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  1. Bought my golf r in late october with 23k on it. Mods so far: R600 intake Sachs sintered uprated clutch CAS res delete Powdercoated exhaust tips gloss black BBS VZ 18"
  2. Its pretty juddery when pulling away but i'd imagine this will lessen with more miles. I think i prefer the stiffer clutch pedal.
  3. Sintered, all in worked out around 950 fitted. I have stage 1 apr already paid for, just need to put a few more miles on it before I book in.
  4. Clutch is fitted, feels nice and strong. The bite is very on-off, will take a bit of getting used to. Done 100 miles today and it already seems to be getting less stiff. Will leave it another few hundred miles before I give it a bit of welly.
  5. Clutch has arrived, will be getting it fitted as soon as i can. Pretty annoying having to drive a certain way to avoid the slip 😔
  6. Having it fitted at a local vag specialist, looking at around 250-300 to fit it.
  7. Clutch has started slipping at 25k so ordered a sachs sintered uprated one, how long is it advised to take it easy when i have it fitted? Cheers.
  8. My nearest is 22 miles away 🙄
  9. They must not get very hot if you have plastidipped them 😆
  10. I got apr map and r600 intake from awesome. Website was a bit of a nightmare to get to confirm the order.
  11. You would be surprised, I know lots of people who just go to the nearest preferred manufacturer and just buy whatever they see without shopping around.
  12. I suppose that is true 😏
  13. Currently with sky insurance who are a decent price and add a few extras on top, my insurance will be up in about a month so will be interesting to see what the renewal price is like.
  14. 845 is great for machine polishing too, I put the bottle in boiling water so it goes runny then its far easier to work with.
  15. I feel sorry for the people who dont know dtd, carwow, broker4cars and various others exist and will pay full whack for a car they could have thousands cheapers.
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