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  1. Hmmm, quick postage. Bit of a bugger to put on, a bloke needs 5 arms to keep it straight, flat, centred and smooth! Finally got it on reasonably straight but couldn't avoid a pile of bubbles and a short wrinkle in the centre but mostly under the tailgate edge. Bit of hot air gun and a pin fixed the bubbles so it looks reasonably good, not pleased about the wrinkle but it will do the job protecting the top of the bumper.
  2. Haha, the poster (here in Oz) who broke it had to pay some stupid price to replace the dipstick, like £25 for you? Like the hood release cable join which is best fitted with a cable tie, a stitch in time etc.
  3. If too hard to pull out (and there are reports of people yanking them out and breaking them), get a flat file and run a couple of downward strokes on the flat sides of the dipstick tube, where the little yellow clips on the dipstick grab. That should ease the removal a bit.
  4. Yup, pull back lever for S, pull back again for normal D, it definitely one of the best features of the DSG. Manual mode is instant on the paddles, seems to hold for a good length of time too, unless you slow to a stop or nearly. Or just hold the right paddle to go back to D, or flick lever left then back right into D.
  5. Beautiful - just ordered one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK7-Estate-Carbon-Style-rear-Bumper-Protector/323786962370?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  6. Discover Pro, 7.5 Wagon/Estate, this maybe the same on all audio systems though, don't know... When the radio/audio is switched off after touching the centre screen on/off button, by pushing the volume up switch in the steering wheel, the audio is turned back on.
  7. I notice a slight whine inside on cold starts (geez it hit 10 degrees last night here in Melbourne...❄️😬) but only when I crank the heater up to above 18 degrees (I think) can I hear it. Is it possibly an accessory pump to direct hot water straight to the HVAC to give immediate heat up in the cabin/demist? We don't get the optional climate windscreen here, not that's that makes much difference to this issue discussed...
  8. Right, think I found the source of the buzz/rattle. The driver flip-out drawer (near your right hand knee when driving) below right of the steering wheel has a latch arrangement. I was tapping around the door and dash to narrow things down a bit when I noticed this drawer making a little noise. taking it out (squeeze the rear left of the drawer and pull to get the limit stopper past the opening and pull the left hand side of the drawer forward and it will pop out) I saw the latch itself had front-back play. One folded piece of black electrical tape beside the innermost side of the latch in its slide opening and voilá. Buzz gone, hopefully for good.
  9. This should be good; cant wait to watch part 2. These guys are great, very entertaining.
  10. Yah, had a handful of these alerts in the middle of an empty road. Push "OK" on the right hand steering wheel button and it vanishes.
  11. Often, accessory body bits are supplied by other manufacturers or prepared on a seperate process to the main vehicle. Even using the same paint but on a different substrate, or even just sprayed by different guns can be a visibly different result, metallics and pearls being the worst.
  12. Yeah, they should all come with the shelf that clips in and raises with the tailgate. Wagons are naturally superior and have a standard roller blind 😝Lol. Tell your dealer it's missing and you need a discount! Wreckers should have one as IIRC they have been the same body since 2014.
  13. Greg, don't we get supposedly get downrated 213kw models when the equivalent EU spec for Mk 7.5 was 228 kw (plus another 10Nm) for pre WLTP models at least? Ah found an article on it: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/faster-volkswagen-golf-r-for-oz-106952/ Officially "hot climate" so they probably pull some timing and chuck in a bit more fuel to keep it all safe under the most extreme conditions. Interesting to hear that dynos don't show much difference, but then they'd have to extrapolate figures back from the wheels to get estimated engine figures perhaps?
  14. I found it easiest to pop the side panel with some plastic trim tools from the local auto parts store, less plastic damage with these useful tools. Also these are great for prying off light lenses and other small trims used over screws or bolts in plastic panels, I found screwdrivers always leave marks not surprisingly.
  15. Amen to that! Too much is never enough. I like my rocket sled hearse.
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