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  1. ...a quick update.. Been a slight delay, the RacingLine Intercoolers are “out of stock”, apparently Racingline are developing a new version, which will take a few months to complete before more stock is available. So I decided to switch to a Forge Motorsport IC which arrived today (Friday), the plan is now to fit everything and apply the OEM+ maps on Weds 23rd Jan... Wlll keep yo posted...
  2. SussexShark

    How old are we all?

    56...and about to order the “Lives to short to stay stock!l t-shirt.. Had my R MK7.5 DSG for 4 months now - about to start my tuning experience in New Year.
  3. My MK7.5 is only 8 months old... I saw a bloke (American) wearing a t-shirt saying “Life’s to short to stay stock!” That was the final bit of persuasion for me! Having said that I’m 56 and feel like a kid again since I’ve gotten this car! No aspirations to be another “Arthur” though...he’s a legend, 👌
  4. Sure thing Greg, this is my daily driver so drivability is a major objective! I have a 50 mile daily round trip commute, so I’ll run it TIL mid Feb and post my thoughts.. 👍
  5. Thanks mate...I’ll check out the BCS again .. 👌
  6. Yeah, the Oil Cooler was the bit that I thought about the longest, I’ve always had a bit of thing about getting the cooling sorted before I do too much more. No doubt it’ll be back in again soon after for the downpipe and the Milltek! cheers
  7. I’ll let you know once it’s done - hopefully early Jan 👌
  8. Hi Tams, I’m just about to have both the OEM+ Stage 1 and the DSG tunes fitted to my 2018 MK7.5, so would be very interested to hear your R has been running. i’m also having the R600, R90, Intercooler and Oil Cooler fitted at the same time.. Cheers..
  9. New user + first post...so go easy on me! I’ve had my MK 7.5 DSG for r months now and just done a deal with my local RacingLine dealer to fit the follow:- OEM+ Stage 1 and DSG remaps R600 Intercooler OilCooler Kit Turbo 90 inlet + hose Muffler delete DSG paddles Would welcome any comments, positive or neg. My thoughts are to get the base cooling right so that I can go Stage 2 or 3 at a later date.. No suspension mods, or Exhaust at this point. I’m trying to keep it as stock-looking as possible, but the Milltek Cat back does look/sound appealing..