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  1. I had the same issue and had the airbag replaced by VW but as stated, the noise was there all the time
  2. Got this error message every time I would start and stop the engine. Happened to be gear selector fault. First it was happening every time I drove but after 2 weeks it was intermittent. Took it to VW first time round and they said they could not find a fault code stored (useless). Decided to take it to another VW dealer where I diagnosed what was wrong with the car and even told the technician of my findings lol. This was confirmed later and they replaced the gear selector. Was in VW for 2 days. But all’s fine now
  3. Hi All, need to get my brake fluid changed. Anyone know what brake fluid VW use and how much needs to be used?
  4. I agree, can’t think of any sensible reason anyone would want to hand over 20k in notes..
  5. Better to hold out for someone who will do a bank transfer; protects you and the buyer. If he really wants to buy it, he'll do it because he has the cash for the car. Otherwise he can go to the bank and deposit it as others have mentioned. Why not? if you have the funds why get tied up in 20k finance and pay 4/5k in interest? But if you're talking about paying in physical notes then i agree with you.
  6. HAHAHA there's a difference between expressing ones opinion and complaining; i did the former. Besides women hardly complain .. and if they do, there's a good reason for it
  7. Guess you can't complain with VW.. something's better than nothing..
  8. That is definitely true! My sister was told she has to pay to get updates from BMW; what a rip off - as if you don't pay enough for the car as it is.
  9. Hahaha i agree with the software but i have to disagree with you regarding the maps. If a sat nav system takes you through roads that don't exist or through one way roads then that's one bad navigation system. It was just updated too, that's what i found shocking. And i don't live in the middle of a jungle; i live in London yet it was making roads up 😂. There are some people who solely rely on maps - hate to think where they'd end up if they followed it lol
  10. Haha the VW maps are so bad! Google maps definitely uses more data than Waze Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. For me Waze is good most of the time although it can be a bit temperamental sometimes. It has taken me through small roads with thousands of humps where i feel i'd be better off on the main road, even if there is some traffic. I use both interchangeably but Google maps' calibration is poor a lot of the times!
  12. I agree with you, it's not easy getting around London. I do usually use Waze; just thought i'd try it and lesson learnt - never again. Though it is good as a back-up if you ever needed some form of sat nav to point you in the approximate correct direction.
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