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  1. I find the best orientation for the Mk7/7.5 dynaudio sub is sticking halfway out of a bin. Awful sound - just a big non defined blob of vibrating bass......you get much better sound coding that thing out with VCDS and letting the door speakers do the work (they're the exact same speakers as on the mk6 dynaudio setup, which had no sub so they're perfectly capable). I got rid of that very quickly on my 7.5 - along with the spare wheel (18kg weight saving iirc) Also dial down the mid-range almost completely, it is by default ludicrously high on the DSP setup o
  2. I've had an ambulance come up behind me, and only way to let it through would have been to mount a large curb - definitely causing damage to my alloys / underbody......so nope i just sat there for a short while until the couple of cars in front curbed their cars and then I went through and moved out of the way. One of them did go crunch as they came off the curb after the ambulance passed. Ya see in this situation who would have paid for the damage? - me!....I would have no legal option to claim against anyone. I could have claimed on insurance, but that would have cost me more in
  3. OTA updates were always a concern for me, from many decades of experience of MS windows - updates are something to avoid.....
  4. In fairness every media outlet was banging on about it, along with the newspapers.....seems much like the mentality of panic buying, anything that's considered news causes a similar rush of hysteria amongst the media. In other news, I filled up 10 jerry cans with diesel today..........and I don't even own a diesel! - just felt the need to join in
  5. All i know is my somewhat chunky arms are hard to steady when i'm sat in a car, and even though i regard myself as very precise in my abilities i do have difficulty consistently getting a precise enough hit on a touchscreen, especially on the move - i've never liked them, even on phones, but they are a necessary evil when it comes to a phone. I dunno, i might change my mind if i owned a mk8, but even the big pro touchscreen on my mk7.5 i find irritates me....nothing wrong with it, as far as touchscreen response goes its pretty good, but it is still a touchscreen so requires me stab
  6. I think part of the problem is ergonomics relative to the physicality of the driver... If you are a small lightweight person then I think capacitive buttons and screens generally become less of an issue - your arms have less mass, are subject to less inertia and are easier to move with the precision required for a first time clean hit of a capacitive button / screen. This becomes even more of a factor when you're on the move. Age is also a factor, the worst combo probably being an older fatter person...they're gonna be stabbing at those buttons and screens forever with
  7. E10 only applies to ass grade standard fuel, premium is still E5, Filling up with anything but premium/high octane fuel on a golf R is sacrilege! E10 will have reduced power compared to E5 and this will be on top of the reduced power you get going from 99 RON to 95 RON. The only real long term issue of filling up with E10/non premium fuel is shame
  8. That implies they know what they've actually 'fixed'.....'Minor Improvements' - gotta manage peoples expectations
  9. This has been common practice by most car manufacturers for quite some time (last 15 years or so) - there is at least 10c, or in VW's case 15c of dead zone where it will read 90c. so from 75c onwards it reads 90c and as much as 105c it will read 90c. Only outside this range will the gauge actually move away from 90. It's one of the things you notice right away when you have any diagnostic equipment hooked up and you see the real coolant temp. The drive for diesels is what pushed most manufacturers who hadn't implemented this dead zone, to do so. They can have huge temp
  10. Yes it is normal, and a great feature! - one thing i noticed straight away, that it gets coolant to temp faster than any other car i have owned, giving you heating in the winter in no time. It does this because the exhaust manifold is integrated into the cylinder head and is cooled by the coolant and hence the heat from the exhaust quickly gets the coolant circuit up to temp. Note though just because coolant is up to temp, doesn't mean the oil is and this takes much longer - due to the relatively high 5.7 litre capacity.
  11. I've had a moth do this on my 7.5....went off a few times over a couple of days, eventually a dead moth appeared on the dash and it has never gone off since lol
  12. Carwow's 0-60 is no longer comparable with previous times done on their race logic. All the carwow 0-60 times measured with their new 'specialist timing gear' are set for 1 foot roll out. So if it now does 4 seconds dead on the mk8, you can add at least 0,3 seconds for 1 foot roll out (meaning it is slower than my stock 7.5 R at 0-60 )...altho admittedly faster at a 0-100mph, but only just.
  13. I have felt less love with my 7.5R than I did with a mk6 GT.... For me the biggest gripe with this series is the drop in sturdiness and quality compared to the mk6. Thin metal panels that you can flex with your finger, Lapiz blue paint that will chip if you look at it for too long, creaky piano black plastic trim everywhere (looks nice, but creaks on pushing with your finger and hence you get the odd creak when driving). I had to spend a lot of time fixing rattles in this car, door cards being the worst. I was also unimpressed with the dynaudio system compa
  14. The Dynaudio in my mk7.5 was a big let down for me - i had it in my mk6 and it was a lovely sound system with deep rich bass and a nice balance. The mk7.5 in comparison has absolutely no depth of bass and the mid range is stupidly high - there is no balance, its as if there was zero turning for the car or they had to kill all the deep bass as the interior would rattle and crackle too much. I've tweaked out an acceptable performance but it's still miles away from what i got on the mk6 setup. It does have better clarity but its all too harsh. Oh and that subwoofer is utt
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