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  1. Bmw M cars still need a running in service at 1200 miles. I think it’s to make them feel “special” …….. or just an excuse make money out of M car owners. 😄
  2. Looks like the suppling dealer is Listers Volkswagen (Nuneaton) CV10 7RH. So a similar arrangement to Drive the Deal I assume.
  3. To be honest nowadays it probably isn't that important to run an engine in to the letter. I'm sure if it was so important lights would be flashing up on the dash within the first 1000 miles if someone tried to hammer it. I've never heard of damage caused to a car by not running it in properly. How many leased/hire/company cars are run in properly - probably not that many and you don't hear of loads of problems due to poor running in. I suspect manufacturers have to put the running in procedure into the hand book to cover themselves more than anything.
  4. A performance engine is run in from the factory. Never heard of that one before. It this was true then surely that would be in the owners handbook!
  5. It seems very annoying that HK does appear to be on the German VW configurer. ..... but not on UK.........
  6. Yes, as I say these high tech cars are too flash for their own good sometimes. In fact I think it was you that created that thread on the RS3 gremlins! 😀 https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/8y-rs3-gremlins-thread.435606/
  7. To be fair, there are a lot less bugs on the car 2 years on. There is a thread on the RS3 forum that is starting to list a few gremlins now, though fairly minor. All these high tech cars have some issues here and there. (Or maybe just VAG cars).
  8. <regret> Should have ordered the Performance Pack. </regret> 😁
  9. This is the guy that managed to get one.... https://www.vwroc.com/forums/topic/38731-what-have-you-bought-for-your-8r/page/87/#comment-632788
  10. Deffo lost the plot with that new one, compared to the current one. 🤣
  11. I think someone posted up a couple of weeks ago that he picked one up from ebay as an OEM one from VW was over a grand!
  12. Hopefully they will illuminate the volume and air con buttons. At least that will stop some of the YouTube moaners.
  13. Might be a daft question, but does the 8R display actual tyre pressures on the Infotainment screen? I can see something for setting/storing the pressure after you pump the tyres up, but surely it tells you what the pressure is? (even my old Fiesta did that!)
  14. Not as good as that one! But mine has Lapiz, performance pack, DCC, Winter Pack 2 (rear seats), reversing camera and HK stereo. Ordered April 2021 and got it July. Still a heady £48k by todays List price, but I paid a Drive the Deal price.
  15. Thats is a big spec. All the expensive options: Performance Pack Panoramic sunroof DCC Leather Seat Akrapovic Rear Camera However, someone's put that large spec on that and there is no HK stereo. Maybe it wasn't an option to spec, but mine is a 22 plate and has it. And a private seller, so OK if you've got the cash.
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