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  1. Something a bit different ... there are fantastic deals on the BMW X3M (yes its a full blown M car with 510bhp). On another forum I frequent this guy has just got a deal of £549 deposit and £639 monthlies (with some options) which is mega cheap for a £80K M car. https://f30.bimmerpost.com/forums/showpost.php?p=25459987&postcount=429 I cant see these deals lasting long.
  2. I think the OP should look at new car leases. As long as you dont load up the options and keep the monthlies reasonable. But if you do load it up, and go over £40K then the lease company foots the bill for road tax. 😂 You cant beat the peace of mind of a new one, provided you can stretch to that.
  3. I think as car enthusiasts there is a temptation to keep swapping cars and thinking the “grass is greener on the other side”. It’s not always the case so make sure you test drive your next car thoroughly and don’t assume because it’s a better faster model it’ll be fine. I came unstuck when I moved from a BMW 335d to a M3 Comp Pack a few years. The M3 is completely different to a normal 3 series and I was foolish not to have a test drive. Was glad I had it but it wasn’t the car for me. After been in my Golf R for 8 months I’ve never been happier. 4WD this time of the year when is cold and constantly damp is a god send. Its so planted in all conditions.
  4. A lot of people mentioning the RS3. I've not been out in one and although its quicker stock for stock and has a nicer interior, what else is appealing to everyone about the RS3? And what to they handle like compared to the Golf R?
  5. Welcome to the forum. If going for a stock car with no options usually a lease is cheaper. But start loading the options and the lease can get pretty expensive. Also most go for a 48 month PCP to make the monthlies more affordable. A 36 month PCP will be a lot higher per month.
  6. Well the OP seems to have gone AWOL and never really explained what the issue was! ie gearbox, throttle or what!
  7. I watched that the other day, he didnt like the T-Roc R either. Said the Golf R was better, but prefered the Audi Q3. He certainly seems to have a downer on 4WD VAG cars.
  8. Thanks for that.🤙 Any idea what the setting is?
  9. Is it possible to disable the damn 4 Deg C temperature warning chime? I find it annoying. ☹️
  10. Of course, I may be wrong! Lets see what the OP says 😉
  11. Its sounds like he is taking about the rate of acceleration rather than that nasty hesitation that the DSG does now and again. "........then took absolutely bloody ages to even get to 70...."
  12. There is a non-cooking normal model here for £40. Looks a bit dull though. https://ck-modelcars.de/en/norev-1-18-volkswagen-vw-golf-vii-year-2013-reflex-silver-5g4099302b7w/p-49505/?cur=gbp&ref=gm&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIiJvauanU5QIVGPhRCh292QKVEAQYAiABEgLS8fD_BwE
  13. I came from a C63s coupe that I had new last year and although it offer great sense of occasion with that lovely V8 the Golf R runs rings around it on twisty B road blasts, especially in the wet. The C63s is a GT cruiser and does handle reasonably well but its heavy (around 1800kg). TBH I prefer the agility of the Golf. Better steering turn-in with much less weight up front and in the wet would be quicker. The C63s with 700nm of torque does have the ability to kick the back end out (quite considerably in the wet/damp/cold) and this for me was getting tedious. ie not being able to use all the power all the time. Instead of a 500bhp car you are effectively driving a 300bhp car in the wet/damp/cold as you are reluctant to floor it. Of course in the dry its no problem (although the back can go on certain road surfaces). Its not just off the line, you can be doing 40mph and floor it to overtake and the back end will twitch. Ok it doesn’t do it every time, but you don’t know when it’ll do it, even in the dry. The interior build quality isn’t great either. No end of creaks, rattles and dodgy plastic. Great engine and noise, but that’s about it. Of course a V8 with 4WD is a different matter. 😄
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