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  1. Had 2 new batteries on my 2018 R, very disappointed as both let me down at the worst possible time. They tell me the new one is a modified version but I don’t believe them as this one thats been on 3 weeks doesn’t seem to start the car as fast as the original. will keep an eye on it.
  2. Interesting thank you i'll see how it goes. I don't do many long journeys but have never had this and wouldn't expect this on a new car. Will call the dealers if it happens again.
  3. Hi guys well done some playing around in the R since my last post and at times it is mighty quick, but as originally said not too hooked on the pull once up to speeds, but to be honest its more than adequate as its only above legal speeds I want the extra pull and would prefer to keep my license! More worryingly it seems as my beast has also been reading my criticism as it would not start saturday morning, I had to get AA to come and jump start it which is extremely disappointing given the car is not even a year old. The AA guy did seem to think something had been left on but i'm certain it hadn't. May create a new post re this asking for help if it happens again. Rob
  4. Been a busy few days since I posted here but just read through all the posts and very insightful. I just assumed a car with similar performance stats despite being much heavier would be slower than the lighter one. You guys have got me wondering if I should have got a 140 now, especially seeing as how hard the 440 pulled away from me. I may have to treat myself to a JB4 for christmas! I had a smile moment this morning pulling out of a junction is 1 degree temperatures with the 4wd, it cattapulted away while other cars were scrambling for grip. I do love this car, despite my comments about its performance. Great forum too.
  5. Interesting again - personally I dont like the look of them, I think they look a little “van-ish” lol but appreciate what they are. How does the prices stack up against the R? I’m assuming more ££££’s? Also don’t understand why no 4wd if they are kicking out so much power.
  6. Really? The 0-60 of the R against a 140 isnidentical from what i can see, i’d expect my R to keep pace with one no problem. I’m liking the sound of tuning etc. but don’t want to risk anything with warranty. Just been out this morning and with a damp cold road and no wheel slip, this is where the R makes most sense, it’s just so composed, and after this I wouldnt ever go back to 2wd. If standard these cars had a bit more in gear shove I would be 100% happy. Great forum too btw, thanks
  7. Also how does the S3 stack up? I’m aware these are pretty much the same as the R but are they heavier or lighter? Would the S3 “feel quicker”? Thanks again
  8. Interesting stuff thanks to everyone for their input, hate getting bogged down in this my cars faster etc. i’m not a racer! But good to know chances are there is nothing wrong with my car. Never liked BMW or Merc so would never touch one but I thought our r’s should be compared more with the baby 1 series 140 rather than big heavy 4 series, hence I assumed I would easily gain on a much heavier / larger car. I can imagine the difference would have been even larger if it was a 140 or are these mapped slower than the bigger cars? Rob
  9. Really? Have a look at our specs, very closely matched to our cars, the 0-60 of the golf is quicker by around .4 seconds, plus we have a massive weight advantage. I was pretty surprised I couldn't get close to it let alone round it. I suspect it was modded. Rob
  10. Thanks all, very interesting and i reckon this thing had the power kit mppk thing then, hopefully nothing to worry about and i'm not usually a boy racer so will forget this one and put it down as a loss lol
  11. The torque figures are very similar though, but the weight is much heavier in the BMW so i'm thinking something is wrong with my R. I will get it checked asap by a dealer.
  12. Thanks guys, fairly surprised it doesn't have much more torque than the GTD as I expected much more , maybe I should have done more research lol not complaining at all though I do love the car, maybe was just expecting much more due to the performance figures on paper. Rob
  13. These are the figures for the 440 Horsepower net: 240 kW / 326 PS / 322 hp (ECE) / 5500 - 6500 Torque net: 450 Nm / 332 ft-lb and for the R: BHP 310 Torque 295lb ft so it has slightly more bhp and torque but surely the 250kg of weight it's carrying over the R should make my R much quicker? Rob
  14. It's DSG, drops gears really quick but just doesn't have the pull I expected when at speed. You could be right about boost, it feels like it's missing in gear torque like the diesels i've had previously. No idea if the BMW was stock but it was impossible to catch it. Is the R considered to be fairly low on torque numbers? I think this is what's missing, especially as the slip road we were going up was on quite an incline. Not convinced a JB4 is a good idea with the warranty.
  15. Hello guys first post on here, i'm the proud owner of a 67 plate Lapiz blue MK7.5 R, I've had the car since April and i'm really chuffed, however its performance baffles me at times (it's my first "proper" fast car I have owned after dull TDI's etc.). I've done around 7k miles in it since new and at times the car feels incredibly quick, off the line it's brutal proper pins back in the seat kind of feeling. However when up to speed say 30 -60 mph, the acceleration just feels dead, no matter what mode i have it in. An example the other day coming off the M1 sliproad at junction 37, I went to overtake a BMW 440i (what engines are in these?) and the dick BMW driver must have not liked it so he accelerated too and quickly gained a lot of ground on me and i couldn't keep up going up the sliproad. I've looked at the specs online of a 440 and it looks like they have a hundreds of kilos more weight and similar bhp figures to our R's, so why couldn't i keep up let alone gain on him? Minor thing I appreciate and sounds like sour grapes! But i'm under no illusion that the R is the fastest car in the world, just wish it had a little more poke when needed. Anyone else feel the same? Rob.
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