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  1. Also while im on the topic. Has anyone ran in to troubles with an APR tune or custom tune at stage 1. Any major problems? Just curious as i havnt really heard about it.
  2. Thanks for the response lads. i called it a stage 1.5, because generally a stage 1 is just an ecu tune, but if i add the extra bits on, hardware should produce that little bit more power. Id be happy with 380. i’m leaning towards custom also, because i like that fact that its suited to your car. and i shouldnt get to hung up on dyno figures. But im a numbers man, so i cant help it!
  3. I have had my r7.5 r for about 1yr now, and im looking for a tune with an inatke/turbo mufler delete and the elbow etc, so it will essentially be a stage 1.5. (Think thats enough for the for a daily). Im just on the fence if i should go with APR or a custom tune. Just checking to see what you guys would recommend or what your running. what power would i be looking at for both tunes? With the setup i mentioned, i’m hoping to hit the 400hp mark (at the motor). i’m leaning towards custom atm, as it will be on a dyno, and every car is different. thoughts
  4. I got it from here https://eurozonetuning.com/products/mk7-carbon-fiber-steering-wheel-trim-ring i paid AUD, so not sure what that conversion is in pound for you guys. Fits well because its an OEM part. Was abit of effort taking the gloss trim off i tell you!!
  5. Not to sure. But requested the replacement to be a gloss coating. And it looks better. picture doesnt do justice. Looks good on the steering wheel.
  6. Didnt get the carbon airbag, just the trim. i had the exact same thought process as you. there would be carbon everywhere if it goes off..
  7. So i finally instlled the part. Looks great, adds an extra feel. i disconneted the battery etc. After i finished up and connected it again, it threw so many error codes (park assist not working, lane assist deactivated etc) went for a drive it seemed to clear itself, should i look out for anything else?? cheers.
  8. We got it around the same day Been 1yr now, and still love driving everyday!!
  9. Well the part finally arrived. dont think i’m impressed with the quality, as you can see in the pictures below, there the 2 major faults you can see visibly. Other things i noticed was small scracthes as well as some clips on the point of breakage. looks like its a GTI trim and not an R trim, i can see some silver bits showing. @SpursMadDave where is that steering wheel from? Any links?
  10. Thanks for the info dave 👍🏼 yeah i like that matte finish, steering wheel will be next i think!
  11. Hi folks, i have ordered a carbon fiber trim ring from eurozone and is due to arrive soon. But im not exactly sure how to install the part. I know i have to remove the airbag (disconnect car battery before doing that). Will that set my airbag light off? and im not sure if trim itself is just clips, or any specific way of removing the part? Any assiatnce would be greatly appreciated. car is a mk7.5.
  12. I would agree if i didnt purchase it already lol! i bit the bullet i have been eyeing it off since i purchased the car at the start of the year. We dont get much if a choice here. But yeah someone mentioned here as people who enjoy cars... we get ripped off!!
  13. I dont think i have seen one on ali express. Always worried if i purchase on the site it may not line up properly.
  14. Having said that. Does that mean the rest of the system is the same layout as a normal golf r? I know your able to purchase akrapovic down pipes after market.
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