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  1. Just been told my Golf R is now listed as week 0 build week. No such week as week 0. Looks like I’m going to cancel my order, waited 4 months now no idea when it’s going to be built... VW customer service is shocking...
  2. I ordered my wife’s 21st July and still no confirmed build date.... proper peed off... and yes we are over 40. But we are down sizing from 718 Boxster S and a 991 Turbo S... struggling to get the zimmer in the Porsche’s...
  3. Yes, I just tried to get an update on the VW Chat and I was told the same, new policy. So now I have to visit the dealer for and update. Last I heared was my car due to be built week 49 and I ordered on 21st July!! VW not doing themselves any favours..
  4. Frustrated - VW Golf R on Order but who knows when it’s arriving! Ordered 21st July, told by Dealer delivery estimated 18th Oct. Following WLTP scandal slipped to week 39, then week 40.... then week 49! Just come off chat with VW online and told now won’t get car till new year. They stated dealers were made aware the car was on 27 week lead time (over 6 months). That’s definitely not what my dealer stated as I said my paperwork has 18th Oct as estimated delivery date.. what a shambles, never experienced anything like this.. how poor. Any help would be appreciated, seriously considering just going and buying something else...BMW or Mercedes. Was buying for the wife as she needs more room for new dog, the 718 Boxster S isn’t quite appropriate. Help....
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