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  1. Update: ended up hoisting up the car At a mates shop, and looking from under the car.. even took the splash guard off, we were looking for a good hour, scoping ever possible hole, we couldn't see it, so id say its fallen out. there are heaps of holes for it to fall threw, just feel bad if it fell out on the road. Damn intake hose and my butter fingers!
  2. Alright lads... as the title suggests i dropped a screwdriver while tightening my intake hose. I cannot for the life of me find the bloody thing. i have only looked from the top of the engine bay, not from underneath yet, will jack it up when i get the chance. i was tightening the clamp which holds the hose to the inlet elbow, i thought i would be able to find it... but really who knows where its gone. guess my question is, anything it can damage?
  3. i had the same issue, tyres needed replacing anyway. During my alignment, they mentioned it was slightly off, however, what the tyre shop put it down to was the psi, i would inflate them to 38, but they recommend 40/41 on a 19 inch wheel. out of curiosity, have you lowered the car at all, And not done an alignment? That can play a factor also.
  4. my point being itโ€™s still considered a genuine part, still manufactured by VW, should be covered by some kind of warranty. but your probably right, they wouldn't even bat an eye.
  5. i didn't buy my discs from VW, however, they are genuine, i also had them installed by a trusted mechanic where i usually go to get aftermarket gear installed. do you think they would replace them under warranty?
  6. yeah backing plate is clear from what i can tell. Might just need to have it diagnosed, rather then play the guessing game.
  7. man thats annoying for me!! What could it be ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ? how great do they look though, especially with nice clean Pretorias!
  8. i find the ATE great, enjoy less dust, they are fine for everyday road use, not sure if its a placebo effect.. but i find them better then the stock ones. from what i know i believe ceramic pads are better for your discs, less wearing and no lip. just need to find out about this noise!!
  9. Sounds like the same problem. I always thought maybe it was pad thickness, but iv had the pads for about 2000km now, should have worn in. im hoping to do some investigating this weekend. itโ€™s nothing to major... but slightly annoying. otherwise the discs look great!
  10. It is on both sides. I have ceramic pads on the back, and from what i can tell no noise coming from there, they are stock rotor (no holes). i have heard others say similar things to what I'm experiencing. A 7.5 with stock pads and performance rotors. surely cant be the wheel bearing as it occurs on both sides.
  11. When the pads were installed i did see the clips, and you can see them in the picture above if you zoom in. so dont think thats it ๐Ÿ™
  12. Hi Gents, i recently got the drilled performance rotors installed on my 7.5 with ATE ceramic pads. i have recently noticed a clicking/ticking noise when driving near barriers, or parked cars as the sound is bouncing back. my logical guess is the pads running over the drilled holes causing the sound, it gets a little louder when i push the breaks, increases as my speed increases. should i be worried? Could it be the wheel bearings, or something else... anyone else with the performance breaks/slotted drilled breaks have the same issue?
  13. Spot on!! i have eibach on mine with DCC. Drop is good for me and just about avoids scraping on driveways, entering steep underground driveways etc. the stiffness in sport mode is how it should feel from factory, take on corners with ease.
  14. I was looking for a contact from vds, they have some other nice things available but wanted to ask about those first. The local VW shops here are a joke with prices! mark up is ridiculous. Thanks for posting that mate ... i sent him a message.
  15. Can Anyone offer some assistance?
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