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  1. Cheers, that’s a good point, maybe an idea to wait. I do think mileage is having an affect though. I was thinking of selling earlier last year but we all know what changed that!,
  2. No, that was the plan, until she saw the black one, that was it, another R it had to be
  3. Just looked at evans halshaw, £17185 I’m guessing it’s the miles
  4. Yes I guess so, but she does a lot of miles and it’s a good price for the 900 miler, longer I keep it the more miles, less price etc
  5. Trying to sell the wife’s car, advertise on autotrader, just getting stupid offers, as low as £16500, highest £17250, it’s a 2018 R estates, 40000, good condition, just had full service and mot. Best I’ve managed from a main dealer is £18000 against a 2020 estate with 900 miles.
  6. Just had ours serviced all the usual, including brake fluid change, haldex oil change and gauze clean, £470. Got to go back for the DSG service as they didn’t have the oil in stock, £188
  7. Rear passenger side footwell had about 10mm of water in it, went in this morning for 3 year service, 40000miles, phoned back saying the door card clips also are seals and they have given up and letting water in, on the service report they were going to charge £147 but have said it’s covered under warranty
  8. Yes, me too, the garage in Wales said just the oil, my local one, where it is getting the service, is doing the filter as well.
  9. Cars going in on the 30th, service, brake fluid change, haldex service, mot, £520, I work in Pembroke Dock and tried a local dealer and then my dealer in Dorset and there was £20 difference
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys
  11. No not had that done, is that due at those miles
  12. Cars coming up to first MOT and service next month, just turned 40000 miles. What’s the service/oil/ filter interval for the DSG, what have people paid ? Thanks
  13. Hi Steve, That’s very kind of you. Just got the car back from VW and they have agreed, much to my surprise, to replace the unit under warranty, so won’t need one, but thanks for the offer.
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