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  1. A master technician from VW
  2. The OP is referring to checking the ECU to see how many times launch control has been used on the car as the ECU stores a value each time launch control is activated on the vehicle.
  3. You've chose the best colour!!😎 Enjoy
  4. There was a story before where someone accepted over 20k in cash and the same night a gang of 6 armed men came back to collect the cash and stole the car. You can never be too safe in this day and age unfortunately.
  5. WeBuyAnyCar are notorious for valuing the car higher than they’re willing to pay to entice you in and once they take a look around the car they will easily knock a few thousand off the car. Best thing to do is put it on for sale slightly more than the trade in price 20.5k as this will be low for private price. Try advertising on the MK7 R Facebook group to gauge interest. https://m.facebook.com/groups/1541477379484574
  6. Veygo by Admiral. https://www.veygo.com/temporary-car-insurance/ always found them the cheapest as long as the car you’re borrowing has existing insurance. Much better to pay £25-30 a day to be fully comp than to risk driving someone else’s vehicle third party because if you have a fault accident the insurance will only cover the third party
  7. Over the course of a longer period that’s a lot more. I’d better off having a higher initial cost on a better CCTV system than paying £25 a year just to be able to save recordings.
  8. Yeah I agree with you, I do like pops and bangs but there is a limit. Yeah i’m keeping an eye out for a used Milltek non-res valved catback with the black tips. There is a used one eBay but with silver tips for £950 (could probably negotiate it lower) but like you said I wouldn’t be willing to pay no more than £600 which is hard to come by especially with the valved catbacks being more expensive and the 7 catbacks don’t fit the 7.5 I’ve read.
  9. Yeah some people have done the re-map to get even more pops and bangs! It's just excessive!
  10. 😂😂 All part of the parcel when trying to make your car louder. Can't have everything the way we want it so got to be a bit of a compromise
  11. 😈 Looking forward to it even more now after watching some YouTube clips
  12. Yeah i agree it is overpriced new. As much as i love the sound, I'm going to be inside the car and not hearing that amazing noise so can't justify the costs either unless a very cheap bargain comes along as my neighbours will be enjoying it much more. A de-res is definitely the best value for money
  13. To settle the debate please watch this video! WOW is all I can say. I know what i want for Christmas 🤤
  14. I don't think i'll mind the drone if it sounds as good as this does!! The stock sound is very similar to how mine is and then the de-res is exactly what i'm looking for
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