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  1. The Dynaudio in my mk7.5 was a big let down for me - i had it in my mk6 and it was a lovely sound system with deep rich bass and a nice balance. The mk7.5 in comparison has absolutely no depth of bass and the mid range is stupidly high - there is no balance, its as if there was zero turning for the car or they had to kill all the deep bass as the interior would rattle and crackle too much. I've tweaked out an acceptable performance but it's still miles away from what i got on the mk6 setup. It does have better clarity but its all too harsh. Oh and that subwoofer is utt
  2. Today my arse was hanging out of the engine bay of my diesel Touran, where by I cut my hands to ribbons tightening up manifold nuts on a turbo jammed in on the back of the engine. Not enough room in the engine bay of a big 2.0 TDI lump to swing a cat, or a ratchet for that matter.
  3. I call them something completely different.
  4. Didn't realise Gore-Tex was back in fashion....
  5. Nice!.....why on earth they just didn't leave that on from the factory, I dunno. I mean all the holes and stuff are there for it so it was engineered in to the design from the get go, it's not like a radical change in bonnet design prevented it. Did it really save that much money!? - I bet the stick and its bits cost hardly any less. Why VW, why!!
  6. Damaged? - hell no.....you wanna see what I do to new engines with next to 0 miles on them. So long as oil is up to temp there is no concern about giving it some.
  7. Do you get the whine from cold that most (if not all) mk7.5 R's have?...just wondered if the mk8 does it. This is a whining noise that you get from a cold start (or where the oil temp is below 45c).....it's not too bad on the first start, but if you do a short run before it gets up to 45c oil temp, stop and then start again, its noticeably worse. As soon as it hits 45c it stops completely - and i mean completely!.....using the dash oil temp gauge is a good way to tell, although it only starts reading at 50c and it looks like that's when it stops the whining, but monitoring with vcd
  8. Good luck with that.....by the time you get them to honour the warranty the mk10 will be out, and you may be stuck without your car for a very long time. That's the issue - you may win in the end but the hassle is just not worth it - better avoid it if possible, take everything out and don't give them any excuse to refuse your warranty, as in many circumstances you may have a hard enough time to get them to accept a warranty claim when its perfectly valid - as they make up some nonsense to outright refuse it, or go through the passive refusal process with the classic fob off lines
  9. Ya gotta laugh at the concept of honesty when it comes to a car manufacturer, or even worse the dealership itself. I'd need to grow many more hands to count the number of times i've had or seen the dealer/manufacturer try to wiggle their way out of a valid warranty claim or to see them time and time again brush off any problems your having with the classic 'they all do that, or that's normal, or we never found any problem' bullshit. Its this attitude, that got me into fixing my own cars some years ago - to the point i'm now better equipped than most dealerships - certainly bet
  10. Front has really grown on me - on the R at least, only mk8 model that makes the new front end look good. Still don't like the square SUV back tho! That car park almost looks post apocalyptic - it always been all overgrown?, or is this from lack of use since covid.
  11. Yep, mine's in the 3.6's on a JB4 stage 1....4.2 stock (3.9 on 1 foot roll out). Don't think the mk8 is any faster to 60 than a pre-opf 7.5 (one that isn't broken like that carwow one was anyway) It will pull ahead after that though as it's a tad quicker on the 1/4 mile.
  12. I swore i'd never have diamond cut alloys ever again - although i do really like the look of them and they hide brake dust well with the black gloss, just if you intend to keep the car the damn things don't last and white worm after a few years (sooner if they get chipped or marked in any way), making them look horrible and requiring an expensive refurb. I went through all that nonsense on my last car. Constant waxing and coating may abate this though, but they're just too much high maintenance for me....still if i owned a mk8 i'd probably want a different wheel than prets, purely
  13. Ahh the mk6 - the last well built solid golf.... My sister has my old mk6 and i still notice how every panel feels more solid (and is more solid as its twice as thick). The interior quality is higher - you get crazy things like soft touch in the rear!. The cabin is quieter, better noise insulation - thicker, acoustic glass, none of this soft as butter wafer thin crap you get now. It wasn't flawless of course but it is definitely more solid....when i got my 7.5 i noticed the considerable drop in quality of the body panels, paint quality and cabin quietness - a
  14. Price has gone up on them in past year - 92p each - about £18.50 for a full set of 20 caps (16 normal, 4 locking) from VW....assuming they will sell to you, many VW garages now operating on MOQ of 25 on most fixings, bolts etc as they don't want to hold any stock.
  15. The biggest issue with dyno figures is the makey uppy correction factor they use for flywheel power. I've seen some utter balls in so many dyno sheets. To get at least something resembling accurate, take wheel horse power and multiply by 1.12. Any loss factors much greater than 12% is just inflation to make it look good. Since a Mk7 R is nearly always FWD once moving then the drivetrain losses are next to no difference from that of a FWD VAG car. I believe APR use about 12% now when it comes to their crank BHP vs wheel HP charts.
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