controls, is no longer there on the Mk7 😐
  5. Yep as above, 0-100mph is 10.58 I'm on 11k miles - so it's well run in!
  6. Results are in! I'd say that CarWow Golf R was broke or in the wrong mode / fuel - i just done 12.56 1/4 mile and 0-60 in 4.17 seconds! (no slope, no wind, dry road, completely stock) Full details here:
  7. Base line results are in....i got my dragy today Shell V-Power results, most impressive if you ask me! Link to topic:
  8. Well my Dragy arrived today....and as i posted on another thread i am lucky to have a piece of road not far from me that is ruler straight, completely flat , in excellent condition and is over a mile long.. Results put a big smile on my face - My R is putting out some incredible stock figures. Bearing in mind this is a full spec with every option bar performance pack discs so it has the heavy pan-roof & electric seats, but does have Akrapovic exhaust and 19" pret's so saving a bit of weight there. DSG of course. I did 2 runs, 1st almost identical to the second, no wheel slip at all off the line - brutal acceleration! Did a cool down run in between. This is on Shell V-Power, about 1/3rd a tank. Outside Temp 10C, Dry. Race mode, ESC off completely (long press), DSG Launch Control. Anyway here are the results! 0-60: 4.17 s 1/4 Mile: 12.56 s 1/2 Mile: 20.0 s 0-130mph: 19.54 s All those are the 2nd run...1st run was 4.23 0-60 and 1/4 mile was 12.55. As mentioned on another thread, i intend to do same tests with different fuels - to see if they make any difference to performance. Will run a few days on Tesco Momentum 99 then run same test, same place under same conditions...may have to wait for the weather to be the same again!
  9. VW are liable - contract is with them....whoever actually paid the delivery company, they are the ones who should be dealing with it. I assume VW were paid for delivery and so VW are liable.
  10. Your contract is with VW....tell VW Inchcape Cheletenham they have 14 days to rectify the issue or you will proceed with a county court claim, both for the cost of replacing the wheel and diffuser, any hire vehicles, mileage to and from places and distress caused. In addition you should inform them that you will start a campaign through social media - highlighting that they are delivering damaged cars to customers and taking no responsibility. Post this on the VW UK facebook page to start off with.
  11. To answer the op's question requires a bit of background knowledge of where carbon builds up and the different types of carbon cleaning services : Carbon builds up in the following areas: -Intake tract -Back of intake valves -Piston Crown -Fuel Injectors (direct injection) Most 'carbon cleaning' services are fuel based - which will only target fuel injectors & piston crowns, (direct injection (DI) engines)...for port injection it will also do the back of the intake valves. However they do nothing for buildup in the intake manifold/tract, nor the valves on DI engines. These services are good if you suspect you have clogged fuel injectors - although a tank based cleaner might be all that you need. Buildup on the piston crowns is only of concern on very high mileage (well above 100k miles, if not 200k miles)...for a Golf R it's of no concern. For direct injection petrol engines, i don't really rate any of the carbon cleaning services - the primary problem with buildup on such engines is on the back of the valves and these cleaning services do nothing to remove that carbon. Some services offer spraying stuff into the intake manifold whilst the engine is running, for DI engines - Terraclean has their 'induction' cleaning service. I highly doubt this has any long term benefit - there is nothing you can just spray into the intake manifold or momentarily onto the valves to remove 10,000's of miles of rock solid carbon on the back of the valves. They may remove a tiny amount of surface build up which can give you a short term improvement but if you are having running issues it wont be long before your issues come back. I know this from cleaning valves manually by hand - that stuff is on there as if it's been baked in the core of the sun for a 1000 years. Only thing that cleans the intake valves is manual cleaning with brushes and chemicals....or more effectively - walnut media blasting (like sand blasting but with walnut shells) On Diesel engines the EGR can turn the intake manifold into a chimney - again no spray cleaner is sorting that mess out....usually it's cheaper just to replace the entire intake manifold. Cleaning it will take many many hours and hence a very high labour cost. Assuming you have a Golf R, and you are EU/UK based - then the good news is that all pre-2019 EU/Uk Mk7 Golf R's have dual injection....with port injectors as well as direct injectors. The port injectors means the valves are constantly cleaned by the fuel spray and there are no long term carbon build up issues. You can still get build up in the intake manifold, but its only of concern well above 100k miles, even then it's usually nothing major (unless your car has had other issues to exacerbate it).
  12. Stunning! - you can get a JB4 for it and a few people have said they work fine. No full tunes available for it yet tho, afaik. I've heard unicorn are looking to do one soon (if possible)....you can forget APR tho - they will say yeah they working on it, but that's their default response to anything you ask them. They are still 'working' on a tune for the DQ381 7 speed DSG thats been out for nearly 3 years.
  13. I got a dragy on the way, and a similar option spec to that of the carwow video R I'll be doing a few 0-60's and a 1/4 mile run, will see if i get the 1st video's figures
  14. It's a cliche - but i say summit was wrong with that R in the carwow video. Maybe crap fuel. The 7,5R consistently put's down 4.2 to 4.4 0-60, even carwow's older video comparing it to a GTI did 4.2 seconds measured by vbox. Every video i've seen of the A35 has it measured at 4.7 seconds when they drag'ed it with a vbox/dragy, yet in the carwow showdown it pulled way ahead of the R. Thinking about it that S3 probably was running normal for stock and it was just the R that was lagging. Stock S3 should take the A35.
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