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  1. That looks a great drive. The NC 500 is on my list to do, but may do an alternative route like yours.
  2. All sorted and HBA is working again. Now lost dynamic corner assist. Back to the drawing board!
  3. Hi all, I thought I was getting the hang of OBD 11 and tried to add the road sign recognition function with the idea of undoing it if I didn’t like it. Anyway I’ve managed to lose my auto main beam. Any ideas on how to get it back working again? cheers Kev
  4. Well done on your new purchase, was that their demo car? If so I did want to have a test drive in it last Friday and was told it was sold. Glad you like it though!
  5. I’m looking at the moment and have been told 19 weeks to build plus delivery time on top.
  6. Currently right on the border between Shropshire and Herefordshire. Not in the forces mate but DtD looks like getting my money, I just need to get my new home mortgage sorted and I can get on with the job of a new car to go with it!!
  7. A few of you have suggested that I look at DtD rather than Carwow, you are absolutely correct. Carwow for my spec car was £44,731, same spec at DtD £40,306. Looks like I maybe able to add an Akrapovic exhaust and still be less than CW! Thanks to all that gave me the heads up 👍😉
  8. Nice one Jeff, your car looks very similar to what I’ve just built and waiting on a price now. I’ve just watched the Carwow drag race between a 8R v 7.5R and the 8 was quicker in every test apart from the brake test.
  9. Thanks for the reply, I bought my current R from my local dealer but through Carwow. I’ve told the dealer to make sure their pencil is sharp and to offer the best deal they can. I’ve also got Carwow figures coming in to compare and use as a stick!
  10. I’m waiting for my dealer to come back to me with discount figures on a £46k car but thought an order now could be September delivery. Based on what you are all experiencing I would think it would be longer unless they have booked slots.
  11. I spoke to my dealer as I’d like to place an order and they say that they will keep the quote APR if it goes up but will reduce it if it drops. Not sure if all dealers do that?
  12. I had mine replaced on Saturday morning. Interestingly, having already asked prior to agreeing the warranty work, I was asked again ‘has it got wet?’ How’s everyone else getting on with their claims?
  13. +1 I asked and have a printed copy of mine as well. The online site still doesn’t show the first or second service on my car.
  14. My GTD 7 was night blue, the R is Atlantic blue. 😉
  15. I ordered an OBD11 which came and I added the multi colour dash lights. I thought I’d start small!
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