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  1. I'll get them to do it when I bring it in for service in 2 months. On a negative note with the new battery stop/start has reactivated, I'd forgotten how annoying it is.
  2. I bought a Bosch AGM battery and will replace mine soon. I called a local reputable VW workshop and asked if I could bring my car in to have the battery coded. He said they code themselves on told me just to take it for a 30min drive and it should be all good. Any thoughts?
  3. Can I replace my battery with a non stop-start battery? I really don't like stop-start.
  4. Thanks for the advice. I'm thinking I'll buy and install the battery and then take it to a small workshop to code it for me, would that work?
  5. Hey all, I'm looking at replacing the battery on my 7.5R soon. I was told by the dealership I needed to buy their battery and have it installed by them as it needs to be coded. Is this true? What would happen if I bought a good suitable battery and replaced it myself without coding it?
  6. That's a good point. Maybe I should speak to a windscreen repairer, I don't know how necessary this recalibration is or how easily it can be done. I definitely don't want to be paying 2.5k. What else would the front camera affect? Adaptive high beams?
  7. I had this happen maybe 3-4 times, pulling out of a driveway, turning left to join a large road. I accelerate hard-ish and the DSG pops out of gear. The engine revs and the car doesn't go anywhere. The gear display disappears from the MFD. I have to get off the accelerator for a second or two and then it finds a gear. Afterwards it seems the displayed speed is out of whack. I told the dealer about it during a service and it matched something VW put on their bulletin. They did a software update and apparently its fixed. I'm not sure if I can replicate the problem to test it out. Anyone else experience this?
  8. Hi all, I just got a quote from VW to replace my windscreen on my 7.5 R and it was quite a shock. Over $1,000 for the windscreen replacement and another $1,500 to recalibrate the front camera for lane assist, adaptive cruise control etc. Has anyone had any experience with this? I didn't opt for windscreen cover with my insurance company but I'm not so sure it will cover this recalibration. Can a general windscreen repairer replace the windscreen with all the technology involved? I'm thinking of just repairing the windscreen and going without all the front camera features. I take it the front parking sensors are in the front bumper?
  9. If that helps you sleep at night 😏
  10. Yeah he suggested I buy a bottle of oil to top it up and told me which coolant they use.
  11. Hey all, I just got my first service done and was told I need to top up my engine oil and coolant from time to time. Is this true? I've never owned a car that needed this.
  12. I just installed my pedalbox and went for a drive 😆 - enough said. Actually, I first drove it on city +3 and thought this is pretty good. Then I did sport +1 and it was wow. It feels like the car is always on boost. Though I felt S mode was maybe a bit too revvy. I always drove my car in race mode and usually in S but with the pedalbox I can actually drive around in D.
  13. Thanks for the pic Dave. I ended up drilling the holes and the paddles fit now. However during the drilling I was a bit over enthusiastic and damaged the tabs inside the paddles, that I assume press onto the buttons to change gears. It doesn't seem to affect the function though, I hope. Did you have the same problem? I don't use the paddles that often but they definitely feel better than the stock ones. The seller agreed to refund me only $5 US for my trouble but I'm not holding my breath for even that.
  14. Yeah it was Aliexpress. I was actually able to change my dispute and have asked for about half the money back without returning. If they accept I will drill holes in it as above. I really can't be bothered filming it.
  15. Yeah I did but now they want video footage of it, and comparing it to the functionality of the oem paddle. That's gonna be tricky.
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