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  1. If you like contrast you can't beat white against all the black trim. For extra effect, black exaust tips, gloss carbon fibre rear spoiler extension and wing mirrors. Put a light black tint on the front an rear lights plus the VW logo. Black out the front silver trim and run some gloss carbon fibre wrap over the side and front skirts. Saw one the other day....looked amazing and it an APR tune too!
  2. Yes I have the camera already however it seems sign recognition has not been enabled. I explained to the sales guy at VW that in Europe the Golf R's with driver assist display the current speed limit in the instrument cluster just near the temperature display. This seems to be common in European cars. Anyway he says that he has never seen it on models sold in Australia. It goes in for service tomorrow so I will see if the tech department can switch it on. It would be good if VW released system updates which offered enhanced capability. I would even pay for that!
  3. So I have the full assist package and no sign recognition and I cant switch it on. D oo i need to replace the camera?
  4. Many thanks for the explanation. I was under the impression both NAV displays were driven from the same source, but apparently not. So you are saying that the speed limit display on the centre console is driven by the sign recognition camera and not from the Map data and there is no way of getting the speed limit to show on the vitrual cockpit display. This is a common feature in many european cars so I would have thought VW would have offered it alsp. I'm not sure how a retrofit camera overcomes this, but I know the OBD 11 has no app available yet which will allow this feature. It would also be nice if the current speed readout changed colour when the speed limit was exeeded....that would be a useful feature! Let's have less gimmicky functions more practical features.­čÖĆ
  5. Although I have adaptive cruise control and lane assist my ABDEleven tells me "sign recognition" is not supported. Strange because I thought´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐´╗┐ my mk7.5 was fully optioned. Is sign recognition something I can have added by the dealer´╗┐?´╗┐
  6. Although I have adaptive cruise control and lane assist my ABDEleven tells me "sign recognition" is not supported. Strange because I thought my mk7.5 was fully optioned. Is sign recognition something I can have added by the dealer?
  7. Can anyone tell me why the Sat Nav when displayed on the centre console screen shows the current speed limit but when displayed as part of the virtual cockpit the speed limit indicator is missing? Surely there is a way of getting that information to display when using the Nav on the virtual cockpit. I tried the OBD eleven sign recognition upate but my Mk7.5 doesnt have the multi function camera apparently.
  8. Yes I have the driver assist package and I do like the adaptive cruise control feature. I also have a OBD11 diagnostic tool so I will switch on sign recognition and see what happens. Many thanks.
  9. Just got a call from Volkwagen Australia confirming that the current 2018 Golf R MK7.5 is fitted with the DJHB engine. This means the Golf R MK7.5 is being imported to Australia with same engine design as supplied in Europe - the multi-port and direct injection system. This will be on comfort for those Australian buyers concerned about carbon build up issues.
  10. Given that the onboard Sat Nav knows the current speed limit at any given time, it would be useful to get a visual or audio indication when the car has exceeded the speed limit by a pre-set margin; let's say 5 km/h. This would be particularly useful on mutli-speed sections of road where for example the speed limit changes from 60km/h to 80km/h and back to 60km/h. An audio prompt might be "overspeed" or a visual queue might be the instrument cluster digital speed display turns amber and then red depending on the overspeed margin. Now if this feature already exists on the Golf R MK7.5 please let me know, and how to set it up. If not, here is a plea to VW from all those drivers who get annoyed with those multi speed zone roads, or goverment revenue zones, depending on your point of view. I am interested to know if this feature would be of interest to anyone apart from me.
  11. Does anyone know if the 2018 built Golf R MK7.5 which is sold in Australia with the DJHB engine is multi-port injected or direct injected? My dealer has no idea and claims to have no knowledge of carbon build up issues with any of the TFSI engines.
  12. Can anyone tell me where I can get replacement blue LED lights for the front footwell for my 2018 MK7.5 Golf R ? Are there any retro-fit kits to enhance the interior lighting for this model?
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