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  1. Do you mean race,don’t have turbo mode?
  2. Absolutely loving my R but watching the fuel gage drop 15 miles every 5 miles is concerning 🤔 And driving sensibly as only 145 miles done
  3. Blimey,you have more patience than me!I ordered mine late October and picked it up last Saturday.
  4. My 2019 Golf had the frameless mirror for some reason?
  5. I know this question is on here already I expect but on a average drive without pushing too much roughly how many mpg will my R do?Dident realise it needed super fuel now the Mrs is moaning it’s gunna cost to run she uses it daily for work 😂😂
  6. You then take it. Back to them,that’s why it’s called lifeshine,not because it should last forever they then have to redo it for the duration you have the car.If you keep taking it back they will soon do it properly!!
  7. Cool,take it you have had a bad experience with it then!!
  8. What’s your reason for not,I always have it then question myself after
  9. Does anybody else pay for the Autoglym lifeshine?
  10. Just check you aren’t paying more then,I ordered mine with the camera and keyless anyway but can’t be bothered to find out if it came with it or not,take the salesman’s word 🤔I just wanna drive out Saturday and forget it all.To be fair I think a lot of scare mongering actually made it worse than it actually was
  11. TThe new spec with camera and key less is £600 dearer than the 2018/spec so nobody is getting it for free anyway.
  12. £418 with Admiral for me,£45 cheaper than my GTD!!
  13. Does anybody know if it’s possible to add the dynaudio space saver sub woofer to the standard system(obviously if wired in) To the 2019 golf TIA
  14. Roll on 1500 Saturday,after nearly cancelling 3 times it better be worth it
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