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  1. Yeah, they should all come with the shelf that clips in and raises with the tailgate. Wagons are naturally superior and have a standard roller blind ๐Ÿ˜Lol. Tell your dealer it's missing and you need a discount! Wreckers should have one as IIRC they have been the same body since 2014.
  2. Greg, don't we get supposedly get downrated 213kw models when the equivalent EU spec for Mk 7.5 was 228 kw (plus another 10Nm) for pre WLTP models at least? Ah found an article on it: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/faster-volkswagen-golf-r-for-oz-106952/ Officially "hot climate" so they probably pull some timing and chuck in a bit more fuel to keep it all safe under the most extreme conditions. Interesting to hear that dynos don't show much difference, but then they'd have to extrapolate figures back from the wheels to get estimated engine figures perhaps?
  3. I found it easiest to pop the side panel with some plastic trim tools from the local auto parts store, less plastic damage with these useful tools. Also these are great for prying off light lenses and other small trims used over screws or bolts in plastic panels, I found screwdrivers always leave marks not surprisingly.
  4. Amen to that! Too much is never enough. I like my rocket sled hearse.
  5. Yeah, its Soundaktor related, but I don't mind a little bit of rorty induction-like noise when I'm up it. I will investigate the door next.
  6. I have a slightly annoying buzz somewhere around the front right corner of the cabin, or maybe drivers door from the Soundaktor, as it only happens at 2200-2600 rpm and only when Sport Noise is on. And I have reduced the Soundaktor to 50%. Any suggestions about what to look at?
  7. Noticed this today (MY19 7.5 R Wagon/Variant in Oz): In Individual drive mode setting, selecting "race" drive mode for gearbox gave quicker takeoff and upshifts but did NOT provide the usual upshift fart sharpness nor the overrun burble and pops. So I also selected "Race" in Sound in Individual mode and suddenly there it was. In addition to the usual Soundaktor in-cabin vroom vroom it also adjust the pop-fart noises out the back! (I have my Soundaktor turned down to 50% max to better enjoy the exhaust noise when I choose) Clearly, the Sound parameter tells the engine mapping to do something different with fueling and spark in order to add extra tailpipe theatrics to the overall experience. And in the 7.5 wagon there are no flaps to open/shut so its pretty much all software driven real (nice) noise out the back.
  8. Just be sure to eliminate air leaks whenever you do up clamps, but don't overdo them as it kaks the plastics and clamps. Besides the fact that KN filters (and some other oilable types) coat the inside of your intake with oily shite they also let more grit into your engine in dry conditions for zero real world gains, except a bit of noise.
  9. Yeah I agree on eco tuning in D - it seems to lug, but if you look at engine spec, full torque is available at something like 1500 rpm. A quick flex of the right boot and it picks up in gear pretty quickly. Just doesn't sound good grumbling along though.
  10. Thanks Stu, looks like the tailgate holder is identical, no surprise. The other VW part no I got was 1Y0.093.055, very similar to yours. Apart from the case case looking slightly different it's all same same.
  11. Wise words from a husband! (My wife has refused to drive my R wagon so far, claiming it's too "racey" ๐Ÿ˜‚. I'm sure she will find it just fine in Comfort Mode. Edit: I should add that she didn't mind driving my tuned Subaru Legacy GT wagon (auto) too much, can't figure out why the R is scary!)
  12. Update:swung by an Audi wrecker today and enquired: bloke hunted about the back and produced a correct part, out of an 08 A6 I think? Regardless it fits as it should and the Audi part number was 8T0860251. It's a Trimicro branded part, made by Gebra in Germany. Other part numbers I found that are probably the same VW/Audi part are all ending in 860251 with different 3 letter/number prefixes.
  13. Thanks David and Stu, I'm trying to hunt up local ones as well, appreciate your feedback.
  14. Heheh, you guys too? Yeah? I have seen some pics of the Trimicro one (OE I think) in case inside the tailgate clip : http://www.vwgolf.net.au/showthread.php?32659-FS-Audi-Volkswagen-VW-Genuine-Warning-Triangle-New&p=506626 I wasn't sure of the OE box dimensions that fit, aftermarket ones seem a little bit big.
  15. Hi, Slightly odd request, but could someone with the 7/7.5 wagon please pop out and measure their warning triangle hard-case for me, to the nearest mm? It maybe the hatch ones are the same but not sure. Also the part number pretty please ๐Ÿ™... Working from the holder in the tailgate I think it should be 440 x 44 x 32 mm but hard to tell! There are various generic ones on eBay, but they won't necessarily fit the holder, genuine VW/Audi ones may but no dimensions are given. They don't fit them as OE here in Oz (not legislated) but I reckon it just maybe useful for the unexpected, where a high viz warning could be seen early if changing a flat tyre in a dodgy place close to the road lanes for example. Thx ๐Ÿ‘
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