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  1. I've been having the same problems myself. VW turned the sensitivity down but it still kept happening. Apparently double clicking the lock key deactivates the interior sensors, but I just hit the wee button next to the door pillar every time I leave the car parked, and I'm lucky that I don't actually need to lock/ arm it at house because 2/3/4am alarm wake up calls became very tiring. Was tempted to park it in the harbor one night!
  2. Stoo

    DL10 ZDP

    Seems cheap, and looks really nice. Leather door cards with cloth seats, is that normal?
  3. My arches are the same. 19's from factory. Already spoken to VW bodyshop about it, and probably getting done under the 10 year corrosion warranty. I say probably because we haven't sent the claim off yet as I've only had the car since September. They knock back a lot of claims if the car has recently had a change of owner because so many people were buying them, getting warranty bodywork done, then selling the car. Ideally best to wait a minimum of 6 months before attempting a claim and then says the rust has came through quite aggressively in the past few months.
  4. I see a red MK7 fairly often around Troon. Looks (and sounds) highly modified. Also saw a modified white one today. Different alloys, v low, exhaust etc. looked really nice.
  5. Got a video this morning. It's slightly easier to hear around the 30 second mark. Pretty much went away after end of video.
  6. I went from a 5 door to a 3 door and wish I hadn't. Not only do I prefer the look of the 5 door, it's a lot more practical (for me).
  7. I don't, but I'll try and get one later. I was out there trying to locate it again. Car warm now, so no noise. Sounds like it's very close to the alternator. Oil change makes no difference to mine either. Thanks
  8. Has anyone experienced this? Only on cold start and 99% goes away after 1-2 minutes of driving. Rattle from engine bay, drivers side. It's not the belt or a pulley as had the cover off and inspected with engine running, I've also removed the aux belt and ran car so it's not that either. Any ideas?
  9. That's not the Forge intake. It says it's the Volant in the picture.
  10. If it helps settle some of you, we have about 8-12 new R's in our compound just now, and there are 4 in the car park awaiting pdi tomorrow.
  11. Fitted coilovers and then stripped & cleaned the front brakes. Intended to paint the disc hubs but ran out of time.. and motivation.
  12. Nice. Not as thirsty as the M3 too which I'm sure you'll approve of 👍
  13. Ain't that the truth. VW discs are terrible.
  14. Stoo

    We buy any car

    Dealers tend to be slightly less that WBAC, but then don't tend to low ball you like WBAC can when they inspect the car, so in the end it can work out best to go direct to a dealer. MK7 GTI's are thin on the ground, I know this is an R forum but a good MK7 GTI will fetch strong money just now.
  15. Stoo

    GTi TCR.

    Interesting that they're quicker than the Clubsport S. Those things were/ are great fun
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