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  1. Wow I must try the Kranzle. Btw I read that you were out of crystal Rock you should try Trilogy A is 78% of yellow carnauba it looks amazing in vw golf black paint. And durability so far so good now 2 1/2 solid months.
  2. Hello Booth11 thanks so much for your reply! yes you're right if not using it at max flow there is no point using it. Any difference using a karcher with a Kranzle? What model you have?? thanks
  3. Hello again just bought my raceglaze 7L filter just a question . those of you who use the filter with pressure washer like a Karcher do you did something to regulate/minimize the flow of the karcher or you use it at max flow?? I was told that I have to turn the washer down to minimum. So I dont know what to do to regulate that. Any advice please? thanks in advance
  4. Booth11 thanks for your reply!
  5. Ok,so now I will try 0ppm water. Last question can you tell me how much swissvax carbath shampoo you ise to wash your car, to get good lubricity/ safe cleaning with swissvax waxes?? Thanks again Booth11 Sorry if its not the correct post to ask.
  6. Hello everyone new to this forum Just a question to Booth11 Since you start using your race glaze filter have you noticed any positive change in your wash bucket, I mean using 0ppm water with swissvax car bath? Less dilution ratio, better lubricity? Or is the same as using regular water?? Thanks A.
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