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  1. My 2 month old R is currently sitting in an airport car park while I'm away on business for the week. To say I'm a bit nervous about what I'll find when I get back tomorrow is an understatement. What can you do though. Part of the joy of the R is its usability as a daily. Just got to hope for the best.
  2. I'm pretty happy with the drivers seating position. What I'm (or the wife in truth) struggling with is the passenger side seat. It doesn't appear to go as low as the drivers side. Anyone else experiencing this? Mine are manually adjustable.
  3. What MY is your R? I have a MY19 and ordered the same ones. They don't fit. Admittedly I only attempted the driver side due to the passenger side being a bit tricky but the unit doesn't snap back in very well. Seemed very loose and I think would just drop out.
  4. I only noticed it on my way out this morning. Looking more closely this evening I see I have the R-line badge on the drivers side and normal R badge on the passenger side. WTAF. This is most bizarre. Can't believe I haven't noticed until now. Picked the car up on 5 March. Have contacted the dealer.
  5. And neither are like mine. Not sure if I should be miffed or not. Not like the the ones I have look bad but they're not the correct ones
  6. Haha, yes, exhausts all accounted for. Yeah, it's odd. Will drop the dealer a line although I'm not sure I'm too bothered. Just curious.
  7. What side badges do you all have on your post WLTP cars? Just noticed this morning that mine are R-line badges and not the plain R badges.
  8. I have Dynaudio and it came with a spare. Only pain is you have to disconnect the amp before you can tak it out.
  9. This is the issue. Dealer saying 3 years minimum but the livechat person on VWs insurance webpage says there is no minimum. I'm 42 ffs.
  10. Does anyone know the minimum number of years you had to have had your license to make use of VWs 5 day insurance?
  11. First week of March. Picking her up in Chichester.
  12. I sincerely doubt my dealer is going to let me drive the hour and a half to pick up my car only to say sorry mate, I lied. At the end of the day NONE of us have absolutely concrete information. I know I trust what someone working at the dealership I actually bought the car from says more than bits of info gathered by from various sources over the Internet. Makes me laugh actually.
  13. Is my dealer lying to me you think?
  14. My dealer called me today and said my car would be with them Monday. He can have it ready by next weekend. Obviously I'm thinking it's better to wait for the new plate but that's gonna mean another 3 weeks of waiting. Sooo tempted.....
  15. Also just updated to In Transit. GTFI! The waiting is almost over!
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