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  1. Hi folks, looking into bolt and mods. Intercooler, downpipes etc I've found found ones I like. The only other thing is an inlet pipe. Is there a difference in performance between a turbo elbow and hose compared to the tt inlet pipe? Thanks.
  2. Okay brilliant, Thanks for your reply. How much would it cost to tweak the map buddy? Cheers.
  3. Hi Rick, I'm unicorn stage 1. If i was to add the tt intake pipe and drop in an intercooler, would I increase my performance? And would I need to come back and see u for an adjustment on my current map?
  4. Hi group, My cars a work in progress. I've gone stage 1 "should of gone stage 2" on my mk7 manual golf R. I've had the sachs sintered clutch fitted and I was looking at a downpipe and intercooler. Reason being is when the car is upto temps "100 degrees or so" the the car dosnt feel as responsive as when its 50-75 degrees. Is this due to needing an intercooler? It could all be in my head of course. Cheers.
  5. I know, it would be nice if they was telling the truth though 😂. I heard Surry Rolling road is abit of a heart breaker. What did u make after your stage 1 bud?
  6. Before figure was 306bhp. I'm happy with the power. The car Feels alot better than it did before. It's made a good car great! I had the car on 2 seperate rolling roads in November and they both reported between 331bhp and 333bhp. I know dynos all vary from one to the othere. but that was with the all will drive functioning as it should. Just wondered if having all the wheels going made that much of a difference.
  7. That's where it was done mate.
  8. I thought if it was run on all wheels the bhp would be slightly less. But im not sure. I had it done in Stockport bud. Dynoed at 365bhp stage 1. Feels much better than stock now. I thought if it was run on all wheels the bhp would be slightly less. But im not sure. I had it done in Stockport bud. Dynoed at 365bhp stage 1. Feels much better than stock now.
  9. Hi guys, this may have been covered before, but i had my car dynoed yesterday. It was dynoed front wheel drive only as the haldex system needs servicing. Would front wheel drive only show higher bhp figures than having it in 4 motion? Just curious..
  10. Hi guys. My engine warranty is now up and I have decided to go for a stage 1, as i think this would give me more than enough power. I've narrowed the tuners down to unicorn and MRC. Who's used who and what ball park figures did most of u achieve on your manuals? I have a the Sachs clutch already installed. Cheers all.
  11. Sam22


    I got them used, dirt cheap and had them refurbished. But after seeing them with the blue chrome I think i will keep them for summer. And use the Cadiz in winter 😊
  12. Sam22


    Brought some new OEM prets, now im starting to think i prefer the Cadiz 🙄
  13. I'm just curious to see how much better than standard they are. I was going to purchase dynoaudio but the guy from the audio shop said these are seriously good value for money so I thought why not try. My OEM speakers or tweeters make a cracking noise now anyway 😂
  14. Hertz are good but in terms of how they sound the helix sounds better in my opinion. The hertz stuff can be very harsh. They look like there entry level universal dsk range ,which won't be as good as the helix ones. This is from the audio company.
  15. The front ones are the same as he rears bud.
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