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  1. mine was sorted in the end the dealer had the car for around 10 days ,they seem to have done a good job on it so far apart from the car had 3 dents in it 2 both identical each side on the front wings and one above the r badge drivers side ,so it had to go back for the dent man to sort but now so far so good not that use the car mutch with this damn covid !
  2. i am shure a see somewere that the prets are made by ronal for vw ,there is also some dealers doing good deals on wheels set grey 18" for £1300 complete with tyres i was tempted to go down to 18"s but not shure if the car would look ok ,i orded my car with 19" prets but always worry everytime i go over a pothole lol
  3. guys thanks for all your input i dont use my car everyday so the miles are very low as i cant park it at work ,i am going to stay with the pretoria,s as i think i will have another set of wheels sitting about in the way !
  4. wow paul they are more than i thourt they were £1000 option but i think i shouldnt of botherd and had standard 18,s its a shame the pretoria allows realy look good but the roads are so bad
  5. hi people i am reading allot about the 19,s and how bad they buckle etc the roads round milton keynes are getting worse so was thinking about getting a set of standard 18,s and keep the 19,s for best am i over worrying or is it a good idea ??? i think 1 new rim on the pretoria is around £500
  6. hi drR they have given me a t-cross r-line its not a bad motor its better than the up they were going to give me lol
  7. i realy like the ends of the akroprovic they are what should of been on the car i am not keen on my standard ones attal is there anything out there that looks like the akroprovic ends that can be just put on?
  8. hi many thanks dr R the car goes in monday with abit of luck to be done i think it has to go to another body repair firm to do the work on it i will let you know how it goes mark
  9. hi penguin yes the black plastic part so fingers crossed it comes back ok thanks for your reply
  10. oh what have they done is it a astra i cant see me owning one unless the new R looks completely difrent !
  11. right update on the sunroof surround crack issue finally the car has to go in for the warranty work and a overdue service on 13th june because of the covid but the miles is still low at 1800 so i cant see any issues with that ,i am told its a big job to sort the roof i just hope it comes back ok it has put me off of having another car with a sunroof tho, mark
  12. i looked at one at my dealer i was not impressed attal it looks like a astra maybe the gti and r might be better but i think i will stay with the 7.5 at the moement☺️
  13. thanks booth i do hope it gets sorted by the dealer fingers crossed!
  14. hi guys i was washing my car last week and noticed a crack in the sunroof surround i rang the dealer i bourt the car from and they are going to take it in and hopefully replace it ,i am abit nervous about the work as i have read its a big job and maybe all the roof has to come out etc has anybody else herd of this ? i hardly use the car its only done 1500 miles its still like new so i would like it back in the same condtion any thourts?? mark
  15. thanks guys i was worried encase i snapped it off !
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