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  1. thanks guys i was worried encase i snapped it off !
  2. guys realy silly qwestion but i thourt i would check the oil on my new car but i cant get the stick out it seems like its sort of stuck and i dont want to break it ,on my gti it was just a normal in and out but this seems difrent or is it just very tight????
  3. i went to my dealer and played them against carwow i didnt do to bad considering the prices have gone up ,i paid £36100 in the end with my options of 19,s sunroof,90% tints induim grey,i wanted a late car with the rear camera as standard it took from feb 14th till 18th of may so that wasnt to bad i might of got it cheaper with orange wheels but i wanted my local dealer as its easer for me!
  4. i loose shit loads on cars the r is my 5th golf and i have lost loads but i know its going to happen but yet i still by new lol
  5. well my car is finally here i picked it up yesterday i orderd feb 14th and it came quicker than i thourt just got to get time to use now so far so good !
  6. tam funny you say this i have noticed this as well !
  7. i have opted for it on mine but to be fair i had a gti with it and never really used it ,but for me i had a gtd before that with 19.s and that was really bad ride without it so i did order it on my new car but its a option that maybe isnt really needed maybe !
  8. why did they not fit the akrapovic tail end as standard they look so nice but cant warrant 3k for a system
  9. hope its found ok this seems to be a big problem lately sutch a great shame
  10. well still waiting for abuild date ,orderd 14th of feb !
  11. well still stuck on stage 2 i am really hoping for pick up in june i orderd in feb
  12. mine still isnt doing anything ,still on 2 but i did only order feb 14th !
  13. this was what put me off the leather option some of the seats i have seen are shocking !☹️
  14. the roads are disgusting and dont get me started on smart motorways !
  15. CB i rang the dealer i am build week 18 at the moment seems strange maybe its becuase of difrent options like sunroof lol
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