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  1. I've finally got around to doing some of the the usual bits-and-bobs to my Lapiz 7R estate: -- SuperSkoda stainless footrest / dead-pedal; -- Lockwood stainless sill-protector plates; -- New carpet mats. Have bought the Bosch Aero-twin Plus wiper set but still need to fit them...! Will probably get a brushed steel rear bumper protector too. I know they look a bit industrial / agricultural (and I think I would go for just the clear film on a hatch) but on the estate it doesn't seem quite so out-of-place. Also need to get in touch with a local dealer and get AppConnect / CarPlay activated. Not quite two months into owning this car and I'm still finding new things I like about it! None of the above change the performance in any way whatsoever -- but right now I'm very happy with it as it is and don't feel the need to do any of that. Yet. 😁
  2. DangerZone

    Important Traffic Announcement

    I suspect there will have been a lot of real-time comms traffic with senior officers in their control room, not to mention subsequent paperwork, that will both involve phrases like "dynamic risk assessment" and "level of risk to other road users" or "imminent risk of life-threatening injury." 😟
  3. DangerZone

    Spare wheel toolkit...?

    Ah! Cheers! Thanks for that — I did wonder but then didn’t get further than looking at the outside of the black polystyrene pack that was in there. I guess I was just so used to finding the tools in the wheel well with the spare. Should have RTFM (!)
  4. DangerZone

    Spare wheel toolkit...?

    I think I know the answer to this but I’m gonna run it past you guys anyway: 66-plate R Estate on 18” Cadiz with the usual space-saver steel wheel in the boot; there should be a basic wheel-changing kit in there too, right? Was there any other standard kit that should come in the boot with the R estate? I know that historically VW were a bit stingy about supplying things like warning triangles and so on for UK spec cars given that it’s not a legal requirement in the way that it is on the continent. I don’t hold out much hope but I’ll chase the place I bought it from and see if they just happen to have it kicking around... 🙄
  5. DangerZone


    What was his altitude...? 🤔
  6. DangerZone

    'Racing Green' Golf R

    The Dragon Green around the time of the Mk 3 and the Corrado was a great colour. It would work very well on a current 7.5 R but the dark greens always seemed to suit the GTI rather well — partly the association with British Racing Green and partly because the green really sets off the red accent details of the GTI. I can definitely see a 7.5 GTI in that colour!
  7. DangerZone

    VL15 ***

    "Lift your vision -- and anticipate!!" How many times did I get that hammered into me...
  8. DangerZone

    October 2018 Nav Update

    Yep, there’s a whole lengthy set of instructions — and advice to use a third-party Zip extractor app for Mac OS. I know it goes against the grain but worth a read... Might just leave this one for a day when I have time to spend a few hours sitting and guiding it through the installation.
  9. DangerZone

    What detailing have you done today?

    I finally managed a partial wash on mine -- but only foam/rinse/dry before it started to p*ss it down and I gave up. 🙄 At least it's superficially clean now and the windscreen, windows and mirrors should be free of grease (for a while). I might get more done tomorrow morning.
  10. DangerZone

    Turmeric Yellow - Your Thoughts

    I kinda like the Turmeric Yellow; it's not a colour I'd ever choose for myself but it is undoubtedly very striking and most definitely needs the all-black fitting and wheels to look at it's best. I guess it's a contrast thing as the same could also be said for colours LSG / WS. I'm very happy with the stock Cadiz wheels and matt silver mirror caps / roof rails against the Lapiz Blue on my estate and that's just contrast in the other direction. I can't really see the point in further tarting-up an estate car and the subtlety of the R is one of the things that first appealed to me. On the five- and, especially, the three-door hatch I think there's a lot more scope to up the ante.
  11. DangerZone

    Speeding convictions in your Golf Mk 7

    No, being boxed-in like that is not nice at all. If you were sticking to a limit and conscious of average speed cameras then I suspect that if they were minded to drive like that then they'd do it whether you were driving fully adaptive cruise or pure manual.
  12. DangerZone

    How old are we all?

