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  1. For anyone ordered on a PCP ......... do you know that the APR has gone down from 4.9% to 4.6%? Not much but it’ll save about £6 a month I think. Does the dealer honour this if you’ve already ordered and not received the car?
  2. Another question, does the software update itself? Or do you need to go to the dealers? Jimbo095 quoted 1788, so can this be updated over the air by itself? Do you have to tell it to update?
  3. Was reading on the GTI forum and owners saying VW dealers have claimed they fixed the Sync issue with the climate. But...... Seems that if you leave you car for up to an hour the Sync stays, but when you leave it longer it can lose it on some cars. No-one on on that forum has a solution at the moment.
  4. Yes I wouldnt say no to the Goodyear's Bec. 👍 Knowing my luck I'll probably end up with the Bridgestone's .......... its luck of the draw really! lol. Although when my car arrives (in god knows when!) maybe they'll change the choice of tyres fitted by then! 🙂
  5. Was just going to post it there and someone already has. 🙂 Goes to show in this review there is not one perfect tyre (not surprisingly). eg where some are excellent in the dry they are not so good in the wet (but probably only on the limit of very hard driving). I think any of the top rated tyres would be absolutely fine for the majority of people.
  6. Very good tyre test here of 14 tyres. Mentioned it here as he is testing on a Golf GTI 🙂 Interesting to see he is testing 2 of the tyres fitted to the R. Seems the Bridgestone S005 doesnt feature whatsoever in the test but the new Bridgestone Potenza Sport is and is well rated. Shame they dont fit this to the R instead of the S005 After watching this it does make you release there are more to tyres than the Michelin MP4S! 🙂 UUHP: Bridgestone Potenza Sport Goodyear Eagle F1 SuperSport Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S UHP: Altenzo SportComforter+
  7. Looking great guys 👍 Could I suggest we get Rebecca to take a nice shot of her 8R to go in the banner (Blue, Estoril's and Arka)? Surely time for a refresh of the banner pic now to 8R is out? 🙂 (Even if its to wind up Neil). 😁
  8. Did you actually go through the full process with Motorway and have your car on the one day auction? I sold mine on there and got far more than the initial Motorway valuation.
  9. That's weird as my old Golf which is 26 months old is currently valued at:
  10. Do like the black Estoril's and cant believe you don't want to keep them on! But each to their own 😉 Also, why not buy Michelin PS4S? Pretty much one of the best tyres you can put on your car. 🙂
  11. Thanks for that. That was the thread I was thinking of but couldn't find it when I did a quick search. Just wondering if this issue is sorted on the Mk8 rather than having to work around it. As I mentioned, I haven't experienced it in other dual clutch cars.
  12. Out of interest what Continentals were they? I had factory fit Continental 5's on my R and I actually didn't think they were too bad. Nearly 14K miles and still had a lot of life left in them. If I were to have replaced them I'd have deffo put Michelin's on, but I didn't think the conti's were too bad.
  13. Another DSG question, although it could be too early if no-one has given it a lot of beans yet.... Do we still get the "WTF" moments as experienced in the 7/7.5? ie when you floor it, the box goes to change down then hesitates for a second or so as it doesn't know what gear it thinks it should be in. I hope they've sorted out this issue. I never experienced anything like this in other dual clutch cars I've owned (eg M3 DCT).
  14. go on, you know you want a MK8 🙂. As I say, I didn’t need to change and mine was also 26 months old but considering it’s costing me virtually nothing (but the downside of not having an R for a few months, hence saving the monthlies) it’s a no brainer. 🙂 i also did a refresh of a my WBAC valuation a few days ago and got £27k (I’ve more miles than you). That was £1k more than the week before and nearly what I got from Motorway. The good thing about Motorway is there are zero fees, unlike WBAC’s £70. Used prices are sky high and new car prices are not budging. So a great ti
  15. In previous vid he showed a time of 2:10:93 For his M2. So the Golf was about 3 seconds slower. Not too bad given the power deficit.
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