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  1. Had the car detailed and a ceramic coating today, also new wheels.
  2. Bought 2020 R Estate in January for £29000 with 608 miles, just out of interest looked on WBAC, car now just over 6000 miles, £31260
  3. Mines stated with the same thing, 2020, 5500 miles, took it to the dealers and they said it’s the cv boots rubbing as the now use hard plastic instead of rubber, lasts longer ??, they put some grease on the boots, it was a bit quieter but not for long.
  4. I put mine in wbac, feb 2020, 5500, £27205. Don’t know how they work there prices out.
  5. What a dick, nothing other than your stupidity nearly killed you
  6. That make a bit of sense, it does seem more pronounced turning, although can sometimes hear it going straight. Don’t remember hearing anything when I picked the car up. I wonder if it’s anything to do with the fact it had only 600 miles on it and 10 months old, the car had been used a training aid for salesman at VW head office ??. Trip to the dealers I think. On the wheel vibration problem, had the wheels checked today and all four were out, the guy that did them was having a bad day, still all done and sorted out now
  7. Wheels came from Wheelbase, came with a fitting kit and supposedly correct for the Golf. Don’t think there’s anything in the tyres as it’s not constant and disappears above 30 mph or so
  8. Wondering if a weight has come off, or an issue with the spigot rings
  9. Yes spigot rings, wheels brand new.
  10. Changed our 2018 estate for a 2020 one with 600 miles, apart from keeping it clean, had white now black !. Changed the wheel for some OZ ones the other day, properly balanced etc at my trusted tyre company, have noticed at around 65mph and over there’s a vibration, a little bit through the steering wheel but more from the wheels themselves, was getting 4 wheel alignment but they couldn’t done it on the day, any ideas?, going back to have the wheels rebalanced tomorrow. Also sometimes there’s a clicking sound from under the car at slow speed, checked the exhaust, no movement, any id
  11. As the title, is there a fitting guide for the mk7.5 on the site anywhere ?. Thanks
  12. Yes, will be keeping the PB just in case. There great cars, black does look so much nicer than the white, the previous one was the facelift, 2018 car but didn’t have much in the way of extras. It’s really the other half’s car, dog crate fitt in the back nicely, she out and about all the time in it, hence the old ones 42000 miles, great for long distance comfort etc. My toy is mk3 focus RS
  13. It’s black, the only other thing it hasn’t got is leather which wasn’t bothered about. Nothing at the moment other than pedal box, although the throttle response is so much better than the old car, will see how it goes for now, might do something in the summer, not sure what yet !!
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