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  1. Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota USA Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  2. Either the Turbo is defective and it's going to blow or the engine block is either cracked or defective, it might be a blown head gasket or your pistons are fried or your cylinder heads are warped, either way your car is done and you would be a fool not to take the money back because you got a lemon. On the plus side there are lots more out their to choose from. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  3. Lol now I'm pre stage 3 cold feet. I want to do it but I know an engine build is more necessary than not even though it's not really required but I know myself and I know I'd want maximum boost, HP, and torque which means upgraded DSG clutch packs. Lol or I could just buy an Audi RS3 new or used and go Stage 1 and run 10's which is Stage 3 for the Golf R or go stage 2 and I'd be running 9's which is McLaren 720s, Dodge demon territory. Once you get bit by the mod bug and infected with the race disease you always want more and it's never enough lol. If you do the plug and play piggyback tune method it's a 95 percent chance that your not going to lose your warranty unless you know the right people if you catch my drift. JB1 and JB4 are quite safe and conservative [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  4. Lol yeah me too. You just got to keep rear active braking manuevering turned off through the settings menu. I usually just keep all my safety systems off to be honest. Forward collision warning and assist sucks, active braking sucks, and Lane assist sucks, when everything is turned off besides blind spot monitoring and rear traffic alert the car performs wonderfully and I don't have to worry about the annoying sudden braking etc. I like 100% complete control of my car and all its functions and abilities, it's too Tesla like when everything is activate. When you hold in the bottom till it chimes you activate launch control mode but you also turn off all the features that scare you. I don't like my car stopping and slamming on the brakes for me. I have aftermarket brakes and it's not necessary. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  5. So do they make carbon fiber paddle shifters? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  6. Well dang, haha then I guess I better enjoy the crap out of my marked up paddle shifters, maybe get them autographed to up the value to 50 bucks lol. Lesson learned, no regrets though they are fantastic and don't budge. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  7. https://www.uspmotorsports.com/MK7-GTI-Golf-R-DSG-Paddle-Extensions-Black.html But are they the same identical copies as mine with the same material?[emoji848] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. I'll chime in. The reason I didn't get the S2T paddle shifters is because I don't like the style and the looks, the price makes sense because the quality and craftsmanship and metal material are top notch. I think the styles they offer are ugly. If I could find direct OEM replacement paddle shifters that look like my stick on USP Motorsports ones I'd probably pay 300 dollars for them as well if they were solid metal. Unfortunately like you said, too many stick on options..... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. Yeah funny you mention in the last part of you paragraph. I use my paddle shifters 7 percent of the time, my shift knob 3 percent of the time, and let the car shift for me the other 90 percent of the time. They are great when I'm whipping around corners, racing, or when I get that "I'm missing that manual feeling" and wanna drive like a racecar driver feeling. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. USP Motorsports MK7/7.5 GTI/R compatible. $49.99 billet aluminum on the outside, plastic core between aluminum, 3M adhesive, have gone through negative temperatures and 100 plus degree inside temperatures and they are still stuck on like glue. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Ok. I'll try it when I get it back. In the shop getting an intercooler and APR V2.6 update along with many other things. Could it be that I'm holding in launch control too long possibly as well? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. APR Stage 2+ Full bolt ons, stock motor, stock turbo. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Did you watch my video? It's launching at 4,000rpm. But that sounds it makes after the launch is strange. It doesn't always make that sound either..... Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  14. NGK-R7437-9 Race spark plugs Audi RS3 OEM coil packs, there are better ones but they are extremely expensive and not worth the minor performance increase. These will run you about 40 dollars a piece. Some are upwards of around 200 dollars a piece but perform almost as good as these. Hope this helps. I'm running this ignition setup myself. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  15. I hold it in for like 3 or 4 seconds until it makes that chime sound. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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