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  1. WOWSER! I thought I was getting ripped off at £340 for my R 😲
  2. Cheers Dave really appreciate your help... Don't suppose you know the model or part number do you? I've tried looking on google but theres a pretty large amount of different ones.. Have you done any audio upgrades?
  3. So does a 'pro' sound better? have more power? or is it purely screen size and features? Are they retro fit?
  4. Just curious - did R's all come with the same speaker/stereo system? I have a 2013 R and the stereo system is ok... but after my Audi its not great... what are the upgrades people do?
  5. Buckinghamshire - near Aylesbury
  6. I thought the R already had a trick diff it it from the factory? - not owned mine long but it gets the power down better than other powerfull FWD cars I've driven...
  7. I've got one too! Sat on Eibach's and 12mm spacers since the picture was taken.... Got a Corrado as well 😉
  8. Just picked up an R and have joined the site, first Scirocco but long time VW/Audi owner. I was just wondering how you got on with the intake? in my experience they seem to add no power... is this the case with the R?
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