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  1. JakeR

    WLTP cars

    I’ve done 6k now and they are very clean. Just road dirt to wipe off.
  2. Ah! I have one. Sometimes I can’t open the cubby hole behind the gear stick. Spend 30 odd seconds repeatedly pushing it in the hope it will release. Maybe it’s just mine!
  3. Think I have the wrong sticker on my fuel flap! Just noticed after 3k miles.
  4. To be honest, when I ordered mine I had no clue about the £40k tax point. Due to the long wait and reading on here I decided to add Dynaudio. The day before I picked it up I started looking into tax and panicked I’d gone over with the Dynaudio, turned out I was £20 under!!! That could have been a very expensive option! 😅
  5. Wow, nice spec. Assuming you have sailed over the £40k tax barrier?
  6. I think savage is a good description of the acceleration. I gave mine it’s first pasting this morning. Bloody hell, I’ve never driven a car as fast as this and must admit it took me my suprise. Heart was pounding!!
  7. Mind is now run in, covered 1,200 miles. Just went out and warmed it up and gave it its first proper drive! Wow! I’ve never driven a car that goes so fast, my heart was beating faster! Then came back back to earth and popped into the garden centre to buy a new hose so I can give it its first wash. Found a a good parking spot too.
  8. Hi guys, maybe a stupid question but I can’t seem to find an answer. Where can I see the oils temp on my post wltp R?
  9. My MY19 ones are plain and I have Dynaudio
  10. Wow, that really sucks. A different level of sucking.
  11. Yes I got the wheels done too. Wasn’t that much more in the great scheme of things.
  12. I was surprised how ferocious it sounded in race mode!!
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