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  1. rRRRM

    What did you do to your R today?

    Nice feature to have. I'm surprised it is not enabled by default especially oil temperature. 2 questions, what do the up and down arrows do and the right-hand dial looks to be to do with tyres, but what?
  2. rRRRM

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    Got it from the Owner's manual after a bit of an effort. Be aware that (in my manual at least) the icon for that and many others is so small that you need a magnifying glass to see what they are. I was studying my Manual at a library one day and could not read some so I asked the librarians if they had a magnifying glass I could use. Some of them who do not even need glasses struggled too. The manual is a pig, partly because it covers several models and for different countries. In addition theses cars are loaded with features to understand if you want to take advantage of them. You are going to spend time finding which features you have & which you don't. If it weren't for the forums I would have been contacting the dealers umpteen times. Our dealer/salesman was brilliant at explaining most of it all, but as soon as I was into the Manual it all went pear-shaped. Just to make a point when you collect yours, act dim and look up the manual about checking the dipstick, then ask them to show you how to get the dipstick out.
  3. rRRRM

    The Quick Question Topic - Part 2

    It is the called the "Button for driving assist systems". If you press it, then (on the right hand side of the wheel) the up or down arrows you can select the speed limiter or lane keeping system & maybe other options, then press [O.K.] The options appear in the instrument screen. It is a shortcut to the driving assistance systems to use while driving, meaning you don't use the main infotainment screen. Not a bad idea but means you are still not completely concentrating on the road.
  4. rRRRM

    What did you do to your R today?

    Golf R 7.5 built August 2018. Insect screen fitted 15/2/2019. Remove top grille (see separate document) Use black "Pet Screen" mesh. It is fibreglass coated with plastic. Bugs either drop off the plastic coat of the mesh or wash off pretty easily. Have two pieces 39 inches by 26 inches and trim as per diagram to make two mirror images. Mark one "left" up near what will be the top. (see attached file) Drop the left piece fully down behind and up against the bumper and grille and arrange the lower left mesh neatly to curve around about an inch behind the grille where it is filled in. Two black cable ties will go through the mesh and secure it to the grille. The lower tie goes through the mesh and around the the uppermost part of the lowest first-from -the-left vertical of the grille where it is virtually out of sight. Mark the mesh through the bumper where you will make two holes about three quarters of an inch apart to thread the tie through. The upper tie goes through the mesh and around the the uppermost part of the first-from -the-left vertical of the grille (just under the bumper) where it is virtually out of sight. Mark the mesh through the bumper where you will make two holes to thread the tie through. Another tie goes behind and through the mesh and secures around the lowest grille vertical just left of center. Ensure the mesh is still arranged to the left and smooth out across towards the center and mark where the tie holes will go. Pull out the left mesh, lay it completely over the "right" and make the holes for the ties. Insert the ties from the back so the ends will poke forward through the grill when you slip the mesh into place. Slip the mesh in, arrange roughly in place, and tighten the ties. HINT .... if you wish to put your hand down behind the mesh, put a biy of paper against the radiator to protect it and the back of your hand. Insert and fasten the other bit of mesh. Overlap the pieces at the center and pull them up to leave an air space away from the radiator. Fasten both pieces behind the lowest part of the vertical bar. The top edges of the pieces can be slipped over the top of the radiator and furthe in over the air conditioner heat exchanger. If you drive so fast that bugs get past the center overlap either slow down (:-) or join the pieces somehow. Rember to re-attach the radar socket when re-fitting the top grille. I plan to mesh the coolers at each end of the grille next. I have used this mesh method on two previous cars, driven at 110 Km.p.h. at 40 degree Celsius for large distances with no signs of stressing their cooling systems. I figure the makers allow a margin for radiators clogged with a certain number of bugs. What's the last thing that goes through a bug's mind when it splatters on your windscreen? It's arse!
  5. rRRRM

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    I can't understand the blobby nature of the deposit. An engine filter looks nothing like it.
  6. rRRRM

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Does anyone know if the strainer is a "full flow" arrangement? If so the one in this photo would not be letting ANY flow. VW should be getting dealer feedback to gauge when cleaning is needed. Is there a bypass once it gets gunked up like this one?
  7. rRRRM

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    Darn. I was hoping we might be onto something.
  8. rRRRM

    Dirty Haldex Filter

    That particular accumulation looks a bit different to the others. Back on January 31st, NeilM said the system is closed i.e. there's no breather. Having said that, Microbe's gunk glistens and looks either slimy (with emulsified water) or like a grease or contains mould or bacteria. Did anyone rub it between their fingers? Did it move? (:-) If the fluid had even a little water, e.g. from condensation on the metal before the unit was filled, and the vehicle stood unused for a while at an ideal temperature then mold/bacteria could have grown. Microbe, do you do mainly short trips and the oil rarely gets hot? The plot, I mean oil thickens.
  9. rRRRM

    What Warranty claims have you made?

    My car is 8 weeks old and I'm checking this thread for frequent claims then inspecting for the same. Where is the water pump please.
  10. rRRRM

    wire through firewall

    Thanks chasps. Great tutes on autoinstruct will be handy in future too.
  11. rRRRM

    wire through firewall

    actually it will be a cable about 5mm diameter
  12. On a Golf R 2018, can anyone suggest a convenient place to run a wire from the engine compartment through to the cabin where it is easy to get at to plug into the 12V console socket please?
  13. rRRRM

    What do you dislike about your R?

    Oh I HAVE a manual but, because it includes references to several models, AND many references do not apply to the Australian sub-model, it takes ages to decipher what is, or MAY be, relevant to MY car. The manual is the most common owner-dislike. Hence I spend a lot of time on the forums getting clarification (but I enjoy that).
  14. rRRRM

    What did you do to your R today?

    Pray what is it? Where did you find it?