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  1. That's a shame, thought I was going to get a bargain!!
  2. Hi, Just looked at Revo website and they are charging Β£599? May I ask where you can get 70% off, as I would certainly be interested πŸ™‚
  3. Agreed, I’d love to fit these too on my mk7, anyone done it yet?
  4. Nothing wrong with black, goes well with the silver even if it is a pig to keep clean 😁
  5. I ended up with a 5 door lease R a few years ago, it was supposed to be a 3 door!. The 3 door looks far better, more in keeping along the lines of the original GTi.....hold out, one will come along πŸ‘
  6. I waited for ages to get a decent spec in 3 door and manual, seems far more choice if you want 5 door! In the end I got a 65reg, black leather, Prets, reversing camera, black, 3dr, manual from a main dealer in Doncaster and paid for delivery. It is a low mileage car (13K), one owner and has the VW 1yr warranty. After a few snagging issues were sorted out, very pleased Β£20,350 a fair price I think? Have a look at my previous posts for the car and updated screen πŸ‘ I updated the screen to a newer touch screen version and installed App Connect and interior looks far better. You can get a decent ish spec if you wait, or buy a car that has the more difficult to fit options included i.e. Dynaudio, DCC, heated screen and then you can add the other easier options yourself later. Most of the other options are quite readily available on ebay etc πŸ‘
  7. Anyone know whether we can get hold for the upgrade for our R's?? apparently they fit abt tuning pack?? Having looked at their site, do we reckon it is a piggy-back system like they sell on the site or a re-map? Also, are they any good? 'The Spanish car manufacturer will offer a factory tuning upgrade for the limited edition Leon Cupra R ST, adding an extra 69bhp'
  8. Excellent, thank you all, it's done along with a few other tweaks whilst I was in there πŸ˜‰ Soundaktor set to 50% Heated seat memory altered to resume last setting Starting vibration reduction removed Haldex set to Increased Traction Rear lights and reversing lights set to 100% XDS diff lock set to Hard Seat belt warning deactivated The car feels quite different with the Haldex and XDS alterations, steering is tighter/heavier and it feels like the car is actually driving all four wheels, instead of mainly front wheel drive, then a bit of rear added if you get in a pickle! Although quite different feeling, it seems more planted and stable and I prefer it to the standard settings πŸ‘ Fake sound set at 50% is just about right, and doesn't intrude too much. All of the above well worth doing if you have VCDS or access to it 😁
  9. I only have VCDS, can;'t it be done at all with VCDS then? Don't suppose there is anyone on here in Carmarthenshire that may have OBDeleven that can lend me a hand please?
  10. Dealer renewed my complete instrument cluster due to a faulty fuel gauge, now I have lost the carbon effect! took it to another dealer and they told me it can’t be done?!! saw on another site somewhere that it could be done, has anyone managed it yet please?
  11. Ordered discs and pads from Euro for a different car!
  12. I did exactly the same, and mine are being delivered from Germany today, but I went for the crossed-drilled version πŸ˜€
  13. I spoke with Eurocar parts on the phone, they then gave me the correct part numbers to order πŸ‘
  14. That’s pretty cheap for remapping, sure it will make a massive difference πŸ‘ guess you fitted the Sachs organic?
  15. Who have you decided to go with? And why? really want to do mine in a few months, be interested to hear your viewsπŸ‘
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