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  1. How. Did u manage to fit. The 7.5 virtual fast and. Head unit. U must have went through a lot of trouble your build. Is a verry nice car
  2. Best. Colour. For. The golf. R. And where. Do. You. Find this information out.
  3. If you have vcds it’s a relatively easy process done my mates 7.5 last week. He has them permanently open.
  4. Hi. It made 380 on a Chinese rolling. Road. But. Dynojet 1 made 417 bhp have the print out it’s on. Jm inports. Webpage. In the face book post. Yea. Didn’t. Want my. Car to sound loud it’s high torque map with. Dog gear it’s. Been really good atm. Lot of cash to put in thanks to the lads at awesome gti yours is looking good nice car u done any mods yet it’s well worth. It make the golf what it should be I’m a bit of a gooro with the r if u need any help. Can quite happily help
  5. I’m new to the forum 2016 golf r lapize blue apr stage 2 high torque apr tcu sorftware apr induction. Kit apr turbo elbo muffler dete apr intercooler apr cast down pipe ceramic coat ion paint if u need any answers regarding your I can probly he
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