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  1. Deal I was looking at, I believe linked from a chap in a MK7 facebook group. Was £599 per month, with a £3K deposit for 4 years. The agreement was for 8k miles, however if you look at how they hold onto their value with 60/70k miles. My basic calculations (looked at autotrader for about 4 mins) suggest you could do about 15k miles a year and sell it privately after 3/4 years and break even. Or, you'd do 8k miles and have a fair amount of positive equity in it come those 4 years for deposit on your next car through BMW, should you go that way.
  2. Have seen some very good deals knocking around for Comp Pack M4's which seem to hold their value very well also! Mind you, my R hasn't actually arrived yet...
  3. Just had a convo with my lease chap. Rather apologetically advised my expected delivery date of January will now be March time . Must say I expected this from hearing what's been posted on here. By the sounds of it, VW head office have mislead/withheld information from dealers as to when these motors would be available and have left many in the lurch!
  4. That or it's a big Ponzi scheme and Mr Volkswagen is en route to Caymans!
  5. Massive help, thank you Stobsie. its quite literally a small piece of plastic, fingers crossed I can locate a spare or find a breaker. Cheers,
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm selling my 2013 MK7 GTD but following a dead key battery a few months ago I had to pop the cap off which covers the physical lock to manually gain access to the car (used more frequently than you'd like as these keys melt through batteries!) and after putting it back on it fell off sometime whilst driving. Does anyone know the part number or somewhere that I could by a black replacement? My assumption is it's exactly the same for any VW MK7 motor and I've poorly annotated around the area that it pops off from below to show the place and thanks in advance for your assistance! Graphic design not my forte as observable!
  7. As long as there are some pop and bangs can't imagine there will be many complaints! Unless i've got too familiar with a roaring sounaktor in the GTD!
  8. I've basically said in November I'd take a 5dr Silver White DSG in standard so that I could obtain one already built, on the basis that it would arrive January/early Feb. So I assume would be a 68 plate anyway? Just hope they're not noticeably quieter post WLTP. I'll be pretty pissed off it's going to be any later than feb and might go down 2nd hand route to speed up the process (saying that market values have probably sky rocketed in light of this situation!).
  9. I'm still being told late January, albeit much less confidently than before!
  10. haha! from reading this and other forums I suspect you might be right, I did go for a 'stock' option on the basis of a January delivery date. Might have to read over my consumer rights as quite frankly i'd rather wait longer and get the options I want.
  11. Just had a pre-christmas chat with my account exec (leasing firm) and he's confident of a January delivery. This is a vehicle which has already been built and is awaiting government approval supposedly. You'd have thought given their recent PR performance VW would be getting this dealt with ASAP and keeping people updated!
  12. Hitchslap


    Aha, yes and the variety of responses seem to vary from forum to forum. One must consider the echo-chamber like effects of such environments! (and the lack of scientists they contain!) My previous understanding on the MPG side of things, which does appear to bare a slither of rationality is that if you had two fuels of the same RON rating, the 'Super' version would perform worse on the MPG front given that there would be less actual 'fuel' within X volume of petrol due to the inclusion of detergents. Although, doing a bit of research suggests the 'Super' ones are all (generally) of a superior RON rating. It could well be my inner penny-pincher questioning VW but aged 23 every little helps (to borrow a phrase from Tesco). Think i'll stick with the 'Super' stuff when she eventually arrives!
  13. Hitchslap


    My assumption from reading this then, is that there would be little difference (and no negative effects) of using a combination of both standard unleaded and super?
  14. Lots of good reviews with Synergy Automotive, have dealt with me well so far. Keenly priced on R deals also!
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