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  1. I had this pop up on my Golf but it was my own fault playing with OBD11. I changed the basic settings, as above and confirmed and all was good. Hope you solve the issue.
  2. My view is the same as yours, compulsory retest every 5 years. Lots has changed from when I passed my test and having helped our kids with the theory test I have some short comings! Although hazard perception is better than theirs. My amount of driving has reduced, not just because of COVID but generally in the last 5 years but I still see people without lights, no indication or a classic a couple of weeks ago when an ambulance wanted to pass, the car in front stopped but not just anywhere Ona blind left hand bend! Retest and get the muppets off the roads!
  3. I got mine off eBay called Bimecc and came with the longer bolts and locking wheel nuts.
  4. Here you go 😀 not great but shows that they sit just inside the arches rather than flush.
  5. Hi Steve, With the Cadiz wheel you can go either 12front 15 rear or 15 front and 20 rear which provides the ‘flush’ look. I went with 12,15 on mine with Cadiz and they look fine. hope that helps?
  6. I use Audi Hereford. It’s been sold now though. I believe that they are currently waiting for a saloon to arrive this month. Maybe worth a phone call, depending on where in the country you are. all the best with it.
  7. I spoke to the dealer about possible adaptations, they said no. I’ve been trawling the web for people that have done it but it looks like the headlights would need changing as apparently my car doesn’t have the shutters, so I’ve given up.
  8. On Monday I test drove the RS3 and placed an order on Tuesday. Maybe a bit hasty but OMG I though the Golf R is quick but its another step. Have to wait for a build date and then delivery sometime next year.
  9. Hi All, I’ve had a search and can’t find anything on this. I’m assuming that the parts bid at VW is the same for all Golf’s and that some of the functions are there but just need programming. So when I took delivery of my Golf R in March this year the dynamic light assist came with some models along with lane assist. Mine didn’t! But I did spec headlight assist which dips the main beam when a car is coming, so long way to ask, as dynamic assist be retro fitted to my car? I think it has the camera to know when to dip. thanks in advance Kev
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