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  1. Hi there no it didn’t help it and I’ve just brought another box and it’s being fitted today, as it was the shaft that connects to the clutch had completely snapped,due to either bad mapping of the box and too many launches!! So sourced another box complete with transfer box and dual mass that had only covered 20k, all fitted in today and awaiting results from testing and software removal of crap SA tuning software and putting back to stock for now. Any ideas on how much I could sell the box for and also the transfer box??
  2. I’ll let mechanic know but I’m hoping he’d be aware of this anyway cheers fella
  3. Hi there I had haldex oil replaced in feb this year,it’s on route to mechanic now,he’s back off holiday on the 6th August then he will put it on a diagnostic to find out what’s up with it
  4. Hi thanks for the message yes it’s out of warranty and it’s just covered 38k so got to get the scam done and see not looking forward to it as it’s bound to be expensive
  5. Hi there driving last night and amber warning light popped up gearbox over heating then it went to red saying stop which I did, turned it off for 5 mins then started it up amber light went out selected d and revved it and nothing so then selected reverse and same again nothing just a weird rattling noise and no drive!! Left the car for an hour to possibly cool down and tried again still no drive help help
  6. Cheers,I’ll be looking to sell them as soon as possible and looking to get something nicer and maybe deep dish (staggered maybe) do u know of a website that I can go on to upload my car on it so then I can put different wheels on it to see which ones I like and which ones look suited to it?
  7. Atm 18” Cadiz but wanting to go for a wider set to fill the arches nicely
  8. Hi all I’m wanting to know what wheel spacers and what size to go for to help fill the arches thanks in advance
  9. Thanks a lot for that I’ll look up unicorn tomorrow and see what there prices are
  10. Turbo69


    Hi mate thanks for taking the time to reply, I’m in Essex near Colchester,Braintree so a bit far but I’ll have a look into it, hopefully looking to get one from Friday onwards can’t wait
  11. Turbo69


    Thanks I’ll have a go at putting it on there
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