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  1. Timbo69

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Mines still sitting at 'With the Factory'
  2. Timbo69

    New Golf R on Order

    It is currently yep.
  3. Timbo69

    New Golf R on Order

    Dan, did your order number start working in the VW Order Tracker website?
  4. This guy put his R on a dyno and got 322....stock apart from a Res delete I believe.
  5. Timbo69

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    Question I suppose is would VW manufacture a shed load of cars to a spec that hadn’t yet been approved by the WLTP certification. If the answer is no then all those who ordered early last year and were told of build weeks back in late last year probably haven’t been made yet. I suspect the 7th Feb date is when the production line will start to contain Rs alongside standard Golfs again, but outside of VW no one knows that....and VW seem to be not spilling the beans which is annoying.
  6. Timbo69

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    I can’t see that being the case. They wouldn’t have gone to the trouble of getting a MY2019 car developed and WLTP tested (which by all accounts it has passed) if it was going to be dropped. I keep hearing the date 7th Feb from various sources, both on this forum and directly from VW via their online chat and customers service peeps. I’m not sure what that date is.....when production restarts, when it re-appears on the VW configurator...who knows. My dealer placed an order this week which shows up on the tracking website so if it has been cancelled then VW is more screwed up than I thought...and I thought they were pretty screwed up.
  7. Timbo69

    R on order

    I get the impression patience is a VWROC necessity.
  8. Timbo69

    Mk7 Golf R Order thread - part 2

    They are taking orders. I ordered just after Christmas and my dealer managed to place the order this week....with an order number that registers on the order tracker as stage 2 ‘with the factory’. If the line was closed I can’t see it getting that far.
  9. Timbo69

    R on order

    It’s sat at number 2....with factory, so no build date yet. I dare say it won’t move on until Feb but I will update if I hear anything.
  10. Timbo69

    R on order

    Hi all, I placed an order with my dealer (found on Carwow) between Xmas and New Year, throwing a deposit at him. It was around this time the the online Configurator vanished and I found this forum resulting in squeaky bum time. The dealer got in touch yesterday saying he had managed to place the order with VW and it now appears on the My Volkswagen website. Let’s see what the future brings. 3 door DSG in Pure White Black 19” Prets Sunroof Window tints Black mirror caps Leather DCC
  11. I saw that one myself....apparently it’s been sold
  12. Timbo69

    The best colour

    I had oryx white on a Scirocco and for the cost I found it very underwhelming. I wish they still did white silver...that looked quite unique. One colour that I do like in the flesh is Isaac Blue Metalic but it’s not available on the R, just the GTI, which is a shame.
  13. Sticking with mine....if it ever gets ordered
  14. Terraclean do advertise an induction clean...to quote the bumpf: Induction Clean Direct Injection Engines are particularly susceptible to carbon build up on the backs of the intake valves. These valves are not cleaned during a conventional fuel system service and require a separate cleaning through the induction system. As more and more vehicles are made with Direct Injection Engines, there is a greater need to service the Intake Valves separately from a conventional Fuel System Cleaning. The TerraClean Pressurised Induction Tool provides an effective induction service on Direct or Conventional Fuel Injected Engines. After filling the tool’s cylinder with a specifically created TerraClean Intake Valve and Deposit Cleaner, it is pressurized. The equipment’s S-Tool attachment is placed directly inside the intake and a fine spray of cleaner is introduced into the system. The intake valve deposit cleaner is sprayed on to the valves, ensuring that they are cleaned of hard carbon deposits that negatively impact effective combustion. Alternatively, using a Vacuum line attachment, the tool can be connected through a vacuum line, allowing for a faster introduction of the chemical into the air intake. This is an increasingly popular additional service for many owners of petrol engined vehicles who want to clean otherwise inaccessible area of the fuel system.
  15. Do these aerosol can cleaners you blow into the inlet piping actually work? I’m assuming it wouldn’t if left until completely coked up but if done every say six months from new would it keep on top of it....or do they do more harm than good?