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  1. My son took his Scrocco in to be assessed yesterday but as he couldn’t provide the service history they needed they wouldn’t even look at the car. Then said to be offered the opportunity to have the all in deal he would need them to do a full service, dsg oil change, brake fluid change and cam belt change all for about £1,000. He declined! off to a local independent garage now to have the service done and see what happens from then. It would have been a great way to have two services and MOTs but not with that upfront cost.
  2. I’ve got an RS3 on order, placed in December last year and don’t have a build week yet. I’m not in a rush as I’m keeping my Golf R but would like to know when to expect it. But as has been said, it’s just a new car and when you see what’s going on in the Ukraine it’s insignificant let’s hope some sense is seen!
  3. It was booked to go in yesterday and have them polish it at the prep centre but I’ve got COVID and have pushed it on to next week. If it’s still bad when I get it back they will be paying for a professional detail! I won’t make the same mistake again! It happened last year (there’s some pictures on here somewhere) and I missed to put the note on it to say don’t clean and ended up spending two days polishing and waxing it to get a decent shine back on it.
  4. I had mine serviced and MOT’d a couple of weeks ago. I was asked if I wanted the haldex service at the same time. Like TonksyR I also asked if the filter was cleaned and assured it would be. I also asked for a photo and was told they couldn’t but assured me it would be done but unless I remove it myself or get an independent to look how would I know? they also washed my car, I hadn’t said not to. Needless to say, I went back to the service guy and made a fuss as my car currently looks like it’s been cleaned with a Brillo pad! They are going to sort it next week when it’s checked fo
  5. I use the VW roof bars and Montblanc bike racks and can accommodate 4 bikes on the roof.
  6. I had mine serviced last week and was quoted £280 for a minor service. I checked the VW website a couple of days before and they had an offer for the same service at £230. I called prior to arriving and told them about it and they agreed the new lower price. Worth checking to see if there are any offers on.
  7. You may also want to pull out the snow guard as well, it helps the air flow in and through the air box.
  8. As always there is good and bad in everything, pedestrians, cyclist, motor cyclist and car drivers. As I do all of the above I try and use the common sense approach. I check for traffic before crossing the road when walking, wear a helmet with reflective bits on my clothes (although it’s usually quite dark clothing - I’m told it’s slimming 😂), and pass with at least 1.5m when in the car. Having had a car driver brush my elbow at god knows what speed whilst cycling I’ve been lucky not to have been to A&E but when there is room on the road and they still pass closely it’s seriously
  9. I had this pop up on my Golf but it was my own fault playing with OBD11. I changed the basic settings, as above and confirmed and all was good. Hope you solve the issue.
  10. My view is the same as yours, compulsory retest every 5 years. Lots has changed from when I passed my test and having helped our kids with the theory test I have some short comings! Although hazard perception is better than theirs. My amount of driving has reduced, not just because of COVID but generally in the last 5 years but I still see people without lights, no indication or a classic a couple of weeks ago when an ambulance wanted to pass, the car in front stopped but not just anywhere Ona blind left hand bend! Retest and get the muppets off the roads!
  11. I got mine off eBay called Bimecc and came with the longer bolts and locking wheel nuts.
  12. Here you go 😀 not great but shows that they sit just inside the arches rather than flush.
  13. Hi Steve, With the Cadiz wheel you can go either 12front 15 rear or 15 front and 20 rear which provides the ‘flush’ look. I went with 12,15 on mine with Cadiz and they look fine. hope that helps?
  14. I use Audi Hereford. It’s been sold now though. I believe that they are currently waiting for a saloon to arrive this month. Maybe worth a phone call, depending on where in the country you are. all the best with it.
  15. I spoke to the dealer about possible adaptations, they said no. I’ve been trawling the web for people that have done it but it looks like the headlights would need changing as apparently my car doesn’t have the shutters, so I’ve given up.
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