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  1. Yes. I think Jeff mentioned (on Page 1) that it's the brake disc guard. He pushed it back and it solved the issue. Did the dealer fix yours?
  2. As long as my original quote doesn’t change in August I’m not fused as I’m well over £40k. 🙂
  3. If it’s any consolation I’m reading on bmw forums that their phones also get hot for wireless charging. So it’s not just a VW thing.
  4. First before you order check the prices on Drive the Deal. Loads of us have ordered through them and the prices are pretty good. However you may wait quite a while for your car. if your local dealer has build slots and can get the car quicker, then might be worth going for that. Although you will probably pay more as they know demand is much higher than supply at the moment.
  5. This could add fuel to the fire of the conspiracy theory that the US is getting priority over Europe for the building Golf R's!!!! 😆
  6. Yes Becs I think I meant the squeak that you used to get in the old Mk7/7.5.
  7. Thanks Jase. No don’t worry too much .... but nice to know they are not too bad in the heat that we’ve had lately. 👍
  8. A other MK 8 question for those that have their cars. On the mk7.5 when the mirrors close in the heat they used to make a right old noise. Is this improved with the MK 8? Any noise in the heat when the mirrors fold?
  9. I wonder if Audi are following the VAG trait of lying about the bhp. 🙂 400bhp and faster than the old one, and it probably weighs more with the rear toque vectoring (lets face all newer models weigh more these days)... hmmm ......... Archie will show us the real bhp no doubt 😆
  10. Yes I'd rather know worse case rather than a promise of ..."you will have it by Christmas sir...." if there is not much possibly of that happening.
  11. Yeah thats a great honest review and the two main reasons you've mentioned is why I would not consider a Type R ie the looks and the full-on, track focused nature of the car. I had an F80 M3 a few years back and it sounds similar in nature as being a "track focused car for the road". Not my bag personally these days and prefer the all round ability of the Golf R. I've watched and read a lot of reviews on the Type R and its certainly the one at the top as a driver focused car. Wins all track battles (eg Sutcliffe's Auto Express vids) and all reviewers love it as a on-it fun car. How
  12. This is just missing the 8R
  13. Bloody hell 8 month wait after changing an order that is already in the system! Yes stick with the standard one.
  14. Sorry I cant answer that, not got my car yet!
  15. Ok this vid is about AH buying a new RS3, but I posted it as he does give a mention to his Golf R. Seems to love it still..... vid should start in the right place.. (although will prob sell it when the RS3 comes)
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