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  1. GolfRWag

    7.5R Variant says hello!

    Beautiful in red and gloss black, welcome fellow wagon!
  2. GolfRWag

    2017 White R Hearse

    Welcome. Great to see another white hearse join the group.
  3. GolfRWag

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Another (pretty minor) issue: most of the lights, both interior and exterior on my 7.5 Wagon are LED, as it should be. BUT, the glovebox and boot light are sh*tty incandescent globes, why? The glovebox has a wedge base and the boot a festoon. Needless to say they have been replaced ASAP with suitable white LEDs. I'm guessing it's down to the mixture of stock bog-standard model wagon but with upgrade higher model bits such as internal map lights, footwell lights, door garnish strips, scuff strips and external puddle lights from wing mirror bases all being LED. As I said, minor issue, loving the drive, rocket sled wagon with hot rod noises in race mode, anything but ordinary!
  4. GolfRWag

    Golf 7R Photos - Part 2

    Hot! Im guessing this is below Mt Wellington? Maybe not. What a brilliant shot regardless, well done.
  5. GolfRWag

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    I haven't looked at the pop out blade key on my Golf yet (no need), but my wife's previous car, a Mazda 3 had a similar pop out key and the blade held in to a chromed spring loaded swivel-base by a press-in roll pin. Dead simple to tap out using a suitable punch once disassembled. But that doesn't help you get a new blade cut!
  6. GolfRWag

    Flip key metal blade snapped

    Have you got locksmiths or key cutters that also do car keys in the UK ? Here we can get most common brand keys, flip or not, and keyfob remotes fixed, replaced and programmed by Mister Minit, a franchise mob here who do keys of all kinds,engraving, shoe repair etc in many shopping centres. Try Timpson? No idea what they are like. Generally way way cheaper than dealer OE, but check both.
  7. GolfRWag

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    Getting easily 37 mpg mixed highway driving here ('19 7.5 DSG wagon on 98 octane). Have seen as low as 40mpg already in Eco on a pretty flat 100kph cruise, 45 mpg maybe possible ideally, but would be very gentle and boring freeway drive with minimal traffic and no terrain. Edit: this is according to the car computer, not actual fuel/km calc. New car has done all of about 900km so far...
  8. GolfRWag

    Wind Deflectors

    Heh heh, I don't need the windows down to hear the farts and burps on my wagon.
  9. GolfRWag

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    Can you post the instruction string please? I have VCDS so hopefully would be a able to find it there. Edit: Actually, don't worry, found it on VWWatercooled. I'll give it a tweak when I get home. Edit2: Done via coding in Module 13, Byte 2, 67 changes to 47 using the Long Coding helper after ticking the box under. Thx.
  10. Ah it's not too hard, take 5 mins. Ive learnt not to clean the wiper blades after 20 years to help preserve the graphite coating! The PIAA ones here are $60AU each, seems like a rip (compared to $35 for a pair of normal ones) - how long do they last really? I have tried silicones on other cars and found they get the same issues after time but last a bit longer.
  11. A quick fix that can extend wiper life is to rub fresh powdered graphite into the rubber. This works as long as the blade is still a straight continuous edge and they haven't gone dry, stiff or cracked due to old age. As soon as you notice the performance of the blade drop off, if it gets shudders or smears give the blade edge a clean with isopropyl, wipe over with a generous spray of silicone spray lube then coat in graphite powder, rubbed well in. Next, clean the screen glass with standard ammonia cleaner to shift built up crud. This should give a smooth wipe that may last a few weeks or longer if the blade is physically ok. DONT clean the blade in following weeks, just the windscreen. This helps keep the graphite in place! A fresh coat of RainX or similar can help with the glide of wipers over the glass.
  12. GolfRWag

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    I have just experienced the avoid passing on the left programming this week, annoying but not insurmountable with a quick prod of the accelerator. Be nice to find out how to get around it with VCDS!
  13. You better check under your engine cover then - as I said above I did so and discovered the MY19 7.5 R has dual injection, just like previous versions of the 7 here in Oz. We shouldn't expect carboned inlet valves and all the possible problems that brings. Have a look at the Yanks lamenting their loss on their lower specced engines, you can see the upper MPI fuel rail (port injection or "low pressure" which ours has if you check out the first cutaway image. https://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?6984506-What-Happened-To-The-Dual-Injected-EA888
  14. A possible solution to retain the look of a functioning system, might be to cut off the downstream end of the GPFs, gut or at least drill a fair hole down the centre of them, weld back up and join the downstream sensor pipe to the upstream one so they should show no pressure differential, presuming the system needs to see a big enough differential to generate a burn off as the GPFs load up and restrict flow. Not sure however if the sensor system should expect a certain minimum differential otherwise it might set a fault.
  15. GolfRWag

    19 inch wheels turning circle?

    I reckon that's it Blower - the steering is all electric (correct me if i'm wrong) so that means the lock limits can be programmed to avoid the wider wheels fouling bodywork inside etc.