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  1. So I have run stage 1 for a few months now, the car runs perfect with 0 problems. Both ecu and dsg has been tuned. Problem is my car is considerably quieter. I have already done a res delete from stock, before the tune there was quite a lot of gargle on over-run, dsg farts were a lot louder in all modes regardless of how hard it was being driven. I'm not after pops and bangs map as I really don't like the sounds of it. Just wondering if it is common for it to be so much quieter than normal.
  2. Finally got round to doing this. The guide worked wonders thanks, I used washers from work which seemed to work really well. I did however miss the 3 clips in the middle needed to separate the main grille, can't remember now if I remembered seeing that in the guide. 2 hours later and 2 very sore thumbs later, the job was done!! Really pleased with the results. Thank you for the guide 👍
  3. And now I'm looking even more forward to the appointment on Friday with you guys 👍
  4. Going back to my previous post. The cause of the rattle was from the turbo (which was replaced). It was due to a "collection of grime behind the turbo, which caused the gasket to tear slightly. Causing the sound to occur under low load". Basically to me the dealer didn't see to know what they were talking about. And when I questioned it, I got no where other than we have replaced the turbo for new. The car still makes a rattle, however it is an awful lot quieter. According to vw, "all mk7 turbos makes this noise". However they also stated "mk7.5 turbo doesn't". My response was why not fit the 7.5 turbo. But apparently they can't. " Even though they admitted in person that they know there is a rattle issue with the 7 turbo. Seems alot of nonsense to me, but either way I have got a new turbo out of it.
  5. I've read all the posts on here and on other sites. It honestly sounds like a metallic bell, a bit like if a bolt had a washer on it, and wasn't fastened securely and it was being shaken. Happens between 1.5-2k revs, in all modes. Probably happens under more revs but due to engine noise and road noise it isn't noticeable. I am not expecting them to find anything wrong with the car. But for them to be giving me a new turbo and hp fuel pump under warranty. I'm not going to complain.
  6. My R is currently in with the dealers and has been for the last 2 week's. There is a metallic rattling bell like sound coming from the front of the car. Took it in and they have identified the sound, test drove a 68 plate R to make sure it wasn't a similar sound. Both myself and the master technician agreed that we couldn't hear it in the 68 plate. Hence it's now with them. They thought it was the high pressure fuel pump. Despite me telling them there is no sound on tick over. They've rang me a few days ago to say they have replaced my turbo and will see if there is any improvement. Judging by the lack of feedback I am assuming it still isn't fixed. The car drove perfect anyhow. But the rattle was annoying the hell out of me. And so far I've had a new turbo and fuel pump. Hopefully a new dsg box will be next 😂
  7. So VW said "this noise is normal in the R. It has a high pressure fuel pump so this is standard". I mentioned the DSG which you mentioned and they said nothing about that. I couldn't actually believe what they were saying, then they came out with we tried another R and the noises was familiar. However they did acknowledge that they too heard a grinding sound. My uncle is coming up for Xmas who is a wizard on cars and motorbikes (builds them from scratch). Going to get him to have a nosey over it. As I can guarantee anything it is nothing to do with a pump. No idea how a pump would make a grinding sound. As I said the car drives perfect as it is and I've got no signs of damage to cause any major concern. Between now and uncle arriving it should only be driven 100miles so shouldn't cause much concern. What did you do with the gearbox? Have you managed to fix the noise?
  8. It sounds like the front, with the window open it is no louder than with it closed, which makes me feel that it's more to do with under bonnet than wheels. The brakes haven't been touched since bought. But having only done 13k miles and with a service done less than 1k miles ago with a full report showing 0 signs of brake wear on discs, and pads are 75%+. I'll have a look at bending the pads back and seeing. I've rang VW and booked it in for a week on Friday. It's all warranty, so I guess they will get to the end of it.
  9. It's dsg. I'm still under vw warranty, so guess I'll just take it to them to figure out. Just didn't want to go in and hit for the hills when it's something usual and others experience it
  10. I have done a Resonator delete. But I had the sound before hand that was done. There is no tune fitted and I have only noticed it between them revs. Which is typically between 0-34mph. I think the sound is still there beyond that but then engine sound kicks in. I thought stone's aswell, and a visual check of my discs which show 0 signs of wear and having been serviced less than 800miles ago the report showed no signs of warp either. For the sound that it is it can't be a tiny stone. It always seems on acceleration and haven't noticed it on cruise at them rev range or speed. The sound happens all the time no matter engine hot or cold, quick acceleration or gentle. And in all modes, just obviously eco is easier to hear it. It's probably nothing serious and I'm probably being an idiot its just really bugging me that my nice shiny car whilst sounding incredible during the mid range, sounds like a 99' Ford ka at low range
  11. Hello, I am only recently a mk7 r owner ( bought it 1 month ago, used with 12k on the clock). I love the car, drives incredible and it's a pleasure to drive. However, I have noticed a grinding noise, what sounds like if 2 metal plates where put together and moved in opposite directions. It happens usually between the 1-2/2.5 k band. I notice it a lot more in eco mode. If anything I would say it sound like a disc with brand new pads....that sort of grinding noise but louder and constant within the band width. I know the sound of wheel bearings (had a faulty one on an old a3). I have the common rust problem behind the rims (Pretoria). But I can't see how that would make the noise I'm hearing. The car runs fantastic and there isn't any issues with it at all, it's just this noise is grating on me. The gf can't hear it, but she doesn't care. about cars so I don't even try. Didn't know if this is just a normal sound, being the r having bigger brakes/discs etc. Or if I should go put it in and see if it's a warranty thing. As I said car drives beautifully even within them band widths on all modes
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