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  1. I installed this - and followed these steps to make the AC work, after this I had no problems. If the first or second activation fails, please use this activation instructions. Reset activation Step 1: the car starts, blow the face [3] and ac [8] simultaneously press and hold for 10 seconds, to activate the compressor. Step 2: Press the rear glass defrost key [16 key] and ac [8 key] simultaneously for 2 minutes. (Uninterrupted time) Step 3; After the ac light is on, turn on air conditioner, turn on ac, start the car travel few kilometers.
  2. This is me 🙋🏼‍♂️ so basically my story behind this is - I updated both the discs and pads (ATE ceramic pads) when they were brand new the clicking sound was loud, as I mentioned on both sides and you would hear it when breaking pressure increased (you could hear the sound bouncing off barriers etc) overtime however, the sound itself has reduced a lot, and is barely noticeable now. my conclusion is - that due to compound of ceramic pads, when applying pressure it makes noise due to the drilled holes. honestly wasn’t a massive deal, just wanted to see what others experienced
  3. Recently took out my spare key, as I knew the battery would be dead, thought I would take the battery out of my working key and into the spare.. thinking it would work… however, there was no response (no red light when pressing buttons) tried another battery same issue. is there something I’m missing?.. can’t say I have used the spare key much, it’s just been sitting there. i can still start the car using the key while it’s held onto the steering column
  4. Quick question - I’m looking to get spacers on mine, currently running perts and ebiach springs. Are you able to retain the factory wheel nut covers? I like the clean look it gives.
  5. forgot to mention the race edition also does not have the digital dash! I really don’t know why they called it the race edition. Same engine and design obviously. The akra is only reserved for the special edition, cant even purchase it as a part, iv tried so many times! you can haggle sometimes, but car sales men can be pricks, also you are not wrong with the price of the mk8, I speced one out the other day think it was around 78k with the sound package. Not sure about them yet, Covid tax is making everything expensive these days, still love my mk7.5
  6. That sounds about right! in Australia the 7.5’s started at around 50/55k aud which already came highly optioned out, they then released other versions such as, race edition (cheaper alternative, small screen, cloth seats) Wolfsburg edition, special edition and then the final edition. We got lucky with the 7.5, not sure how the mk8 is going to go, VW australia unfortunately won’t give us the akra exhaust 😒
  7. Newbie question here! i like to keep my car looking oem+, been interested in spacers, car has ebiach springs installed and running on 19’s perts. which kit would give me the best “flush” look. also, I’d like to keep the VW caps to cover the bolts, would they still be compatible?
  8. Not to my knowledge, no indication on the dash, also checked the dip stick after a little drive, oil levels were fine. Just got a little concerned when I saw oil in the intake hose. i Wanted a little peace of mind, hence why I thought I would as the forum to see if anyone else has had this issue or similar, longer term issues etc.
  9. It’s a 2018 and it’s done ~25k miles, recently had a service probably 5k miles ago. i have heard this is common on these engines, and one way to fix is having a catch can installed. But I don’t track it, it’s just regular day to day driving (with a little fun in between).
  10. Just took it off again, might as well give it a nice clean. what do you think, would you consider this normal? From my understanding a catch can will help, but for a stage 1 tune, wouldn’t think I would need it.
  11. As the title suggests. i was cleaning my r600 intake, and took the intake hose out, to my surprise there was actually oil inside the pipe which attaches to the turbo elbow (turbo elbow is also racingline). More oil then i suspected. i understand that some oil in the turbo and turbo elbow is normal, however some oil in the intake pipe, should I be concerned by this? took it for a spin after the clean couldn’t feel any change in drivability/loss of power. car is mk7.5r tuned with a stage 1 flash and full induction kit. 25k miles on the clock.
  12. I don’t believe so, think it’s only for the face lift 7.5.
  13. That’s a good question! I just ordered some new wheel caps (mk8 style for my mk7.5 with perts) and according to the measurements they should fit as they are both 65 or 66 mm. unless anyone else thinks otherwise?
  14. Bump perhaps i should ask, any other valance in general, difficult to install?
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