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  1. I’m glad I found this thread as I’ve been searching for other Racingline OEM+ users.. I went Stage 1 back in Jan ‘19, and have just had Stage 2 fitted in the past few weeks and had it dyno’ed earlier this week on a known “conservative” dyno at Devil Developments in Littlehampton UK. 395bhp, 427lb/ft. For me the low-down torque suits driving style, so all in all very pleased. I’ve embraced the Racingline brand, so all the normal induction components, downpipe (which I believe is a Milltek - but supplied by RL - not sure if they modify it at all?), and also had their Monoblock BBK fitted at the same time. I’ve run my first dragy run on less than ideal roads and got 11.9secs, 0-60 in 3.6, but with wheel spin as the torque is strong at 3000rpm. I’m at Santa Pod on Sunday for a “proper run” so I’ll post up the figures next week. Would be be very interested to see if you guys are still happy with your OEM+ maps, also if you’ve changed anything over the past 12 months. Cheers
  2. No issues with surging from me, so hopefully it’s all sorted with the latest updates, did you have the OEM+ DSG tune as well?
  3. Do still run the OEM+ map? I’ve had mine for a few weeks now and love it! Would be interested in a long term view though.
  4. Thanks for that, I’ve just come back from an hours “fun driving” and temps got up to 96c whilst pushing long and hard. I’m happy with that. The cooler brought these temps down quick quickly once I backed off, so it looks to be a very efficient unit. Oil used is LiquiMoly .
  5. I had the same Oil temps as you guys (100c-105c) consistancy, but just had a RacingLine Oil Cooler fitted last week and running temps are now down to 83c-85c fully warmed up. OEM+ Stage 1 fitted as well. Temps don’t move much above 86c even after a good spert!
  6. Ha, that was definitely the case when I first picked it up - 23mpg! 😂. But today I was deliberately restrained as I wanted to test it properly. If anything I was more careful than usual! So the 5mpg less, is probably on the conservative side..
  7. All mods and RacingLine OEM+ Stage 1 ECU + TCU maps installed yesterday by MD Autobahn (Surrey, UK). First impressions are “wow”! It’s like a totally difference car. The remap has added a lot of character to the exhaust note and they way Raclingline have programmed in the pops and crackles on the downshifts is fab, brings on a smile every time. It’s not over the top, just there, present and subtly done. Power increase is better than I anticipated for just a “so called” Stage 1, I can’t see me needing more power or being able to use it in and around the roads of southern England. Induction sounds from the R600 and muffler delete is “interesting”, will probably take a bit of getting used to. Two things I noticed during a 200 mile round trip today, was a) fuel consumption was down by approx 5mpg ( I can live with that!!) and b) 20c lowering of the oil temperature (was approx 104c, now runs at 85c. More thoughts/impressions over the next few weeks.. Feel free to ask any questions.
  8. ...a quick update.. Been a slight delay, the RacingLine Intercoolers are “out of stock”, apparently Racingline are developing a new version, which will take a few months to complete before more stock is available. So I decided to switch to a Forge Motorsport IC which arrived today (Friday), the plan is now to fit everything and apply the OEM+ maps on Weds 23rd Jan... Wlll keep yo posted...
  9. 56...and about to order the “Lives to short to stay stock!l t-shirt.. Had my R MK7.5 DSG for 4 months now - about to start my tuning experience in New Year.
  10. My MK7.5 is only 8 months old... I saw a bloke (American) wearing a t-shirt saying “Life’s to short to stay stock!” That was the final bit of persuasion for me! Having said that I’m 56 and feel like a kid again since I’ve gotten this car! No aspirations to be another “Arthur” though...he’s a legend, 👌
  11. Sure thing Greg, this is my daily driver so drivability is a major objective! I have a 50 mile daily round trip commute, so I’ll run it TIL mid Feb and post my thoughts.. 👍
  12. Yeah, the Oil Cooler was the bit that I thought about the longest, I’ve always had a bit of thing about getting the cooling sorted before I do too much more. No doubt it’ll be back in again soon after for the downpipe and the Milltek! cheers
  13. I’ll let you know once it’s done - hopefully early Jan 👌
  14. Hi Tams, I’m just about to have both the OEM+ Stage 1 and the DSG tunes fitted to my 2018 MK7.5, so would be very interested to hear your R has been running. i’m also having the R600, R90, Intercooler and Oil Cooler fitted at the same time.. Cheers..
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