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  1. Hey folks any good tips for removing the residue from the paint of seagul droppings? My Golf R got "hit" the other day while it was baking hot and while I have carefully washed it off - its left a residue on the paint - hopefully its not permanent damage but any tips on what products to try and clean it off would be much appreciated. Cheers
  2. Hi, quick question hopefully, had my golf r for a couple of weeks and was going to check the oil - the yellow dip stick appears to be stuck - is there a trick to getting it to come out? Looks like there maybe a couple of plastic bits holding it in place but thought i have better check before mucking about with it too much. Cheers.
  3. Hi folks, new to the forum,,,,, I ordered a Golf R, (5 door hatch, black, DSG) via a Lease company around late Nov this year and was quoted a Jan delivery, I'm told I'll get more delivery details before Crimbo but looking at the theme of the posts in this thread looks like I should'nt be getting my hopes up. Can I assume this will likely be late Feb / early March for delivery more realistically? Thoughts appreciated. Cheers
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