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  1. For Lapiz blue, somewhere between 0 and 0.001 mph
  2. I've only ever passed those things if its in the left lane and i can take it in the 3rd, preferably with a shield car in between......otherwise i sit a long way back from it and just wait. I remember once seeing one in the distance coming up the entry ramp........lets just say my speedo hit a very high number for a short while. Probably frightened the driver as a screaming blue rocket flew past just as he was joining.
  3. God the child in the a45s is irritating.
  4. Plus the cat is in the engine bay on the R / GTI, not underneath....on the 2019's the OPF/GPF is underneath - they're welcome to nick that, so long as they replace it with some straight pipe
  5. 'They left the car but took the seats.....i don't understand - they had the keys'
  6. Compared to the mk7.5 that it 'supersedes'..... -Front end has the melted look. -Lower grill honeycomb pieces are way too big and the ones that are just filled in with plastic on the sides where the lights are - look naff. -The engine cover looks like it came off a base model skoda. -Font used for the GTI body logo's just doesn't look right. -Rear diffuser is just a solid lump of black plastic with no styling / embossed features. -No illuminated metal scuff plate on the door entry edge....just solid plastic like it used to be in the mk6. -Looks like they have not bothered painting the underneath of the bonnet - looks terrible. General mk8 complaints: -Stick to hold the bonnet - cheap! -Media/Digital dash has tacky icons and styling....looses premium software look and is more akin to summit out of a vauxhall. -Castrated gear knob...no where to rest hand, nor can be used to steady hand when trying to use touchscreen when on the move. -Key hole being visible on the door handle is dated as hell (laughably so with it being keyless entry) -Media screen looks just stuck on on the dash -Centre console just looks naff - no style at all. -Too many touch controls 2 good points: -Steering wheel is nice and chunky with perforated leather. -Nice seat design (integrated headrest, sporty), will look much better in leather i expect. Reason for upgrade from a 7.5 performance: none, i'd consider it a downgrade overall, just from looks and function point of view. Dunno about handling yet but i expect zero difference with it being same MQB platform and almost no (if any) changes to suspension. I presume a performance model with a limited slip diff will be available - if not then it really is a huge downgrade.
  7. Just wait till the trump deal kicks in.....we'll be driving pickup trucks full of chlorinated chicken 'I want something with reclining leather seats, that goes really fast, and gets really shitty gas mileage' How about the 6000 SUX?
  8. Yep i've hated this with the 'R-line'...but now its got worse with real R versions, not just look alikes. 'A new Touareg R is also due to arrive in 2020.' 'R' stands for race - so how the hell does that fit with a massive ugly Touareg tanker sized boat - i'd like to see that cornering hard on a race track. As ya say i wouldn't now be suprised if they come out with a Sharan R - with foldable sport seats and launch control. I blame fat SUV's for all this nonsense - all because the average artard, for some god knows what reason, likes to feel like they're driving a bus. Why? - why does that feel better, being sat up right like ya on a booster seat. I've never understood that. Do ya feel safer? - because you're not, ya less safe in reality. That gargantuan sized vehicle is more likely to roll, more likely to spin, more likely to loose control than the equivalent lower centre of gravity hatchback....and if you think it's massive outer body offers you more protection - it doesn't, its mostly just full of air and made to look fat (look at the doors on an SUV, absurdly wide and just full of air) But this is what now sells, so sporty versions of it are appearing with high output engines - and so the trend continues of extending ya top racing brand into massive boat sized cars, making super sports versions of things where its just ridiculous. Don't get me started on crossovers, they're even worse (just a raised up hatchback with a fat body kit and no extra interior space whatsoever) - but ya get that coveted bus driver seating position. Ahh i best end this rant now, as i could go on all day!
  9. Yep that was my thinking...if i'm gonna spend that much on an intercooler, i might as well get my moneys worth - by spending an equal amount on a turbo upgrade!
  10. Have decided to go all out - will be in a few months time, but plan to do the following: -Littco L380X supercore -Wagner Intercooler -Racingline R600 Intake -Miltek HJS 200cell sport cat downpipe -TVS Stage 2+ DSG Tune -Unicorn Stage 2 (or would it be a stage 3?) self tune I really like the look of the L380x supercore - fast spool, flat wide boost curve. Only slight increase in turbo lag at the bottom end, as opposed to a full stage 3 setup. Looking on unicorn's facebook page they are getting as much as 440bhp out of it. Other mods that are likely to happen around the same time would be TTS brake calipers and probably a VWR catch can - as i plan to occasionally track the car. Got a 5k budget for the lot, labour is free....looking forward to fitting all this - fun project for me.
  11. I'm looking to do something similar soon - TVS Stage 2+, unicorn self tune stage 2 high torque.......did you go for an intercooler upgrade - i want to get the wagner but the sheer cost is offputting.
  12. Civic Type R Mode!.....if only it had the deactivate button.
  13. I had the same with a Audi RS6 Avant......had him for a short while then he just shot off. Will be going stage 2+ this year, then i want a rematch 600bhp 2.15 tonne RS6 vs 400bhp 1.45 tonne Golf R Pretty even match on power to weight.
  14. Bloody horrible - the rear has damaged my eyes. Anyone but a 20 summit old would look ridiculous in it, and then that 20 summit would like a right chav........hmm think i remember saying this b4 about a type R. Guess i been triggered again!....... Its a marmite (i hate that too)
  15. Gorgeous cat! - perfect match for black beauty
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