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  1. madmark

    Golf r stolen video

    oh my god the neighbours were so good ,now i am nervous of getting one i have just orderd a R what upsets me the most is the inshurance goes up when it isnt the owners falt mine wont get used much and will sit around a fare bit as i am allways working i hope they catch the scum but i bet they dont
  2. madmark

    MK 7.5 Ride comfort no DCC

    i now allways have a car with DCC i had a golf gtd without on 19,s it was very hard even treid 18,s it didnt make any difrence so i sold it for a gti with dcc and strange it was allways in normal mode so going to 18,s didnt help me on the gtd and the chocks were not left in ,so i am hopeing the R that i get will be a good ride like the gti with the DCC so i allways put it down to the fact maybe the diesel engine was heavyer !
  3. madmark


    maverick thanks for the part numbers i have kept my flaps off of my gti mk7 so the fronts will fit so just got to find a back set ,to me they finish the car off and help a little with the spray i am not botherd about if people dont like them for me its a must !
  4. madmark

    Has anyone bagged a cancelled order?

    well i took the plunge and order my R on thursday 14th feb i think it should be around june delivery ,i wanted to keep it under the 40k mark so i had induim grey,DCC DYNAUDIO, PAN ROOF,90%TINTS ,AND SILVER PRETORIA WHEELS i have sold my mint gti back to the dealer i hope i have done the right thing the gti was very good so hopefully the R will be better!
  5. madmark

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    orange wheels wont let me build the R anymore also only 2 dealers ever seem to do offers i think swindon and chester so i am not getting anywere fast
  6. madmark

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    if anything they should be cheaper to tax with the new exhaust ect but i bet its gone up!
  7. madmark

    Supermarket Wankers

    funny i have oftern thourt about this ,something like a pad you fit down the sides lol
  8. madmark

    Supermarket Wankers

    spursmaddave i only park in 2 bays at my local shop its not busy there anywere else i park miles away i am paranoid about parking its become a real problem for me ,when you pay over 30k of your hard erned and some horrid persom dints your door its bad news
  9. madmark

    Climate windscreen.

    has anybody else noticed the climate screen has a strange tint to it i nearly bourt a gti a wile ago but the screen put me off so myslef i would buy one as a option but for winter erly starts i think it would be handy this car in the photo has a sort of strange tint to it
  10. madmark

    Supermarket Wankers

    i have a bad complex about car parks i use 2 bays and do the qwickest shop ever my problem is i would go nuts if somebody opened there door against my car , people have no respect attal
  11. madmark

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    i have been thinking of useing drive the deal they allways come back with a good price but they say no px so that makes it a pain to try and sell my car before getting a new one . i find all these dealers are ok with you then seem to back off and i am the one chasing them to spend £35 k its a joke !
  12. madmark

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    thanks guys its finding the right dealer to deal with i have been messed about with a few also i have a mint gti with very low miles and its getting the right px deal ,there must be loads stacked up ready to come into the country ,i have looked at drive the deal they seem to be the best price and carwow and orange wheels wont build them anymore so i wonder does that mean they are finished making them ? the gti ctr i was looking at but i think for the same if not cheaper the R is better for me as i am not a track day person lol
  13. madmark

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    guys you are all lucky i want a R but dont want to wait for 4 to 5 months my spec is to keep it under the 40k because of the extra road tax on cars over 40k so i only need sunroof,dynaudio,DCC and pretoria,s with the nes cars the camera and keyless standard so for me it keeps it under 40k but i am getting fed up trying to find a good deal with these dealers its driving me nutts
  14. madmark

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    guys have they dropped the bhp on the new builds ? i am still very undecided about what to do my problem is i want alot of options and there isnt many cars with the bits i want ,i was going for a factory build but 8 months was to long for me to wait ,now i dont know if its best to see if any canceled orders come up or just stick with my mint gti mk7