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  1. Nice post. I’ve never really thought about how accessible the car was but Id like to think that if there’s a will there’s a way for most people to drive any car. Glad to hear you’re enjoying yours and I’ll keep an eye out for you when I’m around the Toon!
  2. You’ll find you will subconsciously park about 10 foot from the kerb!! I’d recommend a set of winter wheels and tyres, especially if you’re running on P Zeros, as you’ll want to run it all year round😁
  3. Great choice and love the turbo wheels. enjoy
  4. Can’t help with the location of the noises / rattles but if it makes you feel better my wife’s new R estate is like a Rolls Royce compared to my 911! I’ve had it for 2 years and have still not managed to stop all of the little creaks and groans!
  5. Don’t see many of them on the road and everyone should have a dog / load Luger in the family! P.S not sure that qualifies as a shed!
  6. Most, if not all, summer tyres perform poorly in cold and wet conditions especially when you start pushing on. My R is currently running on vredestien winter tyres and I’ve had no issues over the last month or so with lack of grip - even in the snowy Peak District last weekend.
  7. GaryP, no problem mate, it’s been a while since I had a stalker! loved the S4 but the Porsche filled the gap, toyed with another S4 but the R just offered more and is much better VFM.
  8. Check out the VW website used car section. We got around 7k off list for a pre registered R estate with 45 miles on the clock, just before Xmas. You won’t get to choose your spec and most of the pre registered cars don’t have many options but you may get something close to what you’d order new. We bought ours from a Scottish dealership and had it delivered to Newcastle - didn’t even see it in the flesh and paid for it over the phone ( not always recommended but didn’t have time to drive north of the border!) good luck with the search, they’re great cars.
  9. I’ve only had my R estate since November but I can appreciate your dilemma. The only advice I’d offer is to set your budget and requirements (do you need a hatch / estate in your life?) then try a few different models - I recently had a new 335d on loan for a week and almost bought one even after declaring that I wasn’t a BMW fan and would never have one! prior to my golf I had an S4 avant which I sold due to not needing a big car and bought my dream 991s and a Ford Focus as a daily. Fast forward 18 months and due to the addition of another daft Labrador we needed an estate, hence the R. My Porsche can not be compared to the R (different car for a different purpose and not price comparable) but what I can say is that I would not swap the R for another S4 as apart from the Audi having a slight edge on build quality and engine note as a driving machine and “all purpose” car it’s not as good as the Golf. Enjoy the search!
  10. The problem I found when trying to replace my S4 was that there are not many cars that do it all, our kids are rarely at home now (uni and working overseas) but we have 2 daft labradors so need a car, with a decent boot, that is also half decent to drive. I toyed with a Macan turbo and a few other quickish medium sized SUVs but the boot was always too small and, with the exception of the Macan, they were dull to drive. Unfortunately we lost one of our dogs last year so I didn’t need the big boot and ended up buying a focus hatch and my dream Porsche 991. Fast forward to now and my wife decided we needed another dog which meant back to the search for a roomier car - the focus went and in came a R estate which is a revelation and far better to drive than the S4. Bit of a long winded story but basically what I’m trying to say is that it’s pretty much impossible to get a car that does it all but the Golf gets damn close.
  11. Ok, fair enough, personally our 2 dogs go in the boot which is covered and has less to chew!
  12. I’ve got to ask - why do you want to cover the seats? Is it because you don’t like the look / feel of them?
  13. Another vote for hatchbag, I’ve had them in my last 4 cars and are worth the investment especially if you have dogs (or kids) travelling in the boot.
  14. Only had our R estate for a month, we use it as our daily steed / dog transportation ( my daughter also uses it when she’s home from uni) and so far I’m more than impressed with its performance and versatility. We personally like the fact that, to the untrained eye, it’s “ just a golf” and tbh there’s not much else (estate wise) on the market that suites our requirements in the same price bracket. To answer the OPs question regarding getting bored, I’m not sure I will get bored of the golf tbh and if I do i’ll Probably just trade it for another one!!
  15. Mid 40s here but our estate is used by my daughter (19), son (22) and wife (18, I wish) and we all agree that it’s the best daily driver that we’ve had.
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