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  1. And a bit of an update on the intake blanking plate I mentioned earlier in the thread: Keeping an eye on the oil temps driving about in town, highway etc, oil temp on the Sport gauges never gets above 110-112 C max in summer, but usually around 90-100 just pootling about. I’m sure it would be a bit higher if I was racing but that’s not what I do. The filter doesn’t seem especially grotty, there’s always a few bugs and dust that’s finds it way in of course but nothing worse than I’ve seen on my other cars over the course of a few months.
  2. Me three, late 18 build MY19 model R wagon. Comfort is distinctively softer, slightly wallow-y. Race is much more disciplined, short vertical movements. This I have tested in Individual mode just switching the DCC between.
  3. GolfRWag

    Who's in work?

    6 weeks every Christmas, when the weather is the best of course! (Mind you, over 40 degrees in Melbourne in December is a bit unusual...) This is one of the best perks of working in education.
  4. Not quite as special as white estates (he sniffs), but estates are great(s)! Congrats! (I was liking the red, or the blue or the white, but white was easier/quicker to get and, more stealth for the wolf effect).
  5. Mine was the same (R), pull it out, lightly file the area where the catches on the dipstick click into to make the ramp a bit less steep (cover the top when you do that) so the clips can slide up over more easily. Add lube and you can pull hard without breaking anything....
  6. Thanks for replies all, I'd be happy with 40 000 km, just not sure the Contis will make it. I got 40 000 km from a previous set of Bridgy RE050 and around 60 000 from some RE030 on a Legacy GT, both pretty grippy tyres that handled really well, but not quite sticky as the Contis feel, but maybe that's a very capable chassis.
  7. Thanks Bec, I cant argue with the grip but it looks like I might only get 30 000km out of them which is a bit crap. Still, gotta pay to play when you have great handling and plenty of go. Cheers.
  8. Hey all - just had my first service at nearly 1 year/15 000 km, rotated tyres front to back and checking the tread they look pretty evenly worn in to out etc. Tyres are Continental CSC5 235/35/19 inch on my 2018/MY19 Golf R wagon. I don't race it or overly flog it every single minute - largely sensible schlepping to work and back in traffic with occasional longer freeway/country trips. They seem to grip quite well, corner consistently at pretty high speed though they drone a bit on our notorious coarse-chip Aussie roads at times. But the tread-wear indicators show only about 4-5 mm to go (being generous) and makes me wonder what average tyre life is like for these tyres? Fellow R owners on here got any experience with the likely Km life you have got out of this particular model tyre?
  9. GolfRWag

    R Daddy Wagon

    Lookin' good Restate7.5, wagons are cool (well I reckon anyway...). Welcome to the best R forum around.
  10. Welcome to the "R Estate Division" of VWROC - so good at so many different roles, the economy is just another great benefit when you need it.
  11. Yeah, its pretty bad, but not quite as awful as the RR. Wonder how many of the RR Cullinan and B Bentayanga will ever see more than a manicured gravel drive or a slightly muddy track on 'the estate'...
  12. Wow - haven't seen a new Lancia sold here in Oz for probably 30 years? Going by those images Charles no wonder - no one was game enough to bring them over. Even Infiniti are closing up shop here, and their styling is not quite so bad....
  13. I think that image by itself sums up the problems some brands have with styling an SUV. "Oh, let's take the sedan/wagon/hatch we have and jack it up 200mm, make the body a bit deeper, stick some air in the wheelarches and voila, we have our own SUV!" Never mind its as ugly as a hat full of arseholes, but then they probably know they will reel in several thousand mug punters around the world who would pay $$$$$$toomuch for the thing. :spew:
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