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  1. well still waiting for abuild date ,orderd 14th of feb !
  2. well still stuck on stage 2 i am really hoping for pick up in june i orderd in feb
  3. mine still isnt doing anything ,still on 2 but i did only order feb 14th !
  4. this was what put me off the leather option some of the seats i have seen are shocking !☹️
  5. the roads are disgusting and dont get me started on smart motorways !
  6. CB i rang the dealer i am build week 18 at the moment seems strange maybe its becuase of difrent options like sunroof lol
  7. ok thankyou i will give them a ring
  8. mine is stuck on number 2 with the factory but i only orderd 14th feb i am thinking around june time
  9. strange i orderd mine 14th feb but it still says with the factory
  10. wow what a shame ,it does look like a brandnew car so hopefully it still belongs to the dealer ,they didnt take the mirrors thats strange as they are a big thing as well ,if that was my car vw would be giving me anotherone i am shure they will do that anyway if it was a customers (well i would like to think they would) such a shame but in the best place to happen !
  11. well done all you guys on your pick ups ,great to see i will have to wait till around june for mine as its a factory order !
  12. wow mish you are close to my spec but i am adding DCC for me indium grey ,dont get me wrong i love lapiz blue but i think the grey is nice as well lol i am going for silver prets and mirror backs as well as dynauido ,sunroof,
  13. well i orderd mine 2 weeks ago and i will wait for the camera if i get one very soon without the camera and keyless and lane assist i wont buy it unless its a few grand cheaper simple as that for me as i really want the spec have orderd and i need the camera but also need to keep the car under 40k so with the campera and keyless as standard it helped on the price to keep it under 40k !
  14. i wish there was a way of the acrprovitch ends to be fitted they look the nutts but at 3k i will stick to standard lol
  15. typical i cant see any on the list that has what i want so it looks like i will have to wait for the factory order! i have dropped them a line just incase they do have what i am after!
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