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  1. Do members remove wheel spacers prior to a visit to the dealer?
  2. I’m interested in fitting one of these but scared to death of breaking the cam breather. How simple is it to remove on the post WLTP model and what’s the process?
  3. Wow those are impressive figures Gavras, i’ve Only managed 41MPG so far on a rural run to Hay on Wye
  4. I agree with the build quality part. I’ve had 2 mk7 GTD’s and both felt more solid than the new R. Even closing the door, it sounds less like a Golf! The boot floor in my last 2 i always had on the higher setting so I’m not missing the extra space. But like you I love it..
  5. Kevmoz

    Three data sim

    Cheers for the link, mine arrived today. I’m currently running an EE SIM card that’s linked to my data package, but thought I’d try this one to see if coverage is better and then have the choice of using my phone or the dongle.
  6. If you check here and scroll down you will see the logos download. You need save to it to an SD card and pop it in the second SD slot in the glove box. https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/owners/how-to-guides/sat-nav
  7. Mine farts and pops on overrun. Has to be in race and S on the DSG though.
  8. Kevmoz

    Which MY?

    Mine doesn’t have the chrome strip on the hazard button and does have edge around the interior mirror. I specced Kessey and headlight assist, but I didn’t get the reverse camera or the lane assist. I have to say I’m a little lost by it all, but I did get the car I ordered 😀
  9. I’ve had mine in the top end of the Rev range a couple of times. Nothing early on and not in the red, just a couple of short blasts recently but I’m over 800 miles now.
  10. I used to travel 5 miles each way on country roads and took about 7-10 mins depending on traffic and then drove to see clients. I’ve moved my office to my home and my commute is now its zero! My annual mileage has dropped from 15,000 per year down to 8,000 that’s why I got out of a GTD and into an R.
  11. I asked my dealer for a quote for the reverse camera and he said that he couldn’t tell which is was there are a number listed. Best he could do was give him the part number and he’d order it. Sounds a bit pot luck! I’m one of the unfortunate ones to get a banked car and really it’s only really the camera that i would want. Sorry to jump on your thread Jamie but any help would be appreciated.
  12. Not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but, having now covered near 800 miles I overtook yesterday (not surprising in an R) but I had the performance information open in the infotainment unit. As I looked down the KW is at 221, max output. I’m fine with that but for those with boxes, chips and performance mods does yours go higher or is it just an estimation based on standard performance? And as a side, I’m so chuffed with the MPG return. 😀
  13. Yep mine is really bad too. I plan to sort it over the next couple of months. The back quarters look like they have been polished with an orbital wire brush!
  14. Has anyone come out of a mk7 to a mk7.5? The reason I ask is I cleaned mine at the weekend and it feels like the bonnet and roof is made of thinner sheet. I had that nice ‘whoop’ noise when using the sponge on them!
  15. When you have set up your gap insurance what figure did you use for the purchase price? My concern would be the price i paid I couldn’t get another for the same cost. As you can tell, I’ve never had gap before! has anyone had a claim and had issues with the cost to replace against the original invoice figure?
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