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  1. No mate the first time you a s59 it lasts for 12months.So when I got stopped today I thought I was getting a speeding ticket but when they radio back that’s when it come up!! I had to blag the copper 👮‍♀️ pleaded with him it was an emergency!! He didn’t take the car but got a ticket 😆
  2. Back in May this year got pulled up by PC plod for speeding in my R 🥴 I put me hands up straight away😩 he said he would let me off LAIR!!! gave me a section 59 without explaining it to me properly! So today got stopped by PC plod again 😩😩 three of them with a hand held gun!! Write section 59 basically you and your car are marked for 12months so if you get caught speeding in your car or Driving anybody else’s car or someone else is driving your car it will get took away by the police!!! I had to lie to them I was going to a family emergency!! 😜😜😜😜wasn’t letting them take me R 😎today .
  3. The rear spoiler is from China!!
  4. Yes mate they don’t sell to joe public anymore I had to go through my mate who has a garage !
  5. Yes bro got one £13 I think it cost me from TPS.
  6. Sorry bud can you show me how to delete can’t seem to do it 🥴
  7. I’m thinking about changing the metal interior strips on the dash to the GTD gloss black ones my opinion look a lot better!
  8. Damm that looks bad 😏yes definitely next on my list Looking for the wing back recaro’s too!!
  9. Had these mods done last week full Maxton splitter kit all round shark fin rear defuser 😎😎
  10. Yes mate couldn’t find a all gloss black one locally so got one from China!!!! Only thing 3 months wait !!! 🥴
  11. Hi been a bit busy with my R 😜 fitted Maxton splitter kit the other day !! Next on the list APR remap stage 1 Miltek cat back and racingline cold air intake !!!🤔🤔
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