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  1. Yes, seems ok. Cant hear it much on Normal, but it into Normal/Sport then you can hear it a bit. After coming from an 4.0 AMG, anything else is quiet to me! :-)
  2. Just done over 400 miles today. A few pics after the first wash..........
  3. Ok, I emailed VW customer services with regards the number of launches and this was their reply:
  4. Thanks all! I'll get the ordinary version. Was going to wait for the ios version but as they've said it'll be a couple of months, I'll just go for the Android one now. Like you say, you dont use it that often so my crappy old S3 mini will do the job for now.
  5. Would you recommend getting the OBDeleven device + Easy remove? Or shall I save nearly nine quid and get the ordinary non-easy remove device? How easy is it to put the device in and out of the OBD port? Cheers.
  6. When I picked my car up the other day my salesman told me I could only use launch control 4 times. Any more would invalidate the warranty.
  7. I had this email from them today: thank you for the question. After positive internal testing results of iOS version, we decided to implement more functions into the software and reschedule the iOS release to the middle of Q2.
  8. Thats really decent results and similar to that Luke Hampshire Photography guy from Youtube who has an 2018 R. I think he had his RR'd at Regal. So in theory, my WLTP car should RR at 316 bhp 😃 Decent torque as well. Stock is supposed to be 280 ft-lb and yours looks around 330 ft-lb, that's a fair bit more. I thought the R would feel a bit down on torque but I'm quite surprised how torquey it feels (more so in Sport/Race). I've been thinking it feels higher than stock and your figures confirm this.
  9. Yes, I know of Surrey Rolling road. I know of a few members from other forums that have been there. It’s not too far from me (North Wilts), so would be good to do a group day there. :-)
  10. That’s excellent and certainly in line with the figures from the other vid (well, better figures as you are in the dry). I’ll take that back what I said in the other thread about that car not being stock! Have you any plans to see what power/torque its putting out? I’d like to do mine at some point, won’t be for a while as it will take me a while to run it in well. Hope I also get some decent figures with a post WLTP car.
  11. Excellent work @blower 👍 Did you measure a 0-100mph? (if possible 😉 ) interested if you can get it below 11secs like that vid you posted the other day. How many miles has your car done?
  12. Pic now uploading. Says mine needs an oil change in 9200 miles or just under a year.
  13. With regards insurance I was mindful to insure my brand new car as a Golf R 300 as opposed to a 310 which is what a lot of online website still list the latest Golf R as. Strangely my dealer told me to insure it as a 310 as "there is no difference between the 300 and 310". Yeah right, its not him whose insurance may not pay out in the event of a claim.
  14. Only had mine 2 weeks and the app is showing it needs a service in either 9200 miles or just under a year. Will be pretty p!ssed if they dont change it. (Was going to upload an image, but it keeps timing out and wont upload it)
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