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  1. I’ve only driven it once from the dealer to the detailer (120 miles), so that’s the only experience I have so far. Picking up today, like collecion day all over again!
  2. Picked mine up today. When I put it in eco it said E7 etc.
  3. Tucked up for the night with her friends M4 and M2
  4. At last!! Picked up today but now at the detailers for a couple of days getting gtechnic ceramic coated.
  5. Axa was best for me too. Wondering if they have spotted an opportunity with some of the slowness of other insurers to get their quotes realistic.
  6. I got stage 7 this morning and they called me 2 hours later.
  7. I’m collecting from Gatwick so assume it was Sheerness. It’s been stuck at UK port for 3 weeks though.
  8. Sounds amazing! Is this standard on a hatch?
  9. Mine has been ‘in transit’ for 6.5 weeks now. Although the dealer has told me the car is stuck at UK port.
  10. I agree, ultimately they know spy shots are being taken so will disguise things. Once we see the headlights unhidden and anything else they have up their sleeves it will be on point. Also, I personally find change weird at first. But once these are commonplace on the road and we then see the GTI and R versions, we’ll be like 😍 but it not yet!
  11. Is it possible to hide the mpg from the display? I don’t care it’s low I just don’t want a reminder of it!
  12. Looks like the best car in the street from this pic! 👍
  13. Ok, I can’t be much longer then!
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