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  1. thanks guys i will wait till the right oem set come up bergamo i realy like or jerez
  2. hi johnny the problem is i am fussy lol my car hasnt even done 3k yet so i need wheels that look new as well i did see someone selling some R lookalikes but they were 19,s but i am worrid they might rub or make the speedo reading wrong? so do you think i should stay looking for 18,s ?tyres is a worry whats the best tyre with the least noise i wonder lol sorry for all these questions
  3. guys thanks for the input when i was looking for the r line i could find one with the bergamo,s so ended up with the horrid looking 17in standards i will take your advice and go 18 not 19,s i think the jerez or bergamo,s is what i am looking for they should look good on the dolphin grey car ! i did see a set of gti ones and looked like new but they are just not a nice wheel lol
  4. hi guys i have a golf mk8 r line and i hate the standard 17,s if i change to 18 or 19 would that make the ride mutch firmer also is it best to try and find a set of mk8 jerez or go aftermaket are they ok? i am not keen on the plastic spacer thing you have to have and also it seems some have plain centre caps ,i deal would love to find a set of mint jerez off of a golf R whats your views guys?
  5. thankyou johnny g wow the mirrors dont fold thats very disappointing my mk7 match does ,also the comfort mode is missleading as my R was comfort mode was the dcc do you find the ride ok with the r-line ??
  6. i have been looking at a few r-lines and in the menu it says comfort mode but does that mean the cars have the dcc option? i am told by the saleman its not dcc is that correct? on my golf r it had dcc that had the comfort mode any help would be great thankyou guys
  7. thanks for the reply the sunroof ishue i had with my orginal golf r was allot of messing about but they did replace the suround in the end ,my problem is the car i am looking at may of had it done or maybe a ok one but if it cracks i would have trouble selling the car in the future if i wanted to upgrade to a mk8 lol
  8. after selling my r last year and regretting it i am thinking of getting anotherone i have seen a few for sale but not shure about buying a car from a non vw dealer as most are 3 years old now i have seen one i think i like and wonder if the owner was on here numberplate was S333 something in lapiz with a sunroof ,also thats another worry as my preivous car had a sunroof ishue and got done under warranty so i wonder how you stand with vw if this was to happen on a car over 3 years old ,i have thourt about buying a car and getting this warranty they do for 2 years and wonder if things like the roof and dsg would be coverd ,the car i am looking at is aprox 11300miles on a 19 plate what your thourts guys and girls ? kind regards mark
  9. mine was sorted in the end the dealer had the car for around 10 days ,they seem to have done a good job on it so far apart from the car had 3 dents in it 2 both identical each side on the front wings and one above the r badge drivers side ,so it had to go back for the dent man to sort but now so far so good not that use the car mutch with this damn covid !
  10. i am shure a see somewere that the prets are made by ronal for vw ,there is also some dealers doing good deals on wheels set grey 18" for £1300 complete with tyres i was tempted to go down to 18"s but not shure if the car would look ok ,i orded my car with 19" prets but always worry everytime i go over a pothole lol
  11. guys thanks for all your input i dont use my car everyday so the miles are very low as i cant park it at work ,i am going to stay with the pretoria,s as i think i will have another set of wheels sitting about in the way !
  12. wow paul they are more than i thourt they were £1000 option but i think i shouldnt of botherd and had standard 18,s its a shame the pretoria allows realy look good but the roads are so bad
  13. hi people i am reading allot about the 19,s and how bad they buckle etc the roads round milton keynes are getting worse so was thinking about getting a set of standard 18,s and keep the 19,s for best am i over worrying or is it a good idea ??? i think 1 new rim on the pretoria is around £500
  14. hi drR they have given me a t-cross r-line its not a bad motor its better than the up they were going to give me lol
  15. i realy like the ends of the akroprovic they are what should of been on the car i am not keen on my standard ones attal is there anything out there that looks like the akroprovic ends that can be just put on?
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