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  1. Ali19


    Fresh beadage.
  2. After a showery start that had me towel drying my car twice more than intended,the afternoon/ early pm turned out perfect for its first bit of TLC. I followed advice from Bec on how to, and products. Under my outside light the result looked worth the 5 hrs.
  3. Ali19


    Blobby beadage.
  4. Ali19


    Beadage rising. 8
  5. Maybe time to move on......please.🙏
  6. Apart from they seem to be Golf R friendly with my Insurance quote👍🏻
  7. Just had a belting deal from Axa. Had to call them though.
  8. Anyone have one of these for the Golf? Trying to get a definitive answer.
  9. Has anybody got experience with AXA?
  10. Night security person must have been in the loo,if not,I bet he is now.🤬
  11. Thanks Guy. Im heading over soon,so may pick a couple up too.👍🏻
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