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  1. I’ve just had another text message saying stage 6. I got a stage 6 text over a week ago so not sure if customs it was stuck in customs??
  2. Nothing no.....why it takes them over a week to go 40 miles is beyond me.
  3. Yep, mines been there for a week. My dealer says there is a bit of an issue with transportation at the moment but tells me I should have it by the end of the month. Might go down there myself with some bolt cutters.
  4. I’ve not got my Golf yet, but I’m assuming with AWD the tyres wear pretty uniformly front and rear?
  5. One in Barnsley. Who’s responsible for transport from the dock to the dealer....is it VW or the dealer?
  6. Mines still at Grimsby after nearly a week
  7. Mine arrived at Grimsby this morning
  8. ....which looks cock all like the sketch
  9. Wear driving gloves. The leather stays matt but you tend to look like Leslie Phillips......swings and roundabouts.
  10. Mine went to 5a over a week and a half ago and hasn't moved from there. No one it seems (VW, my dealer) can answer where it actually is - still at the factory, in a ditch by the side of the rail tracks, at the bottom of the North Sea... If you go on marinetraffic.com you can see what ships are at Emden port. There is the Necker Highway which looks to be leaving today for Grimsby. Yours (possibly even mine) might be on that, but I find the VW online tracker a source of constant false hopes.
  11. Have you got your hands on a 2019 car yet?
  12. You're in the right place then...welcome to the forums.
  13. Did you get a text today saying it was at Emden. I’m still at 5a.
  14. Does anyone know, is this just a straight swap for the stock system or is there lots of additional coding and wiring to do?
  15. Ditto mine, stage 5 this morning and now back to 3.
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