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  1. Yesterday I saw another R with a 10cmX10cm square cut-out in the griile, below the VW badge. About 2cm in was a flatsquare black thing about 2cm thick. Any idea what it is all about?
  2. I gleaned from my Owners manual that if nothing is registering then the oil is not up to operating temp & you are advised not prod the gas until then. It's weird that switching screens activates it.
  3. In case you thought (from my original post) that I wazy lazy, I had to do deliveries from work some days. However, in my defence, after work I would leave the car there and walk 50 metres to the pub, then back to the car and ('cos I'd had a few) push it home NOT!
  4. Agreed although with the thin oil used as standard I would have thought it lubricates well almost from start up. Having said that, my Owner manual says to wait until the oil temp gets up but I'm finding on a 12 degree C day it takes 15 minutes around town to get to 80 degr. C and 20 mins to 100 then stays there.
  5. Great thanks. Lateral thinking was required. Driving Data it is. I've just set that View to Oil Temp. instead of my usual Navigation view. By scrolling down I can see all sorts of stuff by scrolling.
  6. Thanks Rebecca. You are always extremely wonderful. I have virtual dash & just tried View / Scroll but cannot see it listed, which seems poor. There is a setting that I understand should make oil temp appear in my instrument panel but I have never been able to see it so I have concluded it is for a warning light to appear if the oil gets too hot. If it should be an actual temp. then i would appreciate if someone can tell me exactly where to look.
  7. I have never had an oil temperature gauge before so I turned it on out of interest. [On the infotainment screen press Menu/Vehicle/ Selection (in the lower LH corner) / Sport]. I bet you would never guess those steps! If necessary press an arrow to show the instruments instead of the Lap Time display or, If necessary, swipe an instrument up (or down) to show the Oil Temp . When I went for a drive it took ages to register a temperature, but eventually it got up to show 100 degrees C. At that temp. It dawned on me that is the boiling point of water (at normal atmospheric pressure). Therefore I thought that if I keep the oil above that (since the oil pressure will be raising the boiling point ….. correct me if I’m wrong) the water in the oil, which forms normally from condensation, will boil off. That’s a good thing as the water rots the engine metal. Also, measuring your dipstick oil level will show actual oil and not oil+water. If you are anal you could measure your oil before and after driving oil at 100 degrees plus and get an idea about how cruel you are being to oil with short cold trips. I am red hot on water in the oil because 50 years ago when I was more ignorant I wore out a brand new car engine in 2 years because (despite oil changes by the book) I drove 300 metres from cold every morning and the car sat there all day. Then 300 metres (not MILES or KM) back home where it sat overnight. I was always puzzled by stuff like mayonnaise inside the oil-filler cap doh!
  8. What model BMW? I'd like to investigate how it is done.
  9. Sounds great, especially (as the cams "look around") they may be narrow angle views and avoid the usual optical distortion.
  10. What a neat place to install a sub! While you were poking around behind the CD player, did you come across a video input anywhere? I'd like to add a camera that would be viewed on the entertainment unit like the reversing camera.
  11. https://www.carsguide.com.au/car-reviews/volkswagen-4motion-75544?utm_source=cg&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=theguide&utm_source=CarsGuide.com.au+Editorial+Newsletter&utm_campaign=bbb026b5d4-EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_2019_07_29_01_08&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_eb347326c5-bbb026b5d4-314960521
  12. Can't you drill a hole there? Looking at my car it looks like it would work fine. If not, blank it off.
  13. I did not realise wheel size makes a difference to turning circle/wheel lock. Can someone explain how and how much difference 18's make.
  14. URGENT SAFETY RECALL URGENT SAFETY RECALL URGENT SAFETY RECALL Although initial testing revealed no issue with the above modification, subsequently inadvertent operation of the accelerator simultaneously with intended operation of the brake pedal occurred on one isolated occasion. ACTION: Drivers are advised not to use this modification.
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