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  1. I’d be very surprised if VW approve the remap so that the warranty is unaffected meaning any dealer will be able carry out related warranty issues, if they occur. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s a some local arrangement with this dealer that only they would fix any issues, but nowhere else will. But certainly interested to see what they have to say @Lustral 👍 I think we will be queuing up for a remap if they (or VW) are prepared to put it in writing that any dealer will be able carry out related warranty issues!
  2. I've had my car 3 months from brand new and noticed when its fairly hot like yesterday both door mirrors, creak/groan when I unlock the car. Noticed it first when we had the last hot weather at Easter. I wouldn't expect a brand new car to have noisy mirrors when opening in the heat! Never does it when its less than around 16-17 Deg C. Is this a common problem? Any fixes or should I take it to the dealer?
  3. For me just my previous 2 cars, M3 CP and AMG C63s. Both very similar on straight line performance (according to Youtube vids) but the C63s "feels" quicker due to 700Nm of torque.
  4. Before you take it in just make a note of the odometer mileage (or take a pic of it) and then you know if they took it out for a run around the block. 😉 No no need to disclose you are watching them with an app.
  5. Thats interesting. But probably why other people are not trying "to make a living" out of raffling cars. Clearly it has to be a special or outstanding car for people of want to spend £20 a pop (or multiples of £20 for several goes).
  6. LLF guy plugging the Golf R raffle...........
  7. Cracking looking car, welcome. 😊
  8. Dont have them on my new car but dont even know what they look like! You cant miss anything you never had (or seen before!).
  9. Seems the OP has gone AWOL!!!! Joined the forum, posted one post then disappeared! Maybe he's gone off to other forums to post the same thread. 😊
  10. Is it really that bad that you've got to swap it out?!!
  11. Not had nothing like that with my 2019 R. Take it to the dealers for them to look at, not worth messing with, its brand new! And its easily demostratable by the looks of it.
  12. Late 40’s here and had the car new 3 months ago and really impressed with it. After 10 years of owning so-called premium cars I think the R is hard to beat for a great drive. It drives like a normal Golf when everything is dialed down low but turn things up and it’s fantastic. Haven’t had this much fun in years. 😄
  13. Coming from BMWs I still spend time on those forums and they mention the X3 M40i and M40d are highly regarded as an excellent car and built really well, much better than the outgoing F3x 3 series. They handle very well for their size and weight apparently.
  14. Big thread already about this.... 👍
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