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  1. dopper99

    Selling my R..What next?

    If you like your traffic light grand prix's, dont even consider a powerful RWD car! But of course, they are more than that, some fantastic RWD cars out there. But they are best left to the summer for exploiting the throttle, unless you are happy going sideways. But you may get frustrated with the lack of traction as you cant just plant the throttle at this time of the year. Just depends what you want and what is important to you. I've come from an F80 M3 CP and not long sold a C63s (new shape) and one of the main reasons for getting rid was lack of traction this time of the year. Brilliant in the summer, but pretty useless this time of the year, especially against a 4WD car. Yes you can drive them fast (only when the wheels are rolling), but you need your wits about you and you'll see lots to TC light. But as I say, not really a problem in the summer. Test drive a few different cars and see if anything stands out ......................... but sometimes the grass isnt always greener on the other side. 😉
  2. dopper99

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Indeed. Mine has been showing Build In Progress since the end of November. I woudnt take too much notice of it. Mine is supposed to be built week 5.
  3. dopper99

    No Golf R on VW Website

    I could throw in the conspiracy theory that they have discontinued the Golf R. But I’ve no idea really. 😁 But you cant configure one on carwow anymore, so who knows…..
  4. dopper99

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    Yes no extra weight is good! However, I’d think I’d rather have the extra weight distributed throughout the car and the rear (diff) in the case of the 4WD system as opposed to all being up front in the engine bay. A heavy front end is never good for tidy cornering! 😉
  5. dopper99

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    According to a brochure I'm looking at: https://www.volkswagen.co.uk/assets/common/pdf/brochures/golf-gti-vii-brochure.pdf Manual Golf GTi Performance Pack: 1382kg Golf R: 1476kg DSG Golf GTi Performance Pack: 1402kg Golf R: 1495kg Like for like difference: 94kg So considering the GTi performance pack is probably the one to go for if you are getting a GTi, a 94kg difference isnt too bad to add 4WD for the R. I'm talking like for like here, not mixing up manual/DSG etc...!
  6. Thanks for that guys, doesnt sound great (in the longer term)! I wont be keeping mine for a long time I dont suppose, I get itchy feet too quick :-). I wonder how many cars and how many manufacturers this is an issue for? I've come from BMW's and cant say I've ever heard of anyone mentioning these sorts of problems on BMW's.
  7. Sorry for the dumb question, but how do these duel injectors on the pre-WLTP cars work? If there are two injectors per cylinder (I guess a total of 8?), doesn't the car use more fuel!? Might be a daft question, but I've no idea the difference between duel injectors and single injectors. Although the carbon issue is addressed, isn't there more to go wrong as more parts are used?
  8. I believe the actual price of the added options is £1365. So you are still getting £715 value in free options. 😉
  9. Compared to the list price, these 2nd hand Golf R's are good value, but no-one pays list for a car 😉 My dealer has a couple of second hand R's that have roughly the same monetary value in options as my new car but are are around £2K cheaper than the deal I got. But these cars are 6 months old with 1 owner!!!!! Also I've seen 2nd hand Golf R's for £45K. Yes fully loaded, but who in there right mind would pay £45K for a 2nd hand R!! Dont forget that with a new car built after week 51 last year, you are getting £1300 of free options, which makes very slightly better value. 😉 Trouble with buying with 2nd hand is the finance. Currently new ones are 3.6% on a PCP, 2nd hand are always stupid APR. Yes you can finance elsewhere, there are personal loans for 3%. But unless you've got a big deposit, the monthlies are going to be pretty high. But of course they are better value as you pay less interest on the long run, I accept that. Of course you can buy cash if you have a spare £30K+ sitting in your bank account! Bottom line, I accept the older car is probably the slightly better car all things considered, but at the moment, most are paying a premium for it due to lack of new ones coming through. And 2nd hand is more hassle to finance.
  10. Also, arnt there already WLTP engines out there on Audi's and Seat's? Has anyone reported these cars as being "worse" that the older cars?
  11. But you are not saving that much buying 2nd hand at the moment. Most cars are over priced for what they should be. You can either buy new with a good discount and wait for it to arrive, or buy 2nd hand now, pay a premium and have it straight away. Depends what people want. As for worse quality, do you know that for a fact?
  12. dopper99

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Hmmm tempting, that’s my dealer too. 😉 Would have have liked a black one (my will be a stock pre-specd car) but some options I would not want (and hence don’t want to pay for!). Also list must be above £40k? i bet that will be up for silly money, like one or two others they have at the moment!
  13. dopper99

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    I don’t think I’d want to pay £30 a month more for a second hand car over a brand new one. Not unless the second hand one has a lot more options. Depends whether you want the car straight away and want to avoid all the potential issues pointed out on the WLTP car. If the cars are the same spec, don’t forget that in say 1 or 2 years time, your more expensive-to-buy second hand car will be worth less than the new one as it will be a few months older as well as being an older reg. So not only have you paid more for it, you wont get so much for it on a future trade in.
  14. dopper99

    MPG (yes this again, but slightly different)

    When I used to drive 10-15 mins to work from cold in my old C63s I got 16mpg! And thats not flooring it. The fuel comp reset itself every day so there is always a temptation to look at your daily fuel consumption for the odd short journeys. Its best to take an average over a longer journey and don't get too hung up getting the very best mpg every time you drive the car.
  15. dopper99

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    I know this was mentioned a few pages back but if you click on View available deals.... https://www.carwow.co.uk/volkswagen/golf-r It would appear carwow is saying the Golf R is no longer in production............