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  1. Hi looking to buy soon but keep hearing about paint issues which are niggling at me. I appreciate this is a trait of modern water based paint and ultimately stones will cause chips regardless. However, having owned several VAG cars over 15+ years and having moved to a 3 series 2 years ago, BMW paint seems to be tougher despite the flat front of the 3 which I expected to be peppered by now but is wearing very well. I have viewed a red R which was badly chipped so walked away. I am open to most colours except black and would like to know if some colours wear better than others. Is Lapis Blue really that bad for chips and swirls? Are metallic colours tougher than solid? In terms of touch ups, I would expect solid paint to be easier? Any thoughts and experiences would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  2. Been tacking these and the number for sale on VW's used site almost daily for the last 4/5 months. Availability of used FL models is on the rise and prices are beginning to drop slightly. The impact of the 19 plate and new WLTP cars hitting the road is now doubt the cause. Demand may still be high but supply is up significantly. Average Joe doesn't care about pre-WLTP he just wants something new and shiny on a good PCP deal rather than an overpriced poverty spec used model - It's only some on here that care about dual injection and 10 PS... At one point I had 20 30k+ cars on my shortlist and they were being sold like hotcakes. Salesman must've been rubbing their hands as I expect there was very little wriggle room on those prices. Personally, I still think most cars are £2-3k overpriced and expect a correction over the next few months. Happy days if you are in the market for a used R, not so if you are planning to sell/trade.
  3. Looks like salt spray but I presume it is not?
  4. The splitter on my 1989 mk 2 GTI was coloured plastic. Still don't understand why they would choose to paint this. The couple of cars I have looked have fallen victim to stone chips, some quite far up the bonnet. Not sure if it's how they have been driven or if it's just the shape of the front end.
  5. WTF why is this painted and not black plastic? In a year or so it's gonna be peppered with stone chips. Any 7.5 owners care to share about theirs? I should add I'm am potentially in the market for a 7.5R and this is off-putting. Currently running a 3 series and I can tell you the BMW paint seems a lot tougher than the previous VAG cars I have had. Very few stone chips in 3 years given the flat front of the F30 3 series.
  6. I've run 225/45/17 CrossClimate+ on a Leon FR for 9k since January and found them to be very well suited to the car, albeit not 300bhp. They are much quieter than the outgoing Hankooks and whist on hard turn in, a little softer, they are nothing like driving hard on a winter tyre. They are a summer compound so behave in the heat - no issues on long motorway drives. In cold weather they offer more grip due to their V-shaped tread pattern which opens out as they wear to maintain grip. Winters usually need changed at 4mm, these shouldn't and yet still be able to perform well enough - still 6mm+. I would happily buy again, but do appreciate a summer tyre will outperform them in warm dry conditions. I have used winter tyres since 2010 and and have a dedicated second set of wheels and full winter tyres on my other car which CrossClimate+ tyres were not available for. Had they been, I would have fitted them as they would provide some overlap between winter and summer (no rush to remove) and cope better when you get the occasional "warm" winter's day. Lastly, they also tend to be slightly cheaper than premium winter tyres.
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