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  1. They look great, just what i need for my 3 door, where did you buy those from mate?
  2. Where bouts from if you don’t mind me asking? I have the cross climate plus on and want to change them
  3. I dont think so mate, going to keep the cross climate on the cadiz for winter setup (november to april). I really like the look of the Spielberg alloys so planning on getting the 19" replica version from cmwheelsltd. They are currently only £500 which is a good price, then adding some Michelin PS4’s.
  4. Yeah. Will take some photos when I get a chance. They do have a more aggressive tread than summer tyres.
  5. My thinking is that I will use the Cadiz wheels and the cross climate tyres as my winter setup. Then in the spring buy some replica 19 inch spielbergs with new Michelin PS4’s. i wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them
  6. I have had the cross climate plus on my 18 inch Cadiz for a couple of weeks now. I am up in the north east and actually had snow, rain and some quite mild dry weather. I am really happy with the performance, especially the wet grip which is fantastic. Much quieter than the rubbish potenza’s. really happy so far ☺️
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