    47 (but mentally trying to pin myself in my early-30s...) It does indeed seem that the average age is probably over 40. I don’t think this should be so surprising though — the Golf R, like most high-performance cars, is not a cheap vehicle to buy and on the used market they hold a fair amount of value. There were some good lease deals but even those involved a fair monthly outlay. There are always exceptions but, in general, younger drivers tend to have lower incomes and simply can’t afford cars in the price range of the Golf R, let alone things like annual insurance costs for younger drivers.
  13. DangerZone

    Speeding convictions in your Golf Mk 7

    All true —and I don’t think all speed is bad but I’ve stopped counting the number of RTCs with fatal or life-changing injuries that I’ve attended where speed *was* a factor. ...and I think it’s a fair bet that in many, if not most, of those someone thought their speed was “appropriate” — right up to the point where suddenly they discovered that it wasn’t. I’m not plod mate and I’m not after anyone’s licence or even their fun. I and my colleagues would, however, quite like not to have to do the “I’m really sorry but s/he has died” conversation with distraught families quite so frequently and certainly not in situations that were entirely avoidable. I totally get it; speed limits feel entirely arbitrary and there’s a whole separate (and perfectly valid) discussion around disproportionate enforcement in this one area, just because it’s a relatively easy process to automate and can be seen as a cash cow to milk. Whether you like it or not, that doesn’t change the facts that (a) speed is a significant factor in a large proportion of fatal and serious injury RTCs (the kinetic energy leading to the trauma has to come from somewhere) and (b) there is good performance psychology to show that many drivers do over-estimate their abilities and underestimate the significance of their speed. The limits ARE there for a reason and they existed before you took to the roads so you knew what the score was when you first started driving. This is not about avoiding the inconvenience and irritation of points or speed awareness courses. It’s about preventable loss of life, disability, loss and grief. I’m very happy to be told that you know better and that you can drive however you like. That’s entirely up to you but do it in the knowledge that what I’m saying is true. I’ve been that paramedic and now I am that doctor so I really do know what I’m talking about.
  14. DangerZone

    Speeding convictions in your Golf Mk 7

    Nope, no points (never have) but, yes, I can see how it's a car that would easily take you forward (rapidly) into points or even disqualification territory. The R is a superbly well-tuned setup and the engine, gearbox (manual or DSG) and chassis all work fabulously well together; it's therefore very easy to discover that your speed is far greater than it "feels" if you're not watching the dials! The truth is, whether you like it or not, the limits exist and the best way not to get caught breaking them is, um, not to break them. Why set your DCC or speed limiter to (speed limit + x%) when you can just set the damn thing AT the speed limit? Even the previous 7R dash allows you to have not just the dials but a digital speed reading in big figures right in the middle of the display. I agree that there may be other situations, such as poorly marked speed limit areas or recent changes to limits, but, in the main, alert drivers should be perfectly aware of the speed limit for the road they are on. Whether a driver chooses to stick to that limit, exceed it, or opts to go for that odd middle-ground where they con themselves into thinking "oh, well, I'll just add ten percent or so," it *is* always a decision they make. That all sounds a bit sanctimonious and rather kill-joy -- it's truly not meant to be! I'm generally far more laid back than that but there's something about driving that makes us all deceive ourselves and it's something of which we should all be much, much more aware when we are behind the wheel. I apologise in advance if this is controversial (For what it's worth, I'm an experienced blue-light driver, with multiple advanced driving courses and a lot of time driving fast response cars, so I have real knowledge of both the practicalities of this on the public roads and the catastrophic consequences when it all goes wrong).
  15. DangerZone

    Supermarket car wash

    Time. Time is the biggest constraint. I have foam, two buckets, microfibre, wax, blah, blah, blah -- what I don't have is TIME! So far, I have wilfully resisted anything like a supermarket car wash but it does mean that the car is looking pretty unloved and in need of a good wash. At some point there will be a brief window where the cosmic variables of weather, daylight and me being at home and not shattered will all align but until then, it's a slightly grimy-looking R estate! 😕