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  1. @SpursMadDave you love to try and stir the pot. Thanks for your contribution 👍
  2. The closest thing I can work out is to turn on 'video in motion' through odb and load videos on SD card. As I said though, I don't want to watch movies it's more for watching YouTube clips while I'm waiting in the car (not driving)
  3. @Legoless are you running the movies off a card or through your phone?
  4. A lot more effort and cost than I was hoping for. Thanks for the info! I thought if you turn video in motion on using odb together with mirror link it would work, but maybe not...
  5. Not here looking for parental guidance, I'm quite capable and responsible enough on the road to not be watching videos while driving. I have my reasons for wanting to play videos on the unit. If you can't assist find another post to comment on.
  6. I'm on a galaxy s8 and says apps not supported by mirror link. I think Samsung is trying to force everyone over to android auto?
  7. Is there a way to play videos/YouTube through the entertainment unit? I have a 2018 MK7.5 and using Android phone
  8. Not cheap but looks like good quality! https://carbon-designz.com/volkswagen/golf/mk7.html
  9. +1 for White Silver but it's not that simple to keep clean. Especially with the Pano roof!!
  10. How did you turn the video on in the infotainment system??
  11. You will be kicking yourself if you don't. Worth every dollar! I'm sure I'll rattle my car to bits and have no regrets doing it 😂 turn the bass down if your worried about that
  12. Best decision ever! White Silver 7.5 Already started looking for upgrades 😂
  13. Not sure what they have been waiting for but it's exactly what I wanted so I'm not fussed. I searched WLTP couldn't find exactly what that is? Something to do with emissions?
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