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  1. 2slow

    Dsg miles.

    I have managed to locate dsg mileage stored on the cars gearbox ecu Using vcds vw done my first service at 10,000 miles as requested by me . The first time they reset the gearbox service miles back to 0 had the car bak in at 20.000 they haven’t reset the gearbox miles. This time has any One had a similar experience nd does any 1 no how to. Reset it using vcds if at all please possible
  2. It’s irritating tho and vw original disks rust afer only 1000 miles.
  3. Was chuffed to bits when the missus gave me hers from her Tiguan which came with the car. To find it didn’t fit the holder it’s just lying in the boot now. Shocking how u can get them standard on Tiguan. But not the r
  4. 2slow

    Dsg query

    Had this happen to me in manual mode but never In. Auto. Mode. I am stage. 2 with tcu last time I accidentally bounced the limited in second gear. And got the epic light had to replace coipacks not sure if it was related to the bouncing off the limited or a general fault and as for your miles. I would do the gearbox oil every 10.000 miles. Can’t expect. Oil to last 30.00 as per recomended by vw
  5. Vrs no there stuff I went for the apr stage 2 software and dsg /tcu sorftware
  6. Dsg and Haldex should be done. Well befor dealers. Recommendations it’s unreasonable to expect. Oil that helps lubricate and cool the cluches down. To last 30.000 miles had mine done at 10.000 and they didn’t even reset the gearbox service miles as the mileage from the box is stored on its own ecu brake fluid should be done every 2 years due. To degraded fluid my opinion. For. Those among us that have tuned engines the service interval should be a lot sooner.
  7. You are correct in what you are saying lots of dyno’S have differant readings but the dyno jet 1s seen to be a lot more accurate compared to the cheeper Chinese dyno’s Some people. Use however they can be compared on. The strip or road. So I would say the more bhp the faster the car
  8. So what software do you use to get 500 without turbo and we had it on 3 differant dyno s we took the reading for. A dynojet dyno the same as awesome gti dyno and managed 417 how do numbers mean nothing what the point in modification if your no going to be any faster
  9. U. Have. An impressive list. Of. Mods there on your car just very nice looking machine. Did u have to. Put spacers on. To. Get the brakes. On. I hane 3 dyno runs in total. The lowest being 380bhp and the highest being 417bhp good to see you have upgraded the coil pack I had. To replace mine last week but didnt no rs3 packs fitted.
  10. I’m currently stage 2 high torque the car made 417bhp on rolling road I hane every bolt on available from Apr for stage 2 including dsg map does any one else have a symilar set up what numbers did u get on the dyno.
  11. I’m currently stage 2 high torque the car made 417bhp on rolling road I hane every bolt on available from Apr for stage 2 including dsg map does any one else have a symilar set up what numbers did u get on the dyno.
  12. I used. Apr intercooler fits. Snug behind original rad pack Apr also do a nice set of pipework.
  13. Mine is set up like this kick down swich disabled in manual mode auto Up shift and down shift disabled in manual mode 3 launch controll settings 4000rpm,3500,3000rpm. This is the list for. Apr ster acceleration through application specific optimized shift points. Drive and Sport mode shift maps custom tailored to APR’s power upgrades. User adjustable 3-step multi-launch control RPM limits. User definable* max launch control RPM. User definable* manual mode downshifts via the kick-down switch (on/off). User definable* manual mode upshifts at max engine speed (on/off). Manual mode / TT mode paddle response times optimized. Manual mode / TT mode downshift time optimized. Launch control response enhanced for quicker launches. Torque intervention limits raised while retaining critical protection routines. Temperature management optimized. Gear display enabled in Drive and Sport. Downshift “lockout” disabled below previous gear’s max RPM.
  14. I. Have the apr tcu/dsg map there are. User definable adjustment. Eg kick down switch in manual mode and you can select your own launch rpm I’m stage 2+ it goes verry well and essential for any. Tuned car as it increases clutch clamping force.
  15. 2slow


    Yea. And the only models with lapiz blue is the golf r so a lease people no it’s a gold r and not a diesel.
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