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  1. Hopefully you collected it yesterday and you've been bombing around in her today!!
  2. fantastic looking car from my perspective! I saw a link to one on this forum earlier in the year and that's when I decided I NEEDED one! I'd fancied a BMW for a couple of years, initially a Series 5 estate but prices have rocketed over the last 12-18 months and I didn't want to spend out big money for an ICE car. Took an M50 out for a drive and absolutely loved it. I like the fact that it doesn't shout 'LOOK, EVERYBODY, I'm an EV' and it keeps the traditional BMW looks. I tested a and EV6 and the Cupra Born but they didn't grab me the same way. A
  3. This car was on my radar when I was looking at estates a couple of years ago. After the R, I felt any estate had to be a performance one and these seemed to fit the bill. When I was looking there seemed to be a few that were nearly new going for a very good price. I imagine now a pre-registered one is as rare as now!
  4. Welcome and enjoy your R. I am just about to sell mine on, but it's still a fantastic car.
  5. Good morning you good people. It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I still pop in and enjoy reading the posts. I am going to be selling my R in the next month or so and I think she is aware. It looks like the battery is shot. So I’m going to have to replace it. What is the going rate for fitting a new battery for a 7R? The local VW garage has quoted nearly £300. I have an independent garage to try on Monday, but first I’d like a heads up from the experience of the forum.
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