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  1. Geeba

    Where are all the Rocco R Owners!?

    Buckinghamshire - near Aylesbury
  2. Geeba

    Quickest Rocco??

    I thought the R already had a trick diff it it from the factory? - not owned mine long but it gets the power down better than other powerfull FWD cars I've driven...
  3. Geeba

    Where are all the Rocco R Owners!?

    I've got one too! Sat on Eibach's and 12mm spacers since the picture was taken.... Got a Corrado as well 😉
  4. Geeba

    cone air filter

    Just picked up an R and have joined the site, first Scirocco but long time VW/Audi owner. I was just wondering how you got on with the intake? in my experience they seem to add no power... is this the case with the R?