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  1. Yeah thats not bad at all for the spec: just the killer is the APR at 7.5% for those needing PCP.
  2. Yes Becs. I booked it in last month, then told a 2 month wait! So going in the middle of January for bongs. Hoping I’ll get a new steering wheel, but knowing my dealer they’ll say ‘there is a software update due soon that will fix your problems’. 🙄
  3. Still no sign of the 1941 update for my car. 😞 Was hoping it might fix some bugs and bongs when it comes, not that I hold out much hope for that. But if does eventually come and doesn't fix the bugs, its one less thing the dealer can blame when it goes in soon for bongs (ie lack of latest software).
  4. Very strange Becs. Not just me then!
  5. As well as the above issue where I get a beep pulling off from a standstill, I’m also getting the front assist fail whilst the car is moving. It’s doing it more frequently in the cold, but here is the weird thing …….. when I drive off in the morning it bongs at EXACTLY the same point on the road most days (pretty much every day when it’s cold). Not sure if it’s related to how long I’d been driving (about 2 mins from pulling off from my house) or if it’s geographical. Very odd. My daughter is in the car and she reminded me the car did exactly the same thing last year at the same point in the road. I think I’ll get my daughter to film it with a running commentary to show the dealer as it’s guaranteed to bong at a certain point on the road. 😀😂
  6. I had a gremlin come back now the cold weather is here. Same issue as this time last year. Sometimes, when I pull off from a standstill the front assist bongs and I get the graphic on the infotainment as if there is something in front. 😞 So annoying every time I pull off from a standstill. Seems to have a spell of doing it for 10 minutes or so then stops doing it (probably as the car warms up). Dealer looked at it last year and didnt do anything to fix it. Only does it in the cold and been fine in warmer weather.
  7. Ok cool, thanks, same as mine.
  8. Sounds good. What tyres did you have before, and how many miles did they last?
  9. I vaguely remember something about an S-PIN but not a PIN. I do know my S-PIN, but no idea where to put it into the car! I dont see any security related screens on the Infotainment system at all!
  10. Thanks both.. Interested to hear that Kenny said above it (may) fix the infernal sos/ta bongs! Would be good if that is the case as it'll save me a trip to the dealer. 🙂 Still waiting for 1941 to appear on mine. I had a couple of minor updates over the last couple of days. But not the big one.
  11. Do I assume with the 1941 update, you can set it going then get out and lock the car and it will carry on till its done? I cant imagine you have to stay in the car the whole time?
  12. I've never had to do any such start up sequence, and I've never had any screen reboots. (my issues are relating to the steering wheel, sos, front assist bongs).
  13. Trying to install the new VW app that replaced We Connect. The instructions are: Go to your vehicle's infotainment system and select Menu > Setup > CarNet (online services) > Activation or Menu > Settings > We Connect and We Connect Fleet and need to put a code in, but no such menu options exist! anyone know how to get the code into the car? thanks.
  14. My dealer is hopeless, really hopeless. After booking it in today and been given the 2 month wait I rang them back and asked them whether they could confirm here and now it needed a new steering wheel, given the well known symptoms that we all know about. No point in wasting time if they could confirm it. But they still insisted it needed to go in for diagnostics a it “could be a couple of things” and did not want to order the wrong part. 😞
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