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  1. KDV

    Remap octane choice

    My nearest is 22 miles away 🙄
  2. They must not get very hot if you have plastidipped them 😆
  3. KDV

    Black Friday!

    I got apr map and r600 intake from awesome. Website was a bit of a nightmare to get to confirm the order.
  4. KDV

    Drive the Deal

    You would be surprised, I know lots of people who just go to the nearest preferred manufacturer and just buy whatever they see without shopping around.
  5. KDV

    Drive the Deal

    I suppose that is true 😏
  6. KDV

    Brand new golf R insurance

    Currently with sky insurance who are a decent price and add a few extras on top, my insurance will be up in about a month so will be interesting to see what the renewal price is like.
  7. KDV

    In praise of Collinite

    845 is great for machine polishing too, I put the bottle in boiling water so it goes runny then its far easier to work with.
  8. KDV

    Drive the Deal

    I feel sorry for the people who dont know dtd, carwow, broker4cars and various others exist and will pay full whack for a car they could have thousands cheapers.
  9. Looks good, think i will get my tips in black.
  10. My OH has the most juddery front wipers I have ever seen on her car and it doesn't seem to bother her, I would be pulling my hair out! As soon as i get even the faintest squeak or judder they get the bin 😅
  11. KDV

    “ Does It Come In Black? ”

    Looks mean in black. The one I test drove originally was the same as yours but the prets were silver.
  12. KDV

    What did you do to your R today?

    Is there much drone with the res pipe, only thing im worried about as I have a newborn.
  13. KDV

    Other cars in your household

    I drive a mk7 r. Girlfriend drives an octavia elegance 1.6 tdi, its like a boat on wheels 😅
  14. Hopefully looks a lot better than the concept pictures 😯
  15. KDV

    What did you do to your R today?

    First thing i will be doing to the car, what kind did you go for?