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  1. Spoke to service department of a dealer and the guy said they can’t retro fit a camera, is this correct?
  2. Anybody had problems with the lacquer coming off the 5 spoke wheels, sorry can’t remember the name, their on a 7.5 R. If so did the dealer help or wasn’t interested, mine says they have been painted which i find hard to believe, the car has done 14000 miles and was 2500 when we bought it.
  3. Excellent bit of kit, got it last year on my 9 year old RS, worth every penny.
  4. I meant part of the 3 year car warranty, is trim and paint only a year
  5. Yeah, the first replacement splitters the dealer wouldn’t fit because of the finish of them so were reordered. Don’t know what the warranty period is for trim/paint, cars just over a year now.
  6. More problems with the black trim on the front, saw this yesterday, not happy at all, up to dealers tomorrow to see what they say.
  7. Oh don’t worry, the smell is your credit card burning when you get the bill for VW looking at your car
  8. Bought a pedal box from a member on here, fitted today and what a transformation to the car, best money I’ve spent on a car. As people have said why didn’t it come like it from the factory.
  9. Yes I saw that but it says from 3 to 15 years old, I’m guessing that isn’t the price 1 to 3 years old, that’s what I can’t find, have seem the servicing packs, just want to know the price for first service. Also just noticed paint rippling on one of the spokes on one of the wheels.
  10. As title, anybody got a idea of the cost, is it a standard price across the dealers ?
  11. Service man phoned today new trim is in and he’s happy with it so being fitted next Friday
  12. Yes your right. So far seem ok. To be fair the dealer where I bought the car in Wakefield was spot on.
  13. Update. Took the car in this morning and the service manager came up to me and said they had just opened the boxes with the trim and said he was not prepared to fit them because the paint quality was shit, going to reorder a pair and see what there like, if still shit he’s going to speak to Germany and find out if there is a bad batch/other issues.
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