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  1. When you have set up your gap insurance what figure did you use for the purchase price? My concern would be the price i paid I couldn’t get another for the same cost. As you can tell, I’ve never had gap before! has anyone had a claim and had issues with the cost to replace against the original invoice figure?
  2. Someone’s in trouble! Hopefully it was a banked R and now they can at least get one with all the new bits and bobs!
  3. Yep, I got my deal through Carwow and including the dealer contribution had £4967 off list. Well worth ringing a few to see who is looking for your business.
  4. I received my documents for my PCP in the post yesterday and whenever the car is described it’s listed as 310 R. Anyone else got the same?
  5. I’m with LV as well, although the company is trading as ABC Insurance through my broker, my change cost me £43.00 extra on my existing policy until July. I do feel for you all who are trying to insure their car, especially after such a long wait. Anyone tried the specials, such as Flux? Hope it all works out.
  6. I got them off eBay. I’ve just noticed that I’ve put two of the un-spaced passenger rear and not the front in-spaced! First one spaced and the second in-spaced just to show the difference. The company was in Tamworth and the spacers are Bimtec (I think) and we’re £130 delivered. The fronts are pushe right out and the rears sit just inside the arches but looks better in the flesh than on the photos.
  7. Second job done, wheels spacers, 12mm front and 15mm rear. Never done this before but looks like they do in the brochure! Ill take ale some of the first job later as it was dark when I did it last night. 😀
  8. It’s just brilliant, total change. There’s nice touches in it and it feels more solid and better built.
  9. Night and day, black and white I’d say. Feels so more planted and dare I say better built than my GTD
  10. What’s it like against the GTI. I managed to find a quiet ‘private’ road and OMG, 100mph came up very quickly and I wasn’t even pushing it!
  11. We sold it after 10 months as lots started to go wrong! Anyone used Auto Smart version?
  12. No I wouldn’t have the auto Glym paint Protection Film. We had it accidentally applied to an A3 a few years back. I wasn’t impressed with the results on the outside as after 4-5 washes the beading stopped and the paint went slightly dull
  13. Is everyone that’s collecting tomorrow or this weekend ready for their new toy? 😃😃😃. I’ve just put the spare key an V5 on top of my files ready for a 10am collection.. anyone collecting just after midnight?
  14. I’ve just been checking on the website listed above and it looks like a banked/ cancelled order. I did say to the dealer it was banked and she skipped over it!
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