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  1. Cheers for the input! I’m not sure if other media’s have issues but wifey says she is listening to the radio and suddenly it can just stop sounding thru one speaker and it sometimes can be the left not working and then another time could be the right. She said she was on a mobile call earlier and the voice was also doesn’t come thru whichever isn’t currently working. I will try the hold the power button reset as a starter for 10. Cheers Rich
  2. Thanks Dave. I’ve spent an age last night getting a new version of the software onto an SD car ready to install when I have half a day free (and a trickle charger on hand) Just wanted to check, when you talk about updating the firmware is this the code you mean ie 25 odd gb for Europe maps for the go Discover 1, or are you suggesting there may be some other software for the system? Just to add the stuff I downloaded was a full version with a later version to that shown on the images I attached later in the thread. I also downloaded a set of logos off the vow download site for the DAB channels - can I add these now or should I upgrade the software first? I’m guessing software first? Ta
  3. If it helps to see what system and version we have see attached. Cheers
  4. Thanks all! Really really useful and appreciated!!
  5. Thanks! It’s all electricals at the moment. 1) We have the Sat Nav model and the touch screen likes to have spells of not responding Especially first thing in the mornings. Any ideas if this could be a software issue (eg an update needed?) or if this is a likely a hardware ie head unit issue? 2) The speakers seem to ‘drop out’ ie stop playing at various times. Not identified a pattern but not consistent. Again I wonder if this may be software as it’s not constant. 3) with either of the above, does anyone know if there are any aftermarket replacements for the head or speakers that have solved these problems for them? I’m guessing new vw items are gunna be expensive! All input welcomed! cheers R
  6. Hi all. Just recently purchased a 2014 White Golf R. Loving the look and performance of the new toy. However we have a few not soo good things we are finding so I’m hoping I can pick up a few suggestions and to add value from our experiences on here. It’s primarily my wife’s car and we are in the SouthWest of the UK. Cheers Rich
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