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  1. Hit 2.5bar few times today, with it being 15c outside....it doesn't generally run that, normally its maxing out at 2.4 bar, but will occasionally peak at 2.5. I do think the mk8 does have an edge in a straight line, but there is not much in it vs a 7.5R pre-OPF. The 0-60 and 1/4 mile times seem to show that vs my car anyway and thats with my car being fat vs the press cars (leather, pan roof etc) The car weights are similar, if anything the Mk8R is actually heavier on the curb weight vs a 7.5R pre-opf (1525kg vs 1550kg Mk8) for same 5 door DSG model. Guess the electronic diff's and that massive OPF are adding a bit of weight - despite them dropping the spare wheel & switching to the Audi S3 Alu front subframe. No doubt the mk8 handles better in a corner - altho i do not think it ever sends 100% of the power to the rear wheels. It just will send more to the rear quicker and more frequently, probably has a bit of a bias when in race mode - where the mk7 series is nearly always FWD unless there is any loss of traction. The torque vectoring sounds good though, need to read up more on that and how it's been implemented (i.e. is it true torque vectoring or just more of this XDS fluff) Other interesting stats: Rev limiter on mk8 is 50rpm lower (6750 vs 6800 rpm) Full torque band is slightly smaller and comes on later for the mk8 (2100 to 5350 vs 2000 to 5400 mk7.5) Fuel economy is apparently worse (but i expect that is due to comparing old standards to new ones) CO2 emissions higher on mk8 (177g vs 164g), but again i think this is NEDC vs WLTP test cycles.....still it costs more to tax. How are you finding the fuel economy vs ya mk7 booth? - not that it really matters on these types of cars, but i'd be surprised if the mk8 isn't doing better mpg on day to day driving.
  2. The problem is VW have never been good at software - ever since they first started using touchscreens and media interfaces, they have always been found to be lacking, quirky with various issues. Now the car is like an xbox in tablet form, it's interface is quirkier and clunkier than ever. Still ya can now spend ya afternoon fingering ya map light and stroking ya volume slider.......if ya into that sorta thing.
  3. No option...but looks like you can retrofit it as the cutout and impression is still there on the boot floor carpet. Will cost some though - £400+ for the wheel and the tools holder with some bits. This is assuming the one from the mk7 fits, as the parts not even available for the mk8 - they do a spare wheel but only small ones for lower golf models. No tools hold available either. I've removed my wheel (weight saving) - but i wouldn't like not to have one in the house at least, when i did get a puncture couple of months ago i needed that to drive to tyre place next day for a new tyre. My tyre shop is 40 miles away as i go to a good one i know who won't F my wheel.
  4. Ya going through the new car play phase atm - ya won't notice yet (i know i didn't, until i settled down and eventually realised this thing rides fooking horrible lol)
  5. VW fill most of their cars tyres to stupidly high pressures now.....just to get the best mpg / emissions from low rolling resistance. Unfortunately it also means lower grip, uneven wear (centre) and a much harder ride. it's 36psi cold pressure all round for me.....i was running lower than that for an even softer ride on 19" pret's but having had a puncture from a pot hole, i'm back at 36psi to protect the tyre/wheel more. 46psi - is going to make for a harsh gritty ride, i tried those sort of pressures on 19" wheels and it was horrible.....once the novelty of new car wears off i think your gonna start noticing that.
  6. Bridgestones, or Flintstones as i like to call em - mediocre dry grip, non existent wet grip, ride quality of pure concrete.....they do have good life tho
  7. Hmm 297PS at the wheels, with 140ps of drivetrain losses! - some of these dyno's spit out utter crap. I see they did run it on 2 different dyno's (single and double roller) but the drivetrain loss percentages are wildly out of reality. Looking at the single roller run, reality is about 390ps BHP. Still good just not the 444bhp figure they magic'ed outta their arse. Rule of thumb to get some sense out of a dyno's BHP figure (rather than wheel HP) - AWD car like a golf R on a single roller - multiply HP by 1.12, and you will get a reasonable figure of your BHP.
  8. Aye, that Archie is bloody irritating - reminds me so much of the comedian Lee Nelson and the character he plays. He's like a hyperactive 10 year old in an adults body.......he's well bad!
  9. I'd thought i'd join in the fun and see what my 7.5R does. It's completely stock atm, as i took jb4 and intake stuff off a month ago for service and not put it back on yet. Performance boost gauge was hitting 2.4 bar on most pulls, did have 2.45 bar sustained on one of the pulls One thing to note with boost pressure - is it's dependent on intake manifold air temp and hence outside temperature. It's cold tonight and outside temp was 4 deg C. The ECU compensates (to a certain extent) for higher intake temps with the resulting lower air charge density, so i expect to be hitting higher boost pressures during the day - will try do a run when its warmer as i suspect i will hit 2.5 bar and higher easily. I really don't think these 8R's are that much faster than a pre-opf 7.5R, unless mine is just some freak hotrod model that rolled off the assembly line.
  10. The way he was stroking it, i think he really really liked it.....of course the R map lights wouldn't get the same gentle caressing.
  11. Well if ya want one and have got an 8R, i'm up for it! Not that i normally go for whose got the biggest cock contest, but if ya not happy with a tape measure reading - then we'll just have to compare em side by side.
  12. Carwow used the exact same 7.5R for a while, and there was definitely something wrong with it as it underperformed at every single event....it was not as quick as the first video they did on one, which was in germany. And i know it don't 'destroy' mine - as i've dragged mine with 'specialist timing equipment' - and its either performing the same or slightly better at 0-60 & 1/4mile as it does in the many press video's
  13. Rumour has it, he is still stroking that map light....
  14. Carwow did do the 7.5R when it came out, an akro performance pack model similar to mine - that got 4.2 seconds 0-60, this was back when he was using a racelogic and no 1 foot roll out. 4.2s is what i get without the roll out so that car is performing the same as mine. I've seen a few 7.5R's get 330bhp on surrey rolling road, which is where i expect mine is.
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