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  1. I love looking for numbers too. The wife managed to take my R over 13k last week but I noticed it had done 13131 miles when I dropped the little one at school. Crap picture, sorry!!
  2. Interesting bit on the move to better battery solutions - solid state, whatever that means - but looks like we are a few years away (here in the sticks anyway) from the full conversion to electric. Tech Tent: Will better batteries persuade us to go electric? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-55016147
  3. I’m only 18months in my R, and third Golf in a row - previous 2 were GTD-s, but I’m looking at the next car to reside on my drive and electric is on the list. However, I believe that there will be a jump in both battery performance and miles per charge so think I may buy my current Golf at the end of the 4 year PCP deal as it does everything I want, but doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on what’s coming and some of the performance figures are insane with full electric - Tesla Model S plaid is sub 2 seconds to 60! Ok it’s the price of a starter home but the performance will trickle down.
  4. Andy, try Signs & Labels in Mortimer Road Hereford. They do vans, lorry’s etc so should be able to sort you out.
  5. Washed the car and rotated the wheels today. The fronts are cutting out the inside edge so will have to get it tracked, lots of potholes around me!
  6. I’m a bit of a number freak and always look for a series. Anyway this came up yesterday 😀
  7. It’s about an hour and a half from me but would be good to meet other members and pick up some tips.
  8. Cheers Dave. I was hoping they were basically the same as I want to keep the spare wheel. Looks like Helix with the wheel in the boot.
  9. Hi all, Can you fit the Dynaudio subwoofer to the standard system in a Golf R? I’m looking at either this or the Helix to add a bit more depth to the sound system. Cheers Kev
  10. Here you go, a good vid in both dry and wet.
  11. I used to used the plastic card but with a squirt or WD40 to help slide the feet in to place.
  12. I don’t have an estate but do have the RGM bumper and door sill protectors. They are a great addition to protect the car and look fairly OEM.
  13. Bit of an odd question but here goes! I’ve just bought some Rapha core bibs in their sale. The chamois is really good and although I’ve not been very far, I’m just wondering what the difference in pad between the core, classic and pro bibs? Is it worth considering Assos bibs?
  14. I usually put mine in the boot if it’s just me, but also have roof bars and bike carriers if two or more. I have recently purchased a full boot liner from Custom Covers - you can find them on eBay. Great boot liner for taking the dogs and also carrying the bike. Also, as said, add a bumper protector, RGM do an ABS plastic cover for the Golf and again they have been a god send on my previous and current Golf. https://www.ukcustomcovers.com/custom-boot-liners/volkswagen https://rgmautomotive.co.uk/search/?make=&model=359&part_number=
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