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  1. I hope this is not going to end up like this in Production. Surely just tacked on because its a test car? That looks awful.
  2. Yeah got mine today (well yesterday - Tuesday!). Agreed, the quality is great, not had an Otto car before and pretty impressed. Should be quite rare as I'm not aware of any other Golf R Mk7 die cast model car.
  3. Good find. 👍 This looks proper mean from this angle with the factory diffuser and spoiler. I think the 4 exhausts now don't look out of place at all and have a right to be there. (sorry but always thought the 4 exhausts on our 7/7.5 look very slightly inappropriate compared to the rest of the styling of the car!) 🙂
  4. No, I dont doubt £24K retail is probably about right for a 17 plate. The point of my post is the joke of a valuation I got for my car. Just out of interest I put that 17 plate into carwow's valuation and it comes out at £17,562 – £18,278 which is a £4-£5K difference against my carwow valuation. Probably sounds about right for a 2 year difference in age of car.
  5. Very nice. I should have got mine tomorrow but we are out all day, so rescheduled delivery for Tuesday.
  6. Some observations about that blue T-ROC that carwow have..... Its the exact same car that I posted about here where Mat Watson got a 0-60 of 4.2 seconds: In new carwow vid in the first post this blue T-ROC got a quarter time of 12.8 seconds. The Golf R has a time of 13.1 to 13.6 seconds (WLTP cars on carwow's channel) Given the T-ROC is the 300bhp WLTP unit, and it weighs more than the Golf R, do we think this is a "press car special" with a little more power than advertised? Now bear in mind this T-ROC below posted a time of 13.4 seconds.... Deffo something going on with the blue T-ROC that carwow have.
  7. Just noted that the car posted up is a 17 plate priced at £24K. So I had an carwow email earlier inviting me to get a part ex price on my car. Now I've no intention of selling it whatsoever, but I'd thought I'd get a valuation for a laugh as its always nice to know what your car is worth. My car is a 19 plate, 15 months old, 10K miles with a list price of around £38K ..... and the valuation was ...... £22K !!!!!!! WTF!! So I went on webuyanycar and that came out at the same valuation. It's lost over a grand a month (from its list price, which I didnt pay) - which is quite shocking. I think thats worse than any BMW I've owned and thats saying something. Although the covid situation has probably something to do with it. It's a good job I've no intention of selling it any time soon LOL!
  8. Sounds like an awesome project! Keep up the good work. I'm sure there are dozens of people watching this thread with interest. 🙂👍 I've just done a rough calculation using some online power to weight calculators and I think a 1100kg car with a 300bhp power unit is equivalent to a Golf R 7.5 being tuned to around 410bhp. Should be a quick little car even if you don't tune it.
  9. dopper99

    Arteon R

    And a Direct Injection engine too, no doubt. I wonder if these 320bhp power units will be producing a little more than stated. Has been known before. 🙂 With regards the Golf R Mk 8, time will tell when Matt Watson gets hold of one and puts it up against a few other hot hatches.... 😉
  10. Nice car that, but one question.... How come the touch screen for the driving modes looks like this: Mine looks like this:
  11. Sounds fab and congrats. 👍😃 Look forward to seeing the pics. 🙂
  12. I think he should have used the blue T ROC in the first post above. That one's much quicker 🙂
  13. More like £10K difference. The Golf R (was) about £36K new and the RS3 is £46K.
  14. Just watched this T-ROC R review and Matt Watson timed the 0-60 in 4.2s. VW figures are 4.8s. And this is the OPF 300PS engine. Seems strange its so fast? Especially given its heavier than the Golf R. Based on that, the Golf would do it in around 4.0s which I cant see. In contrast, he tested a RS Q3 with 400bhp and got 0-60 in 4.4s. Maybe the VW was just a better launch.
  15. No-one mentioned yet that the exhaust tips on the 300PS car stay much cleaner than the 310PS car. 😃
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