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  1. In his sig he says he has 18" wheels. Hence the PS4 I guess. I assume you still cant get PS4S in 18's.
  2. Good review that, albeit on a stripped out pre-production car. Seems they have improved the steering wheel haptic buttons also.
  3. At the moment on DTD the APR for VW's is 6.9%. But no idea what the R will be when it comes out.
  4. dopper99

    Hello, new owner

    I came from a C63s back in 2019 when I bought my old 7.5R. Although the 4.0 V8 was lovely, I didn't miss the waywood back end of 700Nm going through the rears only. 🤣 Although you prob dont have that problem with the E63 as I think they are 4WD? The Golf R is safe and secure in that respect and you can floor it in all weather conditions (well except the snow 😃 ) At least your fuel consumption will probably half now. 🙂
  5. dopper99

    Hello, new owner

    Best mod you can do. I kept the one from my Mk7.5 and put it on my Mk8 and although it doesn't really need it on the Mk8, it improves it massively. 🙂 Brilliant bit of kit and pretty much warranty-safe unlike a remap or tuning box.
  6. I ordered my old 7.5 R in Nov 2018 and it was not delivered until Apr 2019 and was OPF. There was a delay of several months for VW to get type approval on the OPF 300PS car therefore had to wait 6 months for mine. I would say a June 2018 car would highly likely be one of the last 310PS pre-OPF cars.
  7. Absolutely agree. I'd been a BMW guy for a few years then I got a Merc C63s (back in 2018). All very shiny and bling and I never really gelled with it like the BMW's. Also very creaky interior, everything you touched creaked. And I never liked the right stalk being the gear change forward/reverse. I much prefer the right stalk to be the wipers like most other cars!
  8. I hear the facelift M135i might get quad pipes like the R!!! And possibly more power. No-one knows at this stage. These are just guesses/renders........
  9. That looks awesome and congrats. I do like black wheels after having them on my old 7.5R. You wont regret it and once you get to know the car I think you'll be very pleased. 👍 Strange that the R20 you tried seemed to lack response, especially as it has the 333PS engine.
  10. Thats interesting. Are you sure your car isn't remapped? Comparing my 8R to my old 7.5 300PS car, the 8R feels much quicker. But I cant comment against a 310PS 7.5R as never been in one. Not sure what you have. Mind you, if the 8R hardly had any miles on it, it won’t feel that quick. You need 8K+ miles on any car in my experience to get the best out of them.
  11. Dont let that put you off a deal. Get a price from Motorway. I sold my old 7.5R through them and got a brilliant price (but it was during the extremely high 2nd hand prices of 3 years ago). Great place to deal with. Give them a go or WBAC or carwow
  12. Yes its quick enough for 98% of the time. I did find my old 7.5R 300PS OPF lacking a bit especially once it got into 3rd gear. But the 8R pulls well and feels quicker. Its just quick enough. (I guess I've been used to quicker cars I've had in the past 🙂 )
  13. Same here. “Bug fixes” it said. No comment. 😂
  14. Yes I agree. I don’t think we’ll see more than 333hp.
  15. Its about time the 8.5R had about 350bhp. That would set it well above the S3 and other 300bhp hatches. And would be a unique selling point to draw in customers who would normally look elsewhere. 🙂
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