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  1. Def go with the vacuum/5mm vinyl tube option - got a good chance of pulling the critter out IF you can find access at the back of the headlight.
  2. They look quite OK - from behind the rears disappear into the tyres, not too long and daggy. Fronts are nice and tight to the body, go nicely with the black sill spoilers.
  3. Re: mudflaps for R 7.5 Wagon - have got a set, sorted with help of a local VW parts interpreter. I head up the snow a few times a year in winter here in Victoria, the road up the hills with heavy traffic, water/snow and wheel chain usage tends to produce water soluble tar that sprays up and sticks to absolutely everything, and is awful to remove, requiring lots of kerosene. Not to mention the stone chips behind the wheels from general highway and dirt road use. So the Mk 7.5 R wagon/variant/estate/SportWagen needs to following mud flaps/splash guards: Front is GTi/GTD 7.5 standard: 5GV075116 Rear is standard 7.5 wagon 5G9075101A or 5G075101 seems to work in http://www.oemepc.com/ The parts system proved a bit less than cooperative for the rears - on second try we got it right with the 5G9075101A, same as the USA and EU model parts for the Mk 7.5 wagon. The standard wagon has the same rear bumper shell as the R - the only difference is the rear valence between the exhaust pipes. And according to the http://www.oemepc.com/, its the same parts for Mk 7 and 7.5 -cant vouch for that however.
  4. Clean glass thoroughly, isopropyl is good for removing most crud including tiny droplets of tar. I've found rubbing powdered graphite into the rubbers (like they come as new) on a regular basis gives them enough slip to be smoother on the glass. The amount of shite that blows up the back of the wagon, the rear glass gets filthy very quickly.
  5. It is truly frightening (but not really surprising) when you are faced with examples the "other half": that half of the population who are, by definition, of below average intelligence, and realise that there's a whole other world out there - perhaps ignorance is bliss for these people? Bloody frightening for the rest of us though 😮
  6. Yeah, I have noticed a bit of ticky noise in cold start up, given its winter here now in Melbourne (lows of 7-8degrees C! I'm putting it down to the oil being a bit thicker and hydraulics not quite right until it warms enough. It goes away within less than a minute. My R is only 6 months/9000 km so probably run in now. Another thought was the pistons, being forged, means they can be a little noisy until warm so I understand, depending upon the compromises made during design to keep efficiency high: https://ls1tech.com/forums/generation-iii-internal-engine/372791-piston-slap-explaination-gm-engineer.html
  7. Heheheheh, there's something about certain BMW drivers, the ones who buy base models, and often add wings and M wheels and extra badges (Chav style I guess that is in the U.K?) and seeem to want to show everyone what their Ultimate Driving Machine is capable of, err, in this case not. The Raptor has a fair slug of torques, somewhere about 500 Nm, so not to be sniffed at and it looks like they have geared them low for good response as you can with 10 gears to play with, so they do have a bit of toey takeoff. I hadn't even taken mine out of D however -oops. He got an earful of full fart when it dropped into 2nd gear for the whole effect!
  8. Yeah, I get that Greg, maybe it's the Aussie thing where it's great to have a goods under the hood, but plain wrap outside? Don't want to look like a badge-wanker with the base model of a fancy brand badge that really hasn't got anything special to it. I had a moment of plain wrap fun the other day with some dude in a Ranger Raptor, with his 10 speed auto he reckoned he could see off a stock Golf wagon at the lights -it was all over by 5000 rpm in first gear...lol.
  9. 14.7:1? well, most of the time for closed loop cruise, decel and gentle acceleration, that's the stoichiometric ratio for ideal emissions to suit the catalytic converters/unleaded fuel. Hard accel, high loads will drop it to the 12s.
  10. Hmmm, quick postage. Bit of a bugger to put on, a bloke needs 5 arms to keep it straight, flat, centred and smooth! Finally got it on reasonably straight but couldn't avoid a pile of bubbles and a short wrinkle in the centre but mostly under the tailgate edge. Bit of hot air gun and a pin fixed the bubbles so it looks reasonably good, not pleased about the wrinkle but it will do the job protecting the top of the bumper.
  11. Haha, the poster (here in Oz) who broke it had to pay some stupid price to replace the dipstick, like £25 for you? Like the hood release cable join which is best fitted with a cable tie, a stitch in time etc.
  12. If too hard to pull out (and there are reports of people yanking them out and breaking them), get a flat file and run a couple of downward strokes on the flat sides of the dipstick tube, where the little yellow clips on the dipstick grab. That should ease the removal a bit.
  13. Yup, pull back lever for S, pull back again for normal D, it definitely one of the best features of the DSG. Manual mode is instant on the paddles, seems to hold for a good length of time too, unless you slow to a stop or nearly. Or just hold the right paddle to go back to D, or flick lever left then back right into D.
  14. Beautiful - just ordered one. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-Golf-MK7-Estate-Carbon-Style-rear-Bumper-Protector/323786962370?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  15. Discover Pro, 7.5 Wagon/Estate, this maybe the same on all audio systems though, don't know... When the radio/audio is switched off after touching the centre screen on/off button, by pushing the volume up switch in the steering wheel, the audio is turned back on.
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