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  1. It was difficult to tell my story it is not something I share because even now I am ashamed of it .I have done tours in Ireland in the 80s and 90s and also worked for the probation service and through the years have learnt that not all homeless are alcoholics or drug users,not all groups of kids on street corners are up to no good .I am aware of the decline of discipline in our kids,the increase in violent crime and the drug problems that are everywhere but we all must be careful not to judge everyone in these .I believe we should bring back national service to Instill structure,discipline and morals to our young people and teach them to respect themselves and others and if possible give them skills to progress in life but this would be a perfect world and sadly this is not
  2. When I was 15 ,in December I lived in west Calder in Scotland .My mate and I took my dads car out late one evening while my mum and dad were at a works doo,it had been snowing and basically we parked it in a field.My dad came home and said where is the car,he saw the tracks .He walked 2 miles in the snow and wiped the fingerprints off the car and told us both to not say who was driving.We were not prosecuted because of this but my dad worked out the costs as it was a right off and we both worked for him every Saturday for a year till we paid it off,he paid us an hourly rate and marked it off till we had paid every penny and he had us doing heavy work like shifting 10 ton of maure with a wheelbarrow and painting fences and the whole of the outside of the farmhouse white in the summer and in the winter we were shovelling snow from all the pensioners houses in the village,this was a an education that you do something silly you pay the price.My dad is now 93 my best mate and I are in our 50s and when he phones my dad always says to remind him of this.My dad saved us both that night we have families and good jobs and never did anything illegal after it with criminal records it would have been a different life for us both,I guess what I am saying is kids do stupid things and make mistakes and it can be a one off thing that goes horribly wrong does not make you a bad person just a stupid one
  3. Karl g


    Welcome to the mad house
  4. Happy new year to one and all
  5. Red mist it is and thanks
  6. I have followed the group advice,have lapiz blue 7.5,I have 3 coats of collinite and have been using red mist after washing.I am off to father in laws soon and want the car to look stunning so as I have a near full tub of ag hd wax could I put that over the red mist or just go for a really good go over with the red mist and super fluffy .i have best in show for the spring so will strip it back and use that with the Swiss wax detailer after washing but took advice on the collinite for the winter.The car looks great but I just want it to pop for the visit.A big thank you to booth for all the help as I am new to detailing and as I had a mental breakdown 14 years ago I find polishing very therapeutic and now have a car worthy of learning more so a big thank you all for your help and wisdom
  7. This will appear a silly question but what is a pedal box and what does it do,how does it work.I am looking at a stage 2 tune next year but this will be my first venture into tuning and have no knowledge except what I read on here so any advice is welcome.i am thinking of going to unicorn along way away but seem the best ,can they sort everything ,exhaust ,all engine mods .I want to improve the acceleration 0 to 100 and to improve throttle response ,bare in mind I am a novice so any advice is welcome .I am looking for exhaust which enhances the engine noise but does not drone on the motorway or upset the neighbours at 4 am
  8. Karl g

    New owner Yorkshire

    Welcome,not so much parked as abandoned🙃
  9. Karl g

    Howdy 👋

    Welcome to the club,if you want advice or some abuse you are in the right place so stop mucking about and get some mods done you know you want to
  10. Karl g

    Just signed up

    Good choice I have lapiz blue and looks stunning but paint soft so needs care,check out detailing section for all advice I have found it invaluable so welcome to the club any questions just ask ,somebody will know the answer
  11. Possibly the new r cannot get excited by merc or bm but do love an audi so as demo of a6 and a8 are so good I am tempted by comfort and toys but would go to buy one and come out with rs5 at 53 I am still a big kid and in green or blue looks good goes like the clappers only car to leave me dead at the traffic light drag race
  12. Take a deep breath been a hell of a year.My old dad had a bad fall on his 93 birthday and was in hospital for 3 months and we had to sell up and move in with him so 30 years of stuff went into one bedroom ,he has recovered to some degree and wife retired to look after him.On the plus he did buy my golf r as a thank you for all we do and it is working out ok we have not killed each other yet and work were brilliant over the worst of it.Next year hoping for new knee as I was due to have op week after dad fell so been struggling on after that maybe stage 2 tune new exaust and wheels and same for the r
  13. Karl g

    New recruit

    Hi and welcome,I am based in Andover so any help I can give just let me know,hope to meet up sometime and see your new baby
  14. Just hope he had leather upholstery easier to clean😁
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