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  1. Thanks for that, great. Is there any recoding ? can anyone recommend a battery ? ECP are shown £450 for a Bosch before discount 🤣🤣 I thought they were about £150 🤔 I’ve only found Halfords for that 🤪
  2. Hi, I need to replace the battery (64 plate) on the R and just wondering how straight forward it is ? and if potentially would run into problems with the ghost immobiliser and / or race chip pedal box installed ? Thanks
  3. What dragy times are stage one manual owners getting ? just done first two runs since dragy device arrived, second being the best at 4.52, and not a particularly aggressive launch 2 gear changes to 60 you’ve got to work for it 🤣
  4. Looks good ! 18” alloys ? Did you take any pictures from the side ?
  5. Yes It’s 2 gear changes to 60. Makes it quite impressive to get there in low 4s and part of the fun
  6. Has any one with the R600 intake changed the filter to a cotton one that racing line offer now ? is it better ? More sound etc cheers
  7. If you do 100 miles a week it will take 10 weeks, if you do 1000 a week get a DSG 😂
  8. Bear in mind when you get a new clutch you should bed it in properly for minimum 1000 miles which could be frustrating if you’ve just gone stage 1 ! Best way to do it would be upgrade clutch and add hardware mods bed in for 1000 miles head to tuners for stage 1 map ! enjoy !
  9. I know 0-60 is talked about all the time but just for a bit of fun what times are you stage 2 MANUAL guys getting ? im currently running stage 1 APR HO with supporting mods, racechip throttle set to ‘R’ so around 375bhp with a RTS clutch 0- 60 times are consistently between 4.2 and 4.7 seconds I have a clutch stop and spring removed but do need to do the valve mod to help with gear change
  10. I’m stage one and have the twin friction. It feels bullet proof so got no concerns with going stage 2. My map is high torque
  11. This was a while back I know but did this fault ever return and was there a fix? I've got this start stop error message coming up every time I start the engine, coincidentally straight after it went in for a service. Scanned and error on vacuum sensor showing but cannot clear it Dan
  12. That's the noise, was his running an upgraded diverter valve ? Mine has a DVX Dan
  13. Are you going for the pops and bang map ? I think with the downpipe and res delete you get quite nice over run pops on a stage 2 map anyway
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