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  1. Becs did post some good pictures somewhere showing the rim protection. Looked pretty good. You’ll have to hunt for the pics. 🙂.
  2. Blimey that was quick, less than year in the current climate. 🙂
  3. Some threads on tuning here 😉 : https://www.vwroc.com/forums/forum/108-modifying-your-golf-r-mk8/
  4. Great news Becs. Interested to see how they’ll be over the next few weeks. Sounds like they had a good first test in the wet today!
  5. To be fair to the Focus it was probably designed 6 or more years before the 8R came out so almost a generation older in tech. I guess if Ford brought a new RS out now (which of course we know they never will) it would probably be a better match for an 8R. But nonetheless, interesting to hear the comparison between the two cars. With regards the RS performance, I think every drag race and rolling road race I've seen on the 'net it seems far, far slower than its supposed 350bhp. Seems more like 300bhp. I know its a manual, but even though ..... so is a Civic Type R and that's not too bad on performance.
  6. I take it you test drove one before you bought it? 🙂
  7. I was looking at Blackcircles the other day at prices and the Conti’s were around £30 a tyre cheaper than PS4S. So a nice £120 saving. 😁 Not that I’ll need any for a long time with the mileage I’m doing at the moment! Interested to see how you get on with them Becca. I think they should be good. 🙂
  8. BTW, with regards the Conti 7's ........ there does appear to be two tyres that are 7's: Continental PremiumContact 7 https://www.continental-tyres.co.uk/b2c/car/tyres/premiumcontact-7.html Continental SportContact 7 https://www.continental-tyres.co.uk/b2c/car/tyres/sportcontact-7.html Most places just seem to be selling the Continental SportContact 7 and I'm not sure if that is an older tyre according to the Tyre Reviews guy: https://www.tire-reviews.com/Tire/Continental/PremiumContact-7.htm
  9. @Booth11 Becca, are your tyres due for a change soon? If so will you go for Conti 7's? Interested to see what they are like....
  10. Mine came with Hankooks. Cant say I’ve noticed any problems at all. Good grip in both wet and dry. But nothing to compare them with on the 8R as obviously not had any others on the car.
  11. I’d tried Comfort mode once, never again. 😄
  12. Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather see that than some umbilical cord handing out the side plugged into the mains. 😁
  13. I think our cars were ordered at around the same time (I think you a month before). I’m suspecting they may have both been built (or partially built) around the same time, hence the same hardware version. Yours may have been hanging around for longer waiting for parts hence why you only just got it. And they obviously upgraded your main software version. Seems Nighthawk’s above is a bit newer hardware. Anyway, don’t matter, as long as you have no bugs. 😁
  14. I've only done 3400 miles or 5470km since July last year. With working from home a lot, don't use it that much as I would have done before the pandemic. Will be using it more this year for a few holidays. 🙂
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