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  1. The colour is dark anthracite with a slight satin finish. My mate sorted me out but the place is down in Kent.
  2. I was adamant too. I wanted the standard pret colours but my mate convinced me to go a bit darker and a slight satin on it. I am sooo happy how it came out.
  3. Got a picture of my alloys. I got them refurbed and changed the colour. Cannot wait to put them on!
  4. MMCW

    LLF M4

    I'm amazed how he got 0% APR on a M4.
  5. MMCW

    LLF M4

    I wonder if he went to an interdependent dealer if he would of got the same treatment. Arguably hes got the most well known M4 on the internet.
  6. I think it’s more noticeable because I went from black to white
  7. I didn’t expect myself to post on this thread but I hateeeee the flat bit on the rear bumper, all the rain water ends up there and when it dries it leaves all the dust and crap behind.
  8. Wow impressive! Did you use launch control?
  9. Sorry its off topic but does coatings on alloys make any difference?
  10. @SpursMadDave Cheers always quick and dependable! Good luck in champions league tonight 👀
  11. Hi I am planning on changing my alloys but I've been told that the R has a tyre pressure sensor that will need to be removed and put into the new alloy is this true as I thought it would be a swap and go type of job? Thanks
  12. MMCW

    Which MY?

    Oh boy... maybe get a lift and see if you got a PPF 😂
  13. MMCW

    Which MY?

    One easy way to identify what MY19 would be the the start button or the the lack of chrome on the hazard button.
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