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  1. Hoping someone could post a pic of the rear disc and pad with wheel on a 7.5 R I have come in this morning and something looks different.👀
  2. Ali19

    DoDo products

    Becca, do you snow foam before citrus pre wash,and do you apply the pre wash via jet wash or spray on with a pump spray?
  3. I currently use Meguiars tyre gel, but am about to run out of it. What are the current products people are using? Is it best to buy separate products or can one product do All.
  4. Gave my van the treatment today. Reporting back on two items, Meguiars hybrid ceramic wax. It was the first application on a warm sunny day,this involved washing,drying then spraying on,using micro fibre to spread on,then buff off,one panel at a time due to weather conditions. Power wash rinse to activate. Dry vehicle. Spray on a further application,with no need to wipe with micro fibre. Then power was rinse off and dry. Further application after this first time involve just spraying on a rinsing off. Result. Excellent beading, durability not tested,the beauty will be the speed and ease of further applications. dodo juice premium drying towel. Not overly impressed with this towel’s dry performance,however when it is slightly damp it does a good job and hoovers up a Large amount of water and is easy to wring out.
  5. EASTER10 until the end of the day. Go,go,go.
  6. Thanks for the info👍🏻.
  7. Snow foam and wash, gave me a chance to try out the Adams detailing spray. Easy on and off, smells good and leaves a nice shine.it was a one panel at a time type thing, but very quick. Once again the Gyeon silk drying towel was brilliant.
  8. Got some goodies to satisfy my new detailing fetish. My collection of Microfibre cloths has got to cease, I am all out of reasons to buy more. Will Korean blend be better than my others? I will report back on the new Meguiars stuff.😎
  9. Bummer🤢 Recent experience tells me a decent body shop should be able to repair that very well,as opposed to a full refurb.
  10. Yessss, some dry bright weather. I managed to get out this morning,dried the car,and decided the Gyeon silk drying towel is the best of my bunch.
  11. Managed a wash,dry and another coat of Gold class on the bonnet and roof. starting to work through my collection of drying towels and finding,of the four I have,the cheapest performs as well as the dearest. I never thought I could care so much for some microfibres cloths. or as my wife calls them “your rags”
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