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  1. Passing WTLP testing and getting WTLP certification are two different things and can have varying time lines. I’m glad I cancelled and went elsewhere. I feel sorry for you guys and gals not being told anything concrete.
  2. I’ve bought a new M2 competition, with£6.5k off list price, after cancelling my R order, collecting it Friday. I’m still in the R club with my trusty 6r cab though. I think the WTLPtesting can’t be that far off for your guys and girls.
  3. My Order for my new R was cancelled and my insurance company have paid me the invoice value of the new car yesterday. I have been told by my local MB dealers that they have an A35 due into them next Friday as a demo so I will go and take a look. I have had the a45 previous it felt dated. I am am also looking at a m2 comp tomorrow as I fancy something different as a daily driver.
  4. My order went through to the factory on the 16/10 and I’m being told not to expect my car until the end of March! Speaking to the dealer and insurance company about cancelling the order and the dealer has been quite straight with us both and said the testing will begin on the 10/01/2019 estimated and the certification could take upto 28days from them to achieve.
  5. Yes there was a provision saying any prebuilt stock cars could be registered.
  6. My new car is being supplied by my Insurance Company and I called them yesterday to say I was unhappy with the extra wait as I was promised a new car by feb. They are talking to the dealer to clarify the position and if there is delays they will just pay me invoice price. My order has only been in since October so it looks like I will be at the very back of a long q. To be fair the dealer has been straight up with me from the very beginning of the order process and I’m hoping he’s as honest with the insurance company so I can get off the VW boat ASAP!
  7. That kinda ties in with what I was told yesterday.
  8. Did the dealer say when WTLP certification was due to start? As per my earlier posts the dealer I’m dealing with says 10th Jan. I’m hoping cars built before then are just stored until certification then shipped, but I’m guessing that will create a shipping backlog. Interesting times for VAG group.
  9. I had my July 18 car taken off me by car jackets in the Midlands in September not a pleasant experience, the insurance company told me it will likely be used as a cloned car or chopped forspares.
  10. The dealer I’m dealing with has just called to say my car is being built on ar around the 5th December and clarified that the Golf R testing was due to start the 10th Jan 2019 and if it follows suit like the rest of the models should clear and have approval within two weeks. My car is a new car replacement due to a car jacking in Sept. I have spoken to my insurers who say it’s causing headaches for new car orders for them and they are going to speak to the dealer direct and confirm the delays and maybe settle my claim on invoice value so I can look elsewhere.
  11. Here’s an update I have just received from the dealer in regards to my order and it’s not good news for the testing;
  12. I read in a fleet managers publication online somewhere that the head of VW sales saying “virtually” all models will be completed WTLP by the end of December. https://www.fleetnews.co.uk/news/fleet-industry-news/2018/10/22/vehicle-supply-shortages-due-to-wltp
  13. I think that will be the build date. VW are quoting 6 - 8 weeks from build date for delivery for vehicles which are WTLP type approved. I had this when enquiring last month:
  14. Hi, no it was a July 2018 car, because it’s within the 12 months the insurance replace like for like. The only difference is my previous one was Atlantic Blue and I’ve chosen a different colour. As for the RFL I am disabled so don’t have to pay for it. The insurance company have said if the delay goes on much longer they will look at a settlement at list price. I’m fortunate to have a few cars to drive whilst I wait but the WTLP saga seems to be open ended !
  15. My car has been ordered by my Insurance company as a replacement. My order only went in on 16/10 and both dealer and VW are saying don’t expect it until April. My tracking shows it at stage 2 so I’m a long way off. My spec is 5dr DSG, White Silver, Vienna Leather, Pan Roof, DCC, Keyless, Reverse Camera, Black Prets, Black Mirror Caps, Rear Tints.
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