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  1. You guys realise this matches the quarter mile time for the RS3 (both pre and post WLTP cars)? Mad. https://www.carwow.co.uk/blog/carwow-quarter-mile-400-metre-1320-ft-time-drag-race-leaderboard
  2. Yes it doesnt add up and impressive times from the Golf - which is brilliant! Makes the car quite appealing for £40K. This is a game changer for the 300bhp(ish) hot hatch segment. BMW, Audi and Merc will be pi55ed! As I said elsewhere, this car is behaving that its got more like 350bhp. Although the new 4WD system will no doubt shave a couple of tenth's off times. And this is the second fast R, the first being Archie Hamilton's vid, so its not a fluke, those times! I wonder why VW official performance figures are not showing it more realistically - rather the 0-62 being the same as the old one.
  3. It’s hardly a deal breaker? Don’t know why some people are so hung up on it. I’d rather have the new sophisticated rear torque vectoring that noticeably improves handling if it means losing the bonnet gas strut. But each to their own. 🙄
  4. That Golf R is a quick car the way it’s pulling from the others. In fact it’s behaving like a car with about 50bhp more than the others and not 10-15bhp more. And the M135i is supposed to have more torque than the R (420 vs 450nm) ..... go figure. Great performance from the new R and vids like this will help make them sell like hot cakes. Roll on the carwow vid when we’ll get some times for it no doubt. 😎
  5. I daresay the same comments were made when the Mk6 moved to the Mk7? That maybe some things were lost but overall the Mk7 was a better car? I dont know as I've not followed the Golf R from back then!
  6. This comment sounds to me like its put on a bit of weight.... " A little has been lost compared to the old Golf R - that feeling of it being up on tippy toes; some lucidity in the steering........"
  7. Reasonably positive but not overly. After reading that I think its given me a few reasons to keep hold of my 7.5 😀 Sounds a better car overall, but a shame there is a step back in a couple of areas, or so they say..... 🙄
  8. dopper99


    Is this a general insurance question? Or just about insurance on the Mk 8 R? (as its in the Mk8 R section of the forum!!!!)
  9. Slightly off topic but even BMWs can have a shed load of problems. Guy here with a M340i https://g20.bimmerpost.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1800256
  10. Indeed. This thread reminds me of when a few of us ordered WLTP cars and VW stopped making cars from around Sept 2018 till early 2019. And the R was about the last to be type approved and made. We were waiting what seemed like ages not knowing when we'd get our cars. And to think that was 2 years ago, where did that time go! 😲 (half of it locked up due to Covid, to be fair. 😡)
  11. Thanks for the write-up and pics @Lustral. Although doesn't sound like its impressed you that much?
  12. Nice vid over the Lambourn Downs on the B4000, not far from me. 🙂 Well the Civic Type R was always going to win as it beats pretty much everything out there anyway at the moment as a drivers car. But to me the Golf seems a more liveable car day to day. One main issue with the Type R is its lack of Individual mode - so you cant have comfort suspension and Sport throttle, they missed a trick there. When in Sport mode he is clearly being thrown around a bit. Good when you are "on-it" but if you fancy some sport throttle you need to put up with this firmer suspension setting. And then there is the looks. 😨
  13. i didnt realise he was a car trader (Volkswizard I assume) .👍
  14. Oh, and it looks like he's already selling his Golf R estate. That didnt last long.....
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