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  1. I’m just coming up 500miles I don’t think anything has changed for me...
  2. Can anyone give me insight to how the R acts when traction control is on sport?
  3. I agree with Dave. I've got a set of prets and I was thinking of dark anthracite/ gunmetal grey. On a white R i find that black prets blend in too much and you cant appreciate the shapes.
  4. Good news! Dash cams are not really useful 99% of the time but that 1% is where you'll get all the value back.
  5. Sorry to be a bit off topic but what if you went from 18 Inch to 19 inch? Would tracking and realignment be a good idea?
  6. @JJB Cheers looking forward to the next video! Do you have a pedal box or have had any experiences with one?
  7. MMCW


    I'm looking to get ghost fitted but I whats the difference between ghost 1 and ghost 2?
  8. Thanks really helpful I've been considering a JB4 too. What 0-60 times are you getting?
  9. Currently the insurance database isn’t updated. I called in (Admiral) and gave them my plate and it was on there. So you are better off calling in.
  10. How does the post WLTP R's sound? anyone got videos?
  11. My leasing company is called Smart Leasing Solutions. I hope that helps
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