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  1. MMCW

    Insurance with Lease Car

    Damn thats pretty good I doubt i'll 3rd party
  2. MMCW

    Insurance with Lease Car

    Does yours come fully comp?
  3. I seem to be getting higher insurance costs when I put the car down as a lease why is that? Also because its a lease car I am not able to be fully comp and drive other cars could anyone explain? Thanks
  4. MMCW

    Standard equipment on 2019 300 R

    I think its personal preference. Frameless mirror does look really nice and clean.
  5. MMCW

    Euro Trip

    Sounds amazing! I hope you take plenty of photos 😁
  6. MMCW

    Rattle & Spacers

    Does the spaces affect handling and turning circles?
  7. MMCW

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Finally good news! Can’t wait
  8. I guess this has went from bad to worst... Really worried now.
  9. MMCW

    Autowatch Ghost

    That is my worry too I might find it really annoying to put in the pin in every single time. I also saw that even if you open the door and close it you will need to put in the code again? Is this true?
  10. MMCW

    Autowatch Ghost

    Can anyone with the AWG give any feedback after using it for an extended period of time? I'm still on the fence.
  11. MMCW

    Changing sound system.

    Wow this is very possible... got the cogs spinning...
  12. MMCW

    Decisions decisions!!!

    Sorry to go off topic but I've been looking at Prets and they are wayy more thank £1k
  13. MMCW

    Decisions decisions!!!

    ooo congrats looking really nice!
  14. MMCW

    Changing sound system.

    How much would it cost up upgrade the speakers?
  15. MMCW

    Googbye GolfRers

    Goodbye! Please do update us with what the lease company charged you